How To Make A Fabric Acorn

How to Make a Fabric Acorn


I’ve loved it forever. Even before I knew how to pronounce it.

When I read somewhere that it rhymed with “y’all” I was so relieved to finally know. Seriously.

So toile was the perfect choice for my fabric acorns.

I collected the acorns while walking my dog. I saw two different types.  There were ones with flat tops and then there were these called Bur-Oak acorns. The tops are like little helmets. I thought they might work better than the flatter tops. Indeed they did. Here we go…

With the flat end of the acorn facing out wrap the fabric circle around the acorn.

Tie it off with a piece of embroidery floss.

Hints: The fabric circle should be 4 – 5 inches in diameter in order to have enough fabric so it’s easy to tie off. Wrap the floss around the fabric a few times before you knot it. It’s easier to pull tight.

Trim excess fabric to just above the tie-off.

Place a generous dab of hot glue inside the top of the acorn.

Quickly place the fabric-wrapped acorn into the cap, tied-off end first.

There you have it. Easy, quick and really sort of fun.

I am honestly a little shocked that these turned out as well as they did.

I may list a few sets in my Etsy shop in case someone out there is as afraid of crafting as I am!

No Mod Podge or glitter…thank heavens. Hot glue I can handle.

Have a good week!

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How to Make a Fabric Acorn

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Thoughts from my friends...

  1. Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads says

    Oh my gosh! How stinkin’ cute! I am looking for some brown and white toile to make a bedskirt and some window treatments for my guest bedroom. Do you mind telling me where you got your fabric?

    • says

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  2. says

    I’ve seen the acorns & had no idea how they were made — I also apparently had no idea how to correctly pronounce toile either :). Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    These are so cute!!! :D I think I can handle a hot glue gun. I am making some of these soon! Thanks so much for posting the tutorial. I have bookmarked it already!

    Enjoy the wedding in Florida. How much *fun*!!!


  4. says

    those are so cute! At first, I thought you made the caps from fabric and trim. Upon looking at it more closely, I believe they are the original caps from the acorns, right? Love how easy you made this project look! Putting them in a nest is a cute way to display them too.

  5. says

    Ann, you should see the pile of acorns on our patio. There are so many the squirrels can’t keep up carrying them to their nests. I sure wouldn’t have any trouble finding acorns to do this craft. Yours turned out really well, you are so creative. I bet you would do well with glitter, paint and Mod Podge, too.———– Shannon