Twin Silver Urns

I’d like you to meet my twins.

At the moment, they aren’t really dressed for company.

In fact…before anyone arrives I need to give them a complete makeover.

These twins have beautiful bones but the dirt and tarnish are hiding their true personalities.

Here’s the problem…how in the world do I get them clean?

There is Moni’s method that she explained on her blog not too long ago. I like the fact that baking soda is used.

Then there is always the old Tarn-X and elbow grease method. For some reason that’s not exactly what I had in mind.

Any advice on how I can give these twins a whole new life? I’d love to hear…

Today in Ohio the temperature is going to be almost 70. I have a feeling this is our last hurrah. No matter where you are I hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

Thoughts from my friends...

  1. says

    Recently I used MAAS metal polish which I bought on Amazon. I have a lot of silver plate and this is by far the best cleaner I have ever used. Less elbow grease is necessary and the shine lasts longer before tarnishing again. I had given up on polishing some items that I thought were beyond repair. I used MAAS and they look like new.

    I agree that some silver looks good with a patina but others look great with a brilliant shine.

  2. tanna says

    Oh, they are gorgeous, Ann!! I have a weakness for silver. ;) I use the elbow grease method with commercial silver cleaner. Though it does sound tempting to try the foil and salt method, I’m probably too chicken. blessings ~ tanna