When I was out earlier getting some fresh garland for my front porch, I found these winterberries. I walked into a local shop looking for something green and ended up getting something red.

They were just sitting in a bucket waiting for me to walk in. The minute I saw them I knew they were coming home with me.

They were only $2.99 a stem…which I thought was really reasonable. Honestly, I would have paid much more!

My Christmas decorations this year are neutral and natural….with a pop of red thrown in here and there. Don’t you think this is the perfect pop?

See you soon!

Savvy Southern Style

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Thoughts from my friends...

  1. Susan says

    Love those! I bought some faux berry stems last year from Coldwater Creek and I definitely am putting mine in my white Lenox pitcher too. So pretty!!!

  2. says

    Hi Ann,
    I think Winterberries bring the prefect touch of the holiday. We have a row of Winterberry shrubs in our yard and the birds just flock to them in Jan & Feb when all the other food is gone. I love them in your white pitcher. Dianne

  3. says

    Hi Ann! Your winterberries are perfect! I love them…so much so that I planted 5 of them several years ago…and the plants are healthy and lovely (boys and girls both) but have yet to get any berries…so I, like you, purchase them at a local supplier each year…they make me smile all season long. Thanks for sharing yours! xo, Kimberly

  4. says

    Hi Ann, seeing your winterberries reminded me of the ones I bought at the farmers market last year. I should go again this weekend and see if they have them. Yours look beautiful in your white pitcher!

  5. Anne Boykin says

    Hi Ann, Your berries are beautiful – I’m so glad you bought them. I’m glad your etsy shop is doing well too. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your holiday decorating.

  6. says

    Ann I do think it is the perfect pop!! I love winterberries. I also love the white berries, I am not sure what they are called, but love those as well. I am doing white with pops of red and green (Old School Christmas) Just got back from buying some new ribbon. I do love pretty ribbon!! Happy Tuesday, let the Fa-la-laing continue!!
    xo Kathysue

  7. says

    They are so striking and perfect for this time of year. I wish I had some in my yard to clip and display! Everything always looks so lovely in your home, Ann. You have a very discerning eye and never go overboard. I like that!

  8. says

    Hi Ann- Well since red is my favorite color I’m definitely liking your choice!
    I’d like some of these myself! Have to check the florist shop!
    Did you ever see the movie “The Village” these reminded me of that movie.

  9. says

    Yes it is a beautiful pop! I love winterberries……That is a great price for them, I was visiting PA over the holidays and they were 5.00 per stem…..

    Have a great week!

  10. says

    I love winterberries and have always wished for a bush in my garden. I have learned however, you must have a male and female bush to have berries. They also like wet areas. You are lucky to have somewhere to buy stems. I would love that.

    They look perfect in your white pitcher.

  11. Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads says

    Ann, the winterberries are so pretty in your white pitcher! Just the right amount of red! I don’t think we have winterberries in the south.