2012 Wrap Up ~ My Shop and A Sale

As 2012 closes, I want to thank everyone who ever visited my Etsy shop, left me a kind comment or made a purchase.

You see…a year ago, I was in a much different place.

I had these dreams. I wasn’t sure I could make them come true because honestly, I wasn’t sure how…but with your help and encouragement, one of those dreams came true. I’m my own boss now and life is good.

As a small token of my thanks I’m offering a 15% discount on all the items in my shop. I just listed a few more¬†repurposed shirt pillow covers.¬†This will be the last group I make for a while and they are ready to ship.

There are just a couple of my upcycled ivory sweater pillows. These are ready to ship and include the insert.

I have a few things left in my Christmas section too.

Use the code THANKYOU15 when you check out to receive the discount.

I mentioned on my Facebook page a few days ago that I was thinking about a “word of the year.” For 2012 I actually had 3 words. “Keep the Faith.” For 2013 I have only one.


If you have a word (or words) of the year for 2013 and would like to share them in the comments, I’d love to know. Thank you for everything. Wishing every one a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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Thoughts from my friends...

  1. says

    My word is GRATITUDE, I lack in that department at times and this year I am going to try to meet each day with a heart filled with gratitude.
    Your shirt pillows are wonderful, very masculine, the men in our lives should appreciate those, don’t you think?!
    You have proven that people can go it on their own and make it work and I’m very proud of you!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Karen E. says

    Congratulations on your success and I bet 2013 will be even better. I love everything I have bought for you.
    I have a question for you…..it’s about the sweater pillows. I have some old sweaters, what people call “ugly sweaters” now, with the big scenic designs on them. I want to cut them up into pillows but am wondering about how the seams will hold. I think I need to serge the edges for best results. And I am concerned about the knit unraveling until I can get it through the serger……..any thoughts?

  3. says

    Happy New Year, Ann! I’m so happy that 2012 was a successful year for you. Those are words that we don’t hear nearly enough these days. I hope that 2013 is everything that you want it to be! Perseverance is a great word!

  4. says

    Ann…I’m so happy for you that your dream of being your own boss came true!!
    My words for me in 2013 is…”Make my dream come true.”
    Happy New Year!!

  5. says

    Ann, your perseverance has definitely paid off!! I have seen your beautiful work all over blogland this holiday season! I am so happy for you and all of the good things that have come your way! I wish you continued success in the coming year. Happy New Year!!!

  6. KATHYSUE says

    Happy New Year! Ann!! My word is CONTENTMENT!! I think that is what we are all really striving for when it is all said and done!! WIshing you CONTENTMENT in 2013!!!

  7. says

    Perseverance, I like that word! You have inspired me so much Ann! Keep up the faith and dream! My two words are perseverance and believe. Thank you for all you support and helpful comments! Happy New Year.

  8. says

    You know, you just remind me of that old 1970’s saying- You’ve come a long way, baby! Good job, Ann! I am really proud of how far you came this last year- Blessings and Happy New Year- xo Diana

  9. Sandy says

    Just ordered another pillow cover; Christmas one folded and tucked away for another year. Beautiful workmanship!
    HOPE was my word for 2012 and it came to be a marvel. I think 2013’s word, which also begins with the letter h, will be (Horizon) as defined “the bounds or limit of one’s knowledge, experience or interest.” I plan to read more and travel and try my fingers at the piano. God’s blessings to you in the New Year.

  10. says

    Ann, I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the last year! I hope our friendship grows!!! Let’s think of a spring linky party to do together!!!
    I think my word.,.,. or two words for 2013 would be ORAGANIZE and GENEROSITY.
    Happy New Year!
    Now I’m off to see you shop!

  11. Pondside says

    Well, Ann, your perseverance has certainly paid off! I have enjoyed watching the growth of your business and your joy in sharing your home and creativity. Good luck in 2013!