Grain Sack Christmas Trees

When I first began to use antique grain sacks in my Etsy shop designs, it made me so nervous to make that scary first cut. Grain sacks are like gold…at least in my opinion. I would stand and look at one forever before I got the nerve to finally pick up the scissors.

I also had a very hard time throwing away the scraps.

In fact, I could never really make myself do it.

I knew at some point I would come up with a way to use those scraps…and sure enough I did. The first way I recycled the left-over ends was to send them off to my friend, Jill.

Jill is the author of the delightful blog Sew a Fine Seam and has an Etsy shop with the same name. One of her signature designs is a camera strap. Recently in one of our back and forth email chats she inquired about my sacks.

It was truly an AHA moment. I told her to sit tight and I would be sending her a package.

Just look what she did with the ends of my sacks.

Is that not the coolest thing you have ever seen?

There are a few listed in her Etsy shop if you just can’t resist.

So…after I sent Jill some scraps, I had a pile of random pieces. Most were long and narrow.

I’ve been seeing cone Christmas trees all over Pinterest and after thinking about those scraps a bit, I came up with this.

I sort of felt like Martha Stewart…all crafty and inspired. The only things I had to buy were the cones, star toppers and bells. I found the bag of bells at my antique mall and they are seriously vintage!

These trees were so easy and go along with my whole “neutral & natural” theme. They were fun and took absolutely no talent or skill. All you need to know is how to wrap a mummy and use a glue gun.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a short how-to…just in case you are dying to see how this incredible, crafty project was made.

When I was playing with my trees I added some Christmas cheer to my tiered baskets. I’ll show you more of those tomorrow too.

This post is partying at the second stop of our Homespun Christmas Link Party. Anita, from Cedar Hill Ranch, is hosting anything handmade for the holidays. Her linky will go live tonight at 8 p.m. EST. Please join us!

Setting for Four

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Thoughts from my friends...

  1. says

    I’m a scraphoarder too Ann!! Every time I have thrown a scrap out, within days I think of something amazing to do with it! Love your grainsack trees!! So pretty and I love how you displayed them nestled in greenery! I have that same starburst mirror too – I new we were soul sistahs!! LOL!! Thanks for linking your creativity to my linky party and including my party link in your post….your support means the world to me!! Heather :D

  2. says

    Oh my goodness Ann…those trees are fabulous…and I cannot blame you a bit about throwing away scraps….good thing you did not!!….I saw that Kim (Savvy Southern) had one of her camera straps….I really need to hop over and order one as they not only are comfy, but pretty too!!!..

  3. Christina at I Gotta Create! says

    I can’t get enough of the cone tree variations! I love the natural color and texture. Super cute with the bells!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original linky party is open

  4. Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads says

    Ann, OMG! Now I have something else that I can put on my Christmas list-those grain sack camera straps! And I love your trees made with scraps and vintage bells! Both of you are so, so clever!

  5. says

    How cute are those?! I don’t blame you for having trouble parting with the scraps. I would too. I consider vintage grainsacks gold as well! I saw those adorable camera straps on her etsy shop and thought how clever that was. I didn’t know the scraps came from you.

  6. elaine says

    nice job ann. i like the trees! funny, i have the same tiered basket as you and put some ornaments in there i am not using! looks similar to use. i put a few wooden vintage baby blocks in mine too!

  7. says

    I love the camera strap by Jill. I won one of her straps that she custom made for me. Makes wearing the camera a lot more comfortable. Those grain sack straps are awesome.