Buffalo Check and Matelasse

Buffalo Check and Matelasse

Reversible pillow covers made from yellow buffalo check and ivory matelasse. Sound pretty perfect?

I think they are.

I was trying to remember the last time I made pillow covers for myself…that I positively, for sure would not list in my Etsy shop. I think it was when I got my new slipcovers. I have learned to never say never, but I do know I won’t be selling these any time soon.

Buffalo Check and Matelasse

The buffalo check came from Country Curtains.  I’ve had my eye on it literally for years. First I ordered a swatch just to make sure.

Buffalo Check and Matelasse from On Sutton Place

When I was sure it had the perfect shades of yellow, which it did, I ordered 2 yards. It came in just a few days but it sat in my sewing room until last week. Yesterday I cut and sewed…and had the best time.

Buffalo Check and Matelasse from On Sutton Place

The matelasse is from a coverlet I bought years ago to use on our bed. I don’t even remember where I got it for sure but I think it was JCPenney!  I washed it several times and finally it became too small to use on the bed. Every time I washed it, it shrunk a little bit. I’m so happy I saved it because it came very close to being donated a few different times.

Buffalo Check and Matelasse from On Sutton Place

I’ve used the rest of the coverlet to make a slipcover for my IKEA ottoman. It needs a little tweaking first before I show it to you.

Buffalo Check and Matelasse from On Sutton Place

 Now I want to bring your attention back to this picture.

Buffalo Check and Matelasse from On Sutton Place

See that gigantic dough bowl? Oh my gosh is it big…it’s actually too big to use on my dining room table. It came from a found event before Christmas on Antique Farmhouse. I told my daughter about it thinking, just maybe, they would take the hint and get it for me as a Christmas gift. Well they did and it arrived in the biggest box I’ve ever seen. It was marketed as authentic. I am no expert but it certainly looks like the real thing. Whoever owned this sure did make a whole lot of bread though…

It’s been leaning up on that wall since it arrived. I am stumped. I don’t quite know what to do with it. Any suggestions?

Wishing you a happy Sunday and a lovely week…


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Thoughts from my friends...

  1. says

    I love buffalo checks and have made a black and cream version of yours. I adore the fact that yours has matelasse on the backs. I will have to remember that.

  2. says

    I love the fabric’s and the colors! Amazing. I am having a love affair with yellow right now so these were just fantastic! Thanks for linking up. :) Clydia (Three Mango Seeds) Its Party Time

  3. says

    Your pillows are perfect for your chairs. I love the yellow and mix of patterns! Great job! And that huge dough bowl is AWESOME! lol about making it into a canoe! Maybe there’s a way to make a frame/add legs to use it as a console table so you can still decorate it as you would on your dining room table? Thanks so much for sharing over at the party! :)

  4. says

    Ann, your pillows are so beautiful! I’ve always loved that fabric… the yellow is so cheerful and makes me think about sunny days. So glad you got to make something for yourself. :-) And the dough bowl is amazing!

  5. says

    Wow, I just adore your new pillows, Ann! They look perfect with your chairs — that upholstery reminds me of some yellow bird plates that I have from Pier 1, which I adore. Double WOW on that dough bowl! They either made lots of dough or perhaps a family canoe ride down the river….lol!

  6. Sue says

    I like your leaning dough bowl, Ann. I’m partial to large, leaning mirrors, too. My new go-to accent color is yellow- a color I’ve never used before. I’ve ordered fabrics for pillows in the great room and one of the bedrooms. I think I’m gonna love it. Your chairs and pillows look really pretty. :-)

  7. says

    Lovely pillows. The dough bowl is pretty big! That would make how many loaves of bread ? Or maybe just one loaf for a giant in a fairy tale! It kind of looks great just leaning against the wall ! : )

  8. says

    Anne, I love that fabric! Like you, I’ve drooled over it for ages on the CC site. Your pillows turned out beautifully! Love the buffalo check with the pretty matelasse. They are beautiful with those gorgeous chairs!
    Now that is a big dough bowl. Ummm, I wonder if you do a “search” on Pinterest for dough bowls, if you’ll spot any helpful ideas. Wish I had more suggestions for you. It is a beauty!

  9. Kristine Schuster says

    I love the pillows!!! Beautiful!! The dough bowl caught my eye right away. I have one exactly like it and was confused on where to put it too. I also have mine propped against a wall/corner and love it like that!! It is never in the way and if I ever need an extra large dough bowl….?

  10. says

    Buffalo Check is one of my favorite patterns. I have a Matelesse coverlet that shrinks just a little every time I wash it. Now I know what I will do with it once it becomes too little for our bed. You’ve rescued it from its fate to go in the donation pile. I’m all too familiar with both later regretting giving something away, and eventually rescuing something that had been discarded to donate a few times. Your pillows turned out beautifully. And that dough bowl, wow! I noticed it right away and couldn’t remember seeing it before. I love it leaning against the wall just as it is. I’m so drawn to that honey colored wood mixed with a palette of yellow, cream, tan….it’s so warm.

  11. says

    Love the new pillows – they are perfect on your chairs. As for the dough boy – wow, is it big. Could it go along the window seat in your living room (I’m right in remembering you have one???) at Christmas filled with pinecones and large size balls and branches etc.

  12. says

    Beautiful! I love the matelasse on the reverse side of the pillows – it’s perfect! You’ve proven it always pays to keep linens and blankets no longer used for their purpose. Your pillows look so very crisp and neat! I think the dough bowl looks fabulous leaning against the wall. Gives a different dimension that works wonderfully. Great job!

  13. says

    I love your beautiful pillows! I’m looking for taupe/white buffalo checks for a couple of projects for my office.

    Your dough bowl is beautiful leaned against the wall. It would also be neat hanging on the wall or on a stand or long bench. …or, if you can’t use it, I’ve been looking for one and would consider purchasing it if you choose to part with it.

    Whatever you do, I know that it will be beautiful! I’m going back to look at your photos again…and dream of spring. xo

  14. Donnamae says

    Those pillows are gorgeous, and look remarkable with the wood of the dresser and your silver! How long is that dough bowl anyway? Enjoy! ;)

  15. says

    These are gorgeous Ann! I have been eyeing that same fabric for a while now, and have a couple of thrifted matelasse blankets hoarded to use for pillows and slipcovers, too. How nice of you to make them up so I can see what mine are going to look like :) These just say “spring,” and “happy” to me. Your home is just so, so lovely!
    Cheers, Andrea

  16. says

    The pillows are so pretty, Ann! I love matelasse and buffalo check and together they are a perfect combination. The dough bowl is huge! What a great piece. I agree with other suggestions that I like it leaning. Try moving it around till you find the perfect spot. If not it would be great on the floor somewhere with more of your gorgeous pillows piled in it.

  17. says

    Ann You are so very talented. You have such a way with fabrics, textures and colors…Great job and that is the biggest bread dough bowl I have ever seen! Wow! I can’t wait to see what you do with it…It is a conversation piece just leaning on the wall. Have a great week.

  18. Denise T says

    Hi Ann, the dough bowl is amazing! Leaning it against the wall looks great! The pillows are so perfect on these yellow chairs. They are to stay on the chairs.

  19. says

    Hi Ann,
    I love, love your pillows. The mix of the buffalo check and the matelasse are just perfect together.
    Those chairs are so pretty too. The dough board looks great just proped against the wall!


  20. says

    Your buffalo print pillows are beautiful, and I must say the fabric looks pretty much identical to the ones that I recently made for my bed…they were a tablecloth in their former life.
    I love the backing that you put on them. That’s exactly why I hate to donate anything, I hold onto things forever. They are perfect for your living room, I love them.
    That gorgeous dough bowl, I noticed it the instant I looked at your first photo, it’s fabulous! And it looks fabulous right where you have it, I think. It is humongous, though, did people really use those to make bread in eons ago?
    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. says

    I just made some new pillow covers for our bedroom and it was so easy and so much fun. I used a solid color on the back and a print on the front. I love how you used the matalasse, what a great idea!

  22. Chris says

    Oh Ann! The matlesse’ is stunning with the yellow. Clever you :-)
    Your trencher is such a prize. Maybe as an indoor windowbox? I do like the idea someone had to toss pillows, magazines, etc into it. And at Christmas you could fill it with gifts. It seems we all love it standing where you have it now!

  23. says

    Ann, the pillows are just gorgeous! I don’t blame you for not wanting to sell them. Looks perfect with your chairs! I love the yellow vases too. The dough bowl is awesome! I like it where it is. If it’s too large for your table, just leave it propped. What a lovely gift!


  24. says

    Thanks so much for linking up to It’s Party Time Ann!! Your pillows are so beautiful! I love the combo of the white and the yellow buffalo check! Pinning too!

  25. says


    Love your pillows! They look great on the chairs! Would your dough bowl go above your kitchen cabinets? If not there, I’d leave it standing as is. It looks great!

  26. Joyce says

    My eyes spotted that gorgeous dough bowl right away! I think it looks great where it is…a nice contrast to the texture and color of the fabrics. I have never been a “yellow” person when it comes to decorating, but the way it shows in your room, I am wanting to try a pop of yellow here and there. Have a wonderful week!

  27. says

    Oh Ann, those pillows are beautiful. You are so talented. The matelasse is the perfect backing. Don’t you love when you hang onto something and think, “I knew I saved that for a reason”? I bet you’ll get a few offers to take that too big dough bowl off your hands ;)

  28. says

    These are great, Ann. Buffalo check and matelasse are two of my favorite things! I think that’s the biggest dough bowl I’ve ever seen. I like how you have it displayed. But I must admit that I’d love a large country kitchen with a tremendous work table large enough to handle it! :D

    Have a blessed Sunday!


  29. says

    I just adore everything! I love that huge dough bowl you received. I considered ordering that myself. I saw how big it was and thought it might look good on the dining room table. It would cover most of it though! You could try that I guess. I’ve seen them on the floor filled with pillows on someones blog. I also like it leaning like you have it. That is a fantastic thing to have since it’s so big. I remember it being a good deal for that size too! Your pillows are so pretty. I know what you mean about those matlesse coverlets shrinking. I have 2 like that and use them in other ways now.

  30. says

    Oh Ann, you may not be able to sell those pillows, but I sure would love some in a cocoa brown color! When I first saw the photo on FB, I spotted the dough bowl. I thought I had missed a post! Right now, it looks just perfect propped in that corner, but I will think about it. Must have come from one of those families that had 12 children that needed biscuits every morning!

  31. says

    Oh-you certainly CAN’T sell those pillows, Ann. They are much too perfect for your chairs. I just love them and I know you do too. I sure love the yellow. I used to have yellow years ago and then kind of moved away from it. I always had a yellow nursery because I found it so cheery. Your whole room looks just beautiful.

    That dough bowl/board is amazing!!!! I have never seen one that size. I think it looks good just standing like that. I also think it might look neat resting horizontally up high above a doorway or windows or something. That’s a keeper!! xo Diana

  32. Rondell says

    i love buffalo check and the pillows look just wonderful on your chairs! I think the dough bowl looks right at home leaning against the wall Ann, the wood looks great with the fabric! Glad to see you did something for yourself too!

  33. says

    Gorgeous Ann! I love buffalo check, usually red is my favorite but I am sure loving your yellow! Your living room is so pretty…you’ve done such a great job with your decorating.
    Hope you are having a great Sunday,

  34. Pondside says

    The combination is a winner – so sunny!
    That dough bowl is amazing. I’d be tempted to put it on a base, stick a piece of glass on it and call it a table. Otherwise I’d put it on the dining room table between dinner parties and let it shine.

  35. Dawn says

    Beautiful pillows! I have several very large dough bowls… I call them ‘canoes’ they are so large! I have one in my family room next to my couch with extra pillows and throws, I also have one on my porch with magazines in it for when lounging out there, and I have one on my hearth in the study full of kindlin/wood/lighters. My friend has little kids and she uses a large dough bowl to store kids toys in, which I think is so interesting compared to plastic cubes/baskets.

  36. says

    Your pillows look beautiful! I love buffalo check and have a brown and white in my own living room.
    I just did a quick post on matelasse today too. Great fabric with so many uses.
    Have a great day

  37. says

    i love those pillows ann…you did a wonderful job! i have an old matelesse coverlet from our bed that i’ve been saving…you never know when you can use that much material and you’ve put it to good use. and i love all the yellow you’re using.

    that dough bowl is perfection and i actually like it leaning up against the wall….just move it around from place to place and let it ‘speak” to you….it will tell you where it belongs!

  38. says

    Wow that is one huge dough bowl. What a great find though. I have a great idea for it….it would look great on my 9ft. island. LOL. I really like it standing up it looks great against the wall along with your beautiful pillows. I just made yellow and white buffalo check pillows myself. You will see them in my living room reveal.