Decorating with Mums

Decorating with Mums

Most people probably think that mums are an outdoor garden plant. I have to agree…but I also bring them inside during the weeks of early fall. Before it’s time to buy pumpkins. Before it frosts and before I add touches of Halloween to my decor. Decorating with mums is easy and inexpensive. It adds amazing texture to a room not to mention a terrific pop of color.

Fall Decorating with MumsI bought two plants at my grocery store about a week ago for $4.00 each. They were almost completely in bloom but there were still a few buds. I set them on my deck for a few days until they were in full bloom. 

Fall Decor with Mums and BurlapGather a container and an old knife. (I am using my silver urns. A large, short pitcher or bucket would work well too.) Pull the mums out of their pots and cut off at least half of the roots. Transfer the plant to your container, water and you are finished. Voila!

Fall DecorI discovered some wonderful burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby and used it to loosely wrap around the top of the urn. It sort of gathers all the stray stems in and finishes off the arrangement. I also stuck some curly willow and bittersweet in the mums but that may have been overkill. Here’s the ribbon:

Burlap RibbonSpeaking of stray stems, after you place the plant in your container, cut them off. Trim them as close to the main stem as possible so you can use them in small vases. Strip the leaves and trim the ends before putting in water. 

Arranging MumsI used these tiny glass bottles for an arrangement on my sofa table. I paired them with pumpkins and lined them up like soldiers. 

Mini Pumpkins and MumsI think this idea would look great down the center of a dining room table or along a windowsill.

Mums and Mini PumpkinsDon’t forget about your kitchen. Pair the mums with herbs and it’s the perfect thing to set on your counter or an open shelf.

Fall Kitchen DecorHere I used basil and mums in a small, vintage ironstone pitcher. My herbs are still going strong. I have tons of basil, mint and rosemary in the container herb garden on my deck. I was worried about my basil for a while when something was eating the leaves. It rallied though and is growing like crazy.

Mangle Cloth DecorIn the coming weeks, I am going to show you ways to decorate your home with natural elements. They bring a space to life, literally. I want to do it in a frugal way as well. I’m also going to try (try being the operative word) to show you how to take your fall decor and make it work for Christmas. By keeping things as neutral as possible I think it can be done. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with an exciting (ha!) Mod Podge pumpkin project. I can’t tell you how fun it was even though the Mod Podge made a mess. I promise anyone can do it too.

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Decorating with Mums

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Thoughts from my friends...

  1. says

    It all looks gorgeous, Ann! Like you, I pretty much stick to natural elements, so I can’t wait to see what you show us. I really love the mum stems in vases, lined up with the pumpkins.

  2. says

    I love the simplicity of your decorating. My husband said he saw large mums for $4. each so is going to buy some next time he goes to town. That means lots of mums. Cause when he sees a good deal he always goes a little crazy. lol

  3. says

    The mums look great. I agree the burlap ribbon finishes off the edges. I would never have thought to cut off half the roots and shove the mum plant in an urn. Who knew it wouldn’t mind that kind of treatment, but I’m glad to know you tried it out and it works.

  4. says

    Very pretty! You know that piece of furniture (what do you call it?) that you got and we convinced you not to paint just knocks my socks off every time I visit you. If I had it there isn’t enough money I’d take for it. Gorgeous piece! And makes all your pretties and arrangements just that much prettier!

  5. says

    I’ve followed you for a while now and finally got the nerve to say hello and well done! I too am frugal and love the simplicity of the mum arrangements. I’m posting in this next week on the rules and tools of design & will be using a few of your pictures as samples. You will be linked of course. Thanks for the inspiration! Melea

  6. says

    Hi Ann! I saw my local Home Depot had mums on sale last weekend, and I thought “It’s way too hot to plant mums yet!” (it’s still 95 degrees here) Well, I didn’t even think of bringing them inside like you’ve done. What a great idea! I think I may have to go back to Home Depot now and pick up a few. :)