100 DIY Fall Projects and Crafts

100 DIY Fall Projects and Crafts | Includes decor, porches, printables, recipes and more! An amazing collection of everything DIY for Fall.

Welcome to one of my favorite days of the month...and this month we have so much to share. My All Things Creative team has gathered their best Fall projects and each one can be found below. 100 DIY Fall projects and crafts...plus recipes and a bit of decor too. Before we get to that though I want to remind you who the girls are who make up our ATC team. These nine women have been here with me every month, … [Read more...]

DIY No Sew Pumpkin Pillow Cover

Make this DIY No Sew Pumpkin Pillow Cover in no time...complete tutorial with templates included. Easy and perfect for Fall and Halloween!

I have been getting geared up to bring you some Fall inspiration and today is the day we are getting started! I did this pillow cover yesterday hoping the whole time it would turn out to be cute...because if it didn't, I had no idea what I would be sharing today. The fabrics are a little hodge-podge but the method worked and that's all that matters. So let's go...What you need: pillow cover, fusible … [Read more...]

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

This Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipe is SO easy. You will never know the zucchini is there because the texture is light and moist. Uses basic pantry ingredients.

The idea of hiding vegetables in baked goods is, in my opinion, brilliant. This Chocolate Zucchini Cake has the most incredible, rich taste and you cannot taste the zucchini...at all. Not even one little bit. Not that tasting the zucchini would be a bad thing but I'm not sure I'd like it in my chocolate cake!This is one of those recipes where you really do need to keep the dry ingredients separate from the … [Read more...]

Fall | Through the Years

One DIY blogger's collection of Fall inspiration. 3 years of decor inspiration, fun crafts and yummy recipes all in one place! Easy links to find exactly what you are looking for.

Every once in a while I get to looking through my archives and see things that I forgot were there...so I know I have things you've forgotten about too...or perhaps you've just recently found me and don't even know what I've shared. Either way, I put together all of my Fall posts since 2012 in an order that makes sense with easy links that lead to the correct pages. It's organized too...for example all the … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Mixing Fabric Patterns

5 Tips for Mixing Fabric Patterns | Easy tips from a DIY decorator that are super easy. Get the look you see in magazines all on your own!

If you have followed my blog for very long, you know I am a lover of fabric. I sometimes buy it without even knowing where it will end up. Mixing and matching fabric patterns may seem daunting but if you follow just a few rules, you can get the look you see in magazines at a fraction of the cost...and even if you don't sew. My philosophy, and it's not shared by some designers, is to use the same colors in … [Read more...]

DIY Burlap Table Runner with Tassels

DIY Burlap Table Runner with Tassels | Easy, no sew step-by-step tutorial with pictures. Great for cottage, farmhouse or vintage style decor.

Last year about this time I shared a couple of burlap runner projects that were easy and required no sewing. I wanted to add this DIY Burlap Table Runner with Tassels but never got it finished. Fringed burlap has a rustic look and is the perfect addition to cottage or farmhouse decor. To dress it up a little, all you have to do is finish off all sides of whatever you are making. In other words, no raw … [Read more...]

Growing Limelight Hydrangeas

Growing Limelight Hydrangeas | Tips from a DIY gardener to get beautiful, big blooms .

I have never been one of those gardeners who plants something and it automatically thrives. Truth be told, I have had more plants die than have lived. I usually try something twice and if I can't get it to grow, I give up. Not the case with hydrangeas. I have tried over and over again to have big bushes with big, beautiful blooms. I have seen a bit of success with one lone Annabelle but my real success … [Read more...]

Summer Flower Watercolor Printables

Summer Flower Watercolor Printables | Use for DIY wall art, cards, crafts, screensavers and more! It's free and super easy to download and print from home.

With the passing of each month, within each year, our thoughts and emotions have a tendency to change. When my kids were young, August meant back to school. Shopping for supplies, stocking up on lunch items and finding the perfect first day of school outfit. Mentally preparing for the busy schedule and less sleep. Later, as a school secretary, August meant the end of my summer break and back to work. Now … [Read more...]

Chocolate Mint Milano Icebox Cake

chocolate mint milano icebox cake fi1

We're entering what my dad calls the "dog days" of summer. I don't really know what that means except that it's usually very hot and probably has nothing at all to do with a dog. Anyway, hot temps call for easy, no bake desserts so I'm sharing this Chocolate Mint Milano Icebox Cake. It is refreshing and downright pretty. I still think my Lemonade Icebox Cake is the prettiest one so far with this mint … [Read more...]

All Things Crafty | 100 DIY Ideas!

all things crafty fi1

Welcome to this month's edition of All Things Creative...and we're talking crafts. Not just any old crafts though...crafts that are easy and fun with great tutorials. Most are crafts you can do any time...but we also threw some fall crafts in there to get you in the mood. Even though summer is definitely still here, there are little signs that Fall is coming. Shorter days. Nuts falling from the trees. Mums … [Read more...]