Strawberry Crumble

Strawberry Crumble | On Sutton Place

Here in the Midwest, it's not strawberry season...but it's just around the corner so I wanted to share a few more strawberry recipes to add to your collection. This Strawberry Crumble is easy and quick enough that you could serve it warm for dessert. I put it together in the afternoon and baked it during dinner. It was warm and fresh when I dished it up. Yummy too. Here it is ready to go in the oven. I … [Read more...]

5 Awesome and Easy Instagram Apps


In the more than 3 years since I started my blog, nothing has changed and grown more than the necessity (and pressure) to participate in social media. Back in the day, all that was expected was to comment on other blogs and join the occasional linky party. Not any more. My first foray into the world of social media was my Facebook page followed closely by a Twitter account. I admit that I am still baffled … [Read more...]

Spring Farmhouse Porch

Ticking Pillow Cover | Sutton Place Designs

Even though there is snow on the ground, seriously, I am determined to think spring. I've brought touches into my living room and dining room, so it was time to work on the front porch. Don't be confused by the title of this post. I so did not move to a farmhouse...but I wanted to add some farmhouse touches to the exterior of my home. My porch is small with a railing so that in itself pretty much … [Read more...]

Gridley + Graves Photo Shoot

gridley graves photo shoot fi

A few days ago I had some visitors here On Sutton Place. A husband and wife team of professional photographers called Gridley + Graves. They arrived on my doorstep with a bucket of flowers and bags of fruit...and of course their equipment. The most amazing camera equipment I have ever seen. After I showed them around, they got right to work and the photo shoot began. They started in the living room as you … [Read more...]

Homemade Microwave Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade Microwave Spaghetti Sauce | On Sutton Place

This recipe is one that is near and dear to my heart. It's one my grandmother made and then after her, my mom made it. A few years ago, after my mom stopped cooking, my dad asked if I would give it a try. Well of course we all know the answer to that. So I took my mom's recipe home and gave it my best shot. It took me a few tries but soon my dad was saying that it tasted just like my mom's. No higher … [Read more...]

Joy Theme Free Printables


Thank you for stopping by and welcome to our April Printables party! I'm focusing on spring and the joy I'm feeling at the very thought of warmer weather and blue skies. I've added an Easter bonus printable too at the very end. Before you get started I have a short story to tell. I have dropped hints in previous posts but never had the nerve to write about it before now. When I started making printables … [Read more...]

Gardening Tips and Tricks from a DIY Gardener


I've talked a lot on this blog about learning things the hard way. I have no formal education in anything. My whole life I have either learned by doing or learned from others. The learned by doing things always involve a great deal of trial and error. No where is that more true than in my quest to have a garden. To grow flowers that bloom and grass that's green. It's taken me years...more than I am prepared … [Read more...]

Chocolate Pudding Cake


Hello! I know I was only gone for a few days but it seemed like longer. The sewing is slow going but I'm making progress. I have an amazing recipe that once you make it, you will keep the ingredients on hand. All the time. In fact, you will probably ask yourself why you didn't think of it. This cake is the go-to dessert from my friend and former boss, Anne. The only "fresh" ingredient is eggs … [Read more...]

DIY Bridal Shower Date Art


Making my own gifts is not something I normally do. Honestly, I'm the first to fire up the internet and order something. Easy and quick. Once in a while though I'm inspired to come up with something personal...something that may not be the most expensive gift but more of a keepsake. This DIY Bridal Shower Date Art is a perfect example. The daughter of a good friend is getting married in June and we … [Read more...]

DIY Easter Bunny Nest


In my never-ending quest to renew and refresh what I already have, I've updated my bunny nest yet once again. My Nesting Bunny How-To from two years ago features the same bunny. Believe it or not, this little girl is still available at Hobby Lobby in a couple of different sizes. This year for my DIY Easter Bunny Nest I used one of my favorite pieces of ironstone, a large bowl from Pottery Barn. This bowl … [Read more...]