Autumn’s Arrival ~ Part 2

Here in Ohio, Autumn has arrived in perfect form.
Sunny days tempered with enough rainy ones
to keep the grass green.Last week I worked on my
front door and wreath.Next was the sitting area on the end of the porch.
Same bones just different accessories.
Cushions are from Pier 1.
New pillow covers.
Fringed lampshade and faux bittersweet stuck in the ivy plant.
I’m waiting patiently for my real bittersweet berries
to turn yellow so I can harvest the vines.
I found the floral fabric for the pillow fronts at my new favorite website
It wasn’t easy finding something with blues and greens
that looked fallish too.
As luck would have it the fabric
goes perfectly with the cushions….
and I don’t have to put away my door mat!
I thought about painting this pumpkin white…
but I left it alone since it brings out the berries.
I forced myself to figure out how to make a pillow cover
with piping
AND a zipper closure.
I copied off an IKEA pillow cover I have.
I figured if IKEA can do it so can I.
I need to practice a bit more but I think I’ve got it.
If you look closely at the picture above
you can see the real queen of the castle
standing guard.
I hope everyone’s week started off on a good note.
Thanks for stopping by…