Autumn’s Arrival ~ Part 3

Better late than never.
I finally took a few minutes yesterday 
to add a little Autumn to my living room.
This room is still in a state of, shall we say, undecidedness?
(Not sure that’s a word.)
Yet to do:
Make window panels.
Cover stools under sofa table.
Hang something over sofa.
Waiting on:
Slipcovers. (Check out my new sponsor.)
Slipper chairs from Target.
(Have you seen Sabrina Soto’s new show on HGTV?
The High Low Project. She shops at Target on every episode.)
So since I really have no idea when 
any of this will get accomplished,
I decided to just go for it and get some stuff out.
The sofa table in it’s new spot.
I am really struggling with the white walls.
I thought I would love them but they are a challenge.
I’ll get it though.
Gourds, moss balls and mini pumpkins.
This is the closest thing I can find around here to a white pumpkin.
Still looking.
I got 2 bags of gourds at Kroger.
I know I paid more than I should
but there’s something to be said for convenience.
End table.
Check out my new lamp. I have 2 of these beauties.
Under $100.00 at Macys.com.
Leaf plate from TJMaxx.
Little pumpkins from a local store call The Homestead.
Other end table.
White pumpkin is not real…but the berries and silver tray help it out a bit.
Have a great week everyone…
I’m still working on filling up my Etsy Shop.
I’ve recently found a new source for vintage fabric.
Gotta get to work.