Back Porch Before and After

How to Layer a Room
This is our back porch.
Honestly, it doesn’t have a whole lot going for it.
Pretty basic as far as porches go.
So to give it a little personality
I add layers of texture and fabric.
Here is the BEFORE…
The first layer is the rug….actually 2 rugs laid side by side.
The room is a funny shape.
Sort of long and skinny (so not like me!)
2 smaller rugs were more economical
and fit better than 1 larger rug.
Next are the white blinds.
The afternoon sun gets a little warm.
The blinds really help with that plus they
protect the inside when it rains.
Then come the valances.
A few years ago I bought a bunch
of outdoor fabric on eBay.
I got this sort of floralish toile, polka dots and a stripe.
I made the valances and hung them on inexpensive hooks.
The furniture is next.
The wicker sofa is a Craigslist score.
The chairs I have had forever…they were a Mother’s Day gift
many years ago.
The little chest was on my grandmother’s back porch.
It was painted brown…I changed it to white.
The shelf unit is from my husband’s bachelor days…seriously.
And yes…it was a million years ago!
It was in our garage for a long time.
I resurrected it when I decided I needed a TV out here.
I slapped some white paint on it and it works just fine.
Now the fun part…
I made all the pillows.
The green chair cushions are from Pier 1 a few years ago.
I recovered the couch cushions as well as the lamp shade.
The blue and white accessories are gathered up from around my house.
I ordered the little footstools from Fran’s Wicker.
They were on the clearance page…
the cushions were originally pink.
Every couple of years I put all the wicker
out on my back lawn and spray it white.
Other than that there is no upkeep to anything out here.
In the fall, I stash all the cushions in big bins in my garage.
The most time-consuming thing is cleaning the dang blinds every year!
I have tried many different techniques…
from spraying them with my hose (not a good choice)
to putting them in my bathtub.
The bathtub actually worked well.
I let them soak for a while first and they came clean with a good rinse.
I googled what cleaner to use and in the end
decided on liquid dishwasher detergent and bleach.
Worked like a charm.
So there you have it…
another little corner of my world.
As always, thanks for visiting my home.
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