The Backyard Fence Row Garden in May

Easy backyard garden landscaping ideas for the DIY gardener. Includes inspiration for planting a garden along a fence and hardy perennial plant ideas.

Now that spring has definitely sprung, I have been wandering around the backyard trying to decide what to plant and what to take out. So far, I have a very long list of things to plant and nothing on the list of things to take out! My perennial garden looks a little bare and definitely needs some attention. For some reason, I lost all my black-eyed susans and shasta daisies. I’m not really sure what happened, but last summer they just didn’t come up. Because I was so discouraged, I filled in with annuals, laid some mulch and called it a day. 

backyard garden rock border

The past few weeks of nice weather have renewed my spirit and I’m ready to revive this sad patch of ground. The peonies, dianthus, sedum, coreopsis, phlox, and lavender look good. Nothing is in bloom yet but the buds look promising. I have some ideas for new additions and will report back when I’ve got plants in the ground. If you happen to be in the same boat, or have a backyard that could use a face-lift, here are some ideas that will help!

backyard landscaping clematic peonies dianthus

Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas

A Curvy Border

A rock border is the perfect way to add a curvy edge to your garden. I had to buy some of my rocks, but if you can find them in a field, this method would basically be free. It takes a bit of maintenance to keep the rocks level, but the end result is worth a little extra time. Curvy borders add interest and they make the garden edge flow. 

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If you visit the rock border post, you will see how different my garden looks now compared to four years ago.  My goal is to get that full and fluffy look again, complete with abundant blooms.


backyard garden landscaping ideas fence bird house

Garden Art

Adding something unexpected is one of the easiest backyard garden landscaping ideas there is. Any piece of garden art that reflects your interests or tells a story is perfect for your garden. I personally think that the sky is the limit when it comes to garden art in your backyard. I try to be a little more conservative in the front yard, but the backyard is just for us and anything goes! 

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backyard garden peonies in bud

Hardy Perennials

At one time or another, I have successfully grown all the plants found at the link below. These plants are hardy and very low-maintenance. Plant them in any combination that pleases your eye, but be sure to pay attention to sun requirements. 

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landscaping ideas peonies in bud

I hope to share our backyard garden more often over the summer. Last year was disappointing and there really wasn’t much to share. Hopefully this year will be different. Thank you so much for stopping by…see you soon!

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