Calm + Cozy Christmas Decor with Gap Home

Achieve that calm + cozy holiday vibe by following these three easy tips when decorating your spaces for Christmas.

Gap Home items from Walmart

The Christmas holiday season is a time to take a step back, count our blessings, and spend time with those we love. Making our homes welcoming and cozy is especially easy with the selection of home decor items available from Gap Home, offered exclusively at Walmart.

Walmart Home makes it simple to pull all of your spaces together with the expanded collection of timeless American styles, and every Gap Home piece is budget-friendly. From completely new additions like furniture & rugs—to updated bedding, bath items, pillows, & more.

christmas decor from Gap Home

*Although this post is sponsored by Walmart, all tips, selections, & ideas are my own. Affiliate links included. Click HERE for my disclosure statement.

Tips for Calm + Cozy Christmas Decor

Tip #1: Use neutral colors to provide the “calm,” but make sure to include texture to achieve the “cozy.” Pillows are the quintessential choice for adding texture to your spaces. Choose pillows with tassels, fringe, sherpa backs, a wide border of knots, or cute tufted dots. Avoid anything that’s one-dimensional or smooth, and go with pieces that will layer well. One of my favorite things about the Gap Home pillows is that they all have a zipper closure. So if you are a down insert fan, it’s super easy to replace the included poly insert with a down insert you already have.

Tip #2: Include a pop of red…even if you would never add red to your core decor accessories. This throw blanket comes in a few different colors, and yes, it would be more practical to choose something neutral. But for the holiday season, nothing is more cozy than curling up under a fuzzy, festive blanket…especially if it’s red! Other simple ways to add small doses of red to your Christmas decor are:

  • fill a clear bowl, vase, or lantern with red ball ornaments
  • add red, spicey scented candles
  • layer red blankets & pillows in a basket
  • hang red plaid or striped towels in your kitchen
  • add faux red berry stems to your existing arrangements
Gap Home pillow on red throw blanket

Tip #3: Do you sometimes feel like you can’t relax after you have decorated for the holidays because there is just too much going on? To keep the “calm,” remove some of your existing accessories before you add the Christmas decor. Keep in mind the size of your space. If you have a bigger room, with high ceilings, it definitely works to use thicker garlands and larger accessories. If your space is small, just keep in mind that less is more! Let your spaces breathe, make sure the eye has someplace to rest, and don’t crowd your items together.

Bonus Tip: Wondering what to do with the things you just removed? After editing out the year-round decor, store it in the Christmas bins you just emptied. That way when the holidays are over, and the bins come back out, your core accessories will be right there at your fingertips. (And just like old friends, you’ll be so happy to see them!)

Gap Home decor accessories

Here is a special Christmas present that will make shopping even more fun! Walmart is offering 20% off all Gap Home products (online only) today through 12/03/2021. You can find the Gap Home landing page HERE.

Calm + Cozy Christmas Decor Shopping Guide

It was fun, and a little bit challenging, to pull out our Christmas decorations and make them work in the Sugar Maple house. Instead of a stairway banister, I decorated a mantel! Our antique chest, which always showcased the tabletop trees, landed in the entry. Oddly enough, there’s no outlet, so I’m not sure how to light the trees. I’m sure I’ll come up with something, so stay tuned for new and fresh ideas. Until next time…

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  1. Mary Whitcombe says:

    Love the cream and off white rug that’s a kind of Moroccan pattern. It’s just the two tones I’ve been looking for ! Is it something that is available?

  2. It is so fun to put out beloved Christmas decor in a new space! I can’t wait to see what your Sugar Maple house looks like all adorned for the holidays!

  3. Check with an electrician. I had two spots that needed a plug and each location had a light switch nearby. The electrician installed a plug box beneath the switch location. In fact, one switch was in the next room and the plug box was put in the hallway.

  4. So anxious to see the new house and how you made it your own Ann!!

  5. Can’t wait to see your Christmas decor completed especially that beautiful fireplace.

  6. I agree….battery powered fairy lights! Most have a timer built in so they are very convenient! We can’t wait to see the new house all decorated and festive. Enjoy!

  7. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Use battery powered fairy lights on yourn tree!
    Can’t wait to see your new home.
    Happy holidays