DIY Acorn Wreaths

DIY Acorn Wreath The street where I live, Sutton Place, has giant mature trees on every lot. Long ago, I’m told, it was actually a swamp. I love to walk in my neighborhood and this time of year there are acorns everywhere. I wanted to try my hand at DIY acorn wreaths…keeping with my theme of decorating with natural elements. It took a bit longer than expected but I enjoyed making them. These acorn wreaths are tiny but add texture to my plate wall. 

DIY Acorn Wreaths on Personalized Plate WallTo start out, after I gathered my acorns, I put them in a plastic grocery bag and stuck them in my garage freezer. They stayed in there for about a week which was more than long enough for all the little critters to die. Acorns have bugs and even worms so it’s important to deal with that before bringing them into the house.

DIY Acorn Wreaths All I needed was little grapevine wreaths I picked up at Hobby Lobby, acorns and hot glue. There is really no rhyme or reason for making these. I just started gluing on the acorns randomly. After I had quite a few acorns on, I simply filled in the empty spots. I looped a piece of burlap ribbon through the wreaths and attached it to the plates with Frog tape. It’s not pretty but it worked.

DIY Acorn WreathsNow you know why I don’t call myself a crafter.

Decorating with Natural Elements: DIY Acorn Wreaths and Cotton BollsI placed my lace pumpkins in the urns and left the burlap ribbon there for even more interest. That burlap ribbon will most likely stick around for a while! Adding cotton bolls helped add more natural texture and slightly made up for using the faux pumpkins. I love the lace pumpkins though and will be sorry to pack them away when the time comes.

DIY Acorn Wreaths hung on vintage platesI will be leaving the acorn wreaths up and will show you how to add simple embellishments that will make them perfect for Christmas too. I’m sure ribbon will be involved in some way.

Decorating with Natural Elements: Cotton Bolls in silver pitcherIt’s supposed to pour here later today with gusty winds…not a fun night for Trick or Treat. Speaking of trick or treat…here’s a pic of my kids in bunny costumes I made for them. (My daughter is now 30 and my son is 27 so this was a looooong time ago.) I got two years out of these costumes and my kids claim I got a third but I don’t agree. I’m sure my memory is sharper than theirs.

Bunny costumesStay safe and Happy Halloween…

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DIY Acorn Wreath