DIY Advent Calendar How To

DIY Advent Calendar

As promised here I am with the how-to for my Advent Calendar. From start to finish it took me a little over two hours. Not a bad time investment for something that will last through the years. I think this will grow with your children. When they are young the pockets can be filled with small toys or stickers.  As they grow older, mix candy canes with gift cards to McDonald’s or iTunes!

Let’s go. To make the tags: I searched Etsy for number tags and advent calendar printable. The tags I used for this project are, sadly, no longer available. Here are a few other options. Countdown to Christmas tags, Printable December Daily Numbers. Print them on card stock. Cut out. Punch holes. DIY Advent Calendar Tags

For the calendar itself here is what you need: (Add a dowel rod to this list.)

Cut a piece of burlap that measures 26 x 32 inches. Follow these directions to keep it all straight. Pull about 5 strings from each side to create the fringe. Mark horizontal lines on the front as markings for your rows of ribbon. The first row should be about 7 in. from the top. The next four rows should be 5 inches apart. When you are finished marking you should have 5 rows. Cut 5 pieces of 3 inch burlap ribbon about 30 inches long. My ribbon was wired but it would be fine if it’s not. Turn the ends under like pictured above. Sew on the ribbon with the bottom of the ribbon length lining up with your markings. Make sure to sew the ends. This is what it will look like at this point.  The arrows are following the stitching line.

To make the pockets: turn the burlap to the opposite side. Mark lines going vertically. The first line should be 2 inches from the left side. Make 5 more vertical lines 4 inches apart. Sew along the lines. There should be 6 lines, 6 vertical rows of stitching.

To make the casing for the dowel rod, sew a length of 1 1/2 in. grosgrain ribbon across the top leaving the ends open.

Cut 25 pieces of yarn or twine 12 inches long. String them through the tags.

To attach the tags make a small opening on the front of each pocket with a pin.

Pull one string through the little hole and tie it off. Trim and tuck the ends in the pockets.

Insert a dowel rod in the casing. Add the hanger by tying a length of ribbon to each end of the dowel rod.

That’s it!

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