Anthropologie Inspired Heart Pillow

Make this cute Anthropologie Inspired Heart Pillow for Valentine’s Day or any day! The neutral colors blend with any decor and it’s no sew!

This pillow is so fun and super simple to make. Seriously…if you can cut out hearts and iron, you are golden. This Anthropologie Heart Collector Pillow caught my eye right away when I was roaming around the Anthro website. It was love at first sight…until I saw the price. That’s when my mouth sort of fell open. 

(This pillow is no longer available on the Anthropologie website. Affiliate links included. Click HERE for my disclosure statement.)

Anthropologie Heart Collector Pillow from anthropologie.com

Cute right? But would you pay $198? Most likely your answer is NO! It looks to be made beautifully and is linen with a down insert. It also measures 24 x 24 inches, which is huge. It would look amazing on a large chair or as the center-point on a bed. My version is not as big. It’s 18 x 18 inches and the total cost was under $15.00.

anthropologie inspired heart pillow supplies needed

Anthropologie Inspired Heart Pillow Supplies Needed:

The pillow cover came from Hobby Lobby and was $4.99. The Wonder Under was half price so the whole box was about $5 and I used less than a yard. In my price I included a few dollars for the heart fabric, but I actually used some I already had. If you had a spare pillow cover and some Wonder Under, you could actually do this project for free.

1.) First thing to do is print off your heart templates. I printed mine on cardboard so they were easier to trace. Cut out the sizes you want to use.

2.) Iron your Wonder Under to your piece of fabric. I used a scrap piece that measured about 15 x 20 inches. Let it cool.

3.) Trace your hearts on the Wonder Under.

anthropologie inspired heart pillow method

4.) Cut them out and peel off the paper back.

5.) Iron your pillow cover and then randomly place your hearts. When you have it just right, carefully press them onto the pillow cover. 

anthropologie heart pillow close up

If you look closely at the bottom corner of the Anthro pillow you will see that they stamped a little quote. I had no way of replicating that so I used  a piece of hand stamped ribbon on two of my hearts. I just ironed them on with a piece of fusible tape.

anthropologie heart pillow knock off

So…what do you think? Clearly it’s not an exact copy. I loved the way the Anthro hearts were frayed around the edges. They were sewn on though before the pillow cover was assembled. My way was so much easier…and you have to admit you can’t beat the price. Until next time…

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