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DIY Classic Christmas Wreath

DIY Classic Christmas Wreath TutorialWhen my daughter came home for Thanksgiving, she mentioned that she’d like a Christmas wreath for her front door. So I took on the challenge and we were off to Hobby Lobby. We came up with this totally DIY Classic Christmas Wreath and it has a little touch of bling for my bling-loving daughter!

This was my kind of project. Just about 12 bucks and ten minutes is all it took to put this together. We got a very basic artificial pine wreath that was originally $9.99 but was half price. We added a package of silver, metallic snowflakes and five stems of silver berries.

DIY Classic Christmas Wreath Tutorial ~ so easy!The snowflakes and berries were half price too. Gotta love Black Friday. Here’s all you do…fluff the branches of the wreath. Pull them out and shape it so it has a sort of 3-D effect. Attach the snowflakes and berries by wrapping the wreath branches through and around them. No glue or wire needed. Stick with an odd number of embellishments. I used five of both the snowflakes and berries. I was going to use seven but had to back off because the wreath was too small.

Classic Christmas Wreath Tutorial: 12 bucks and 10 minutes is all you need! So easy!The branches of these faux pine wreaths are like already-installed craft wire. Use them to attach all your embellishments. The only thing that you would have to glue is an actual round ornament. To hang this sort of wreath, take one of the branches and wrap it around your nail or screw 4 or 5 times. No need for any sort of wire hanger. My daughter isn’t really a bow lover so we opted to leave that off. It nearly killed me though…I kept wandering around the bolts of silver ribbon but finally gave up. 

It looks like a bomb went off in my living room. Seriously. I have a lot to do today and then hope to share some Christmas decor inspiration using things I already had from my fall decor and natural elements. See you soon!

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