DIY Container Water Fountain

This DIY Container Water Fountain is so easy and fast. Add the sound of a babbling brook to your outdoor space in no time! Budget friendly too. There’s something about the sound of water…it’s magical. Waves lapping up on a beach, a rushing waterfall or white caps on a lake. The sound is relaxing and nourishing. I honestly think it restores the soul. When smartpond approached me with the idea of making a diy container water fountain, I said “yes” right away. I knew I wanted to make a fountain for my back porch so I could hear the sound of water at home. This project was not only incredibly simple, it was fun and rewarding. When I plugged the water fountain in for the first time I have to admit my heart did a little happy dance. Today I’m sharing the process for making a diy container water fountain and then I’ve got a giveaway at the end.

This DIY Container Water Fountain is so easy and fast. Add the sound of a babbling brook to your outdoor space in no time! Budget friendly too.1.) What you need: smartpond container fountain kit, large water-tight pot, smaller plastic pot (with holes) and rocks.

2.) Cut a slit in the bottom of the plastic pot so you can slip it over the neck of the fountain. The pot will be upside down. Cut a “V” in the pot to allow for the cord.

3.) Place the fountain and plastic pot in your water-tight container. (The cord will drape out over the side.) Place two rocks on top of the plastic pot to hold it secure. 

4.) Put your pot in place near an electrical outlet (or use an extension cord.) Fill with river rock or whatever kind of rock you prefer. When you have the rocks where you want them, add enough water to the container to almost cover the rocks. Plug in and enjoy the sound of your very own babbling brook!

This DIY Container Water Fountain is so easy and fast. Add the sound of a babbling brook to your outdoor space in no time! Budget friendly too.As you can see from the photo above I was able to hide the cord hanging over the side of the bucket with some strategically placed rocks. It also helps to place the container in a corner. I had to adjust the spout so the water fell into my container (instead of all over the floor. ha!)

As you can see from the photo above I was able to hide the cord hanging over the side of the bucket with some strategically placed rocks. It also helps to place the container in a corner. I looked at “new” containers but really wanted something vintage. I got lucky at my antique mall and found this galvanized milk bucket. Any container will work so don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little. I saved the smaller plastic pot from a newly planted bush but if you don’t have one they can be purchased at any garden center. 

This DIY Container Water Fountain is so easy and fast. Add the sound of a babbling brook to your outdoor space in no time! Budget friendly too.Now for the giveaway!

My friends at smartpond are giving away a container fountain kit along with a $50 Lowe’s gift card (for a container, rocks, extension cord, etc.) to one of my readers. Easy entries can be found in the Rafflecopter below. If you can’t wait to see if you win the giveaway, all smartpond products can be purchased exclusively at Lowe’s. Good luck!

I was compensated by smartpond for writing this product review but all opinions are my own. Must be 18 years of age to enter the giveaway and live in the Continental U.S. Giveaway will end on Friday, June 12, 2015. A winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email.  


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  1. Patricia Lightner says:

    How on earth have I missed this post? I just now found it in my email and was so excited to read it. This might be something I can do this summer. I love fountains and the sound of running water. I have just the right vintage bucket. I’m saving this one, Ann. Thanks. (I’m sorry I missed the chance for the giveaway. Sad face.) Hope you’re having a great summer.

  2. This is amazing that we get to make our own pond. 4 years ago i acquired a large and tall cement pond, it was beautiful, a bit to big for the size of my home. I used it anyway, unfortunately weeks later, the greek statue and umbrella that made it so grand broke into pieces due to September freeze, I live in Upstate NY. I know now, to never cement pond in my area, I sure missed having a pond. I find this to be a very simple and natural way to bring back a pond, one suit my home and my environment. Thank you

  3. Hi , I like your idea of the water / bucket. I think it can be taken a bit further. Do as you have said and add a plate ( upright / upside down ). Glue it to a tomato plant wires. You can remove the top circle if you want. Glue some different sized smaller rocks to the plate side that is going to be facing down. that will allow water to run-off from different areas of the plate and sound like rain dripping.If the water pressure of the pump is adjustable all the better. It will be a little more work at no extra cost. Only a little extra time. but not to bad.

  4. I would love to make this to enjoy on my porch. How my 2 youngest grands would love it!!

  5. Big impact, little effort…on my list for sure!

  6. I think I will try think with some old chicken waterers in my barn, I just need to make sure they are water tight! ;-) Thanks Ann!

  7. Oh, I love this so much! We did a fountain back in our yard in Arizona but had to leave it behind when we moved. I can’t wait to do another one here!! I love what you did!

  8. This does look easy! I would like to make mine by the front door on the porch. Thanks for the post!

  9. Julia Paul says:

    Great Idea!!I love the sound of running water.Looks fairly easy to do, Will check it out my next visit to Lowe’s.

  10. Peggy Renie says:

    Your babbling fountain is a great idea. I had one several years ago, but it died so I would love to win one. You have a fabulous porch too.

  11. I have my Gramma’s old churn. What a great use of it!
    Thanks for great ideas!

  12. Vicki Kelley says:

    Loved this project. I have been wanting a fountain for my front porch.

  13. Cathy Foy says:

    Love this fountain. An old “canner” would be great for this. CATHY

  14. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Great idea for a front or back porch and fountains are so soothing. Thanks Ann.

  15. How simple! I love the bucket you used. It would look beautiful in my garden as well.

  16. Thank you once again for sharing your work, it is greatly appreciated

  17. What a great water feature, Ann! I love the sound of water and putting your “pond” in a bucket stole my heart!!! Just darling! Gotta get one for my front door!

  18. I love this water feature! I definitely love the old pot. So country!

  19. This is fabulous, and I love the idea of being able to put this just about anywhere! Love the container you chose!

  20. I am making 3 of these for the girls for Christmas after seeing your post.

  21. Love the sound of water

  22. Love the water feature. I have a big galvanized tub I would love to do this in. I have been looking at solar powered pumps too, but finding a spot for the solar panel is a pain so this looks to be a more reasonable option.

    1. I had to run an extension cord to get the fountain where I wanted it but it worked out great. Have fun!

  23. I think I may use an old crock I have to make a fountain for my new patio. So much nicer than as a wastebasket! Haha! Which it is now.

    1. Linda McKeel says:

      I am currently signed up.

  24. Sue J ~ @SuzyHomemakerUK says:

    Love this Anne. Particular liked the plastic pot cover – so simple and must cut down on gunk in the filter! Pretty sure I have a fountain lurking somewhere ;-) Sue x

  25. Laurie Galloway says:

    Thanks, Ann, for sharing this great idea, and for giving me the confidence to try to make one myself. Don’t know what, but I’ve always just assumed these types of fountains were too complicated for me. Water, electricity, design…but, I can see that it doesn’t have to be! Love your container, and I’m now brain-storming for my own unique piece. Will be the ‘Serenity now’ addition to my porch. Lowes, here I come!

  26. I have a milk churn that would be great for this project. I can hear the water now.

  27. Barbara Mossbarger says:

    Really enjoy reading your blog. I sponsor a nonprofit boutique in memory of my Granddaughter. 100% of everything I sell goes to our Fire Department here in our small Arizona town. I hold the boutique twice a year and the water fountain would be wonderful to have on the porch of the cottage. Good luck to all entrants!

  28. Love your fountain. I have the perfect container for one!!

  29. Nancy Bailey says:

    I love this post about the water fountain and using the old milk pail. I can’t wait to try it! I do have a question about the framed piece of old garden fence on top of your cabinet. Did you put that together? If so, do you have a ‘how to’ on it? I have an old piece of fence languishing in my basement just waiting for that project. Thanks, as always, Ann for your inspirational ideas. Nancy

  30. Melba Hanska says:

    Love the vintage look that you have achieved. I was just sitting here trying to think of what I could use to make a similar fountain. I don’t have an old bucket, but I do have a small galvanized (and watertight) wastebasket that my son made for me when he took a welding course in college. I think that will do nicely! Thank you for this awesome hint.

  31. Great idea! I could really use some water sounds on our deck! Thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  32. mary patterson says:

    We live in Texas where, until this May, we are forever in a state of drought. I think having a smartpond water feature on our front porch would be very welcoming for our friends. Thanks for blogging about this DIY project!

  33. Ana Maria says:

    Thank you for this tutorial and this fabulous giveaway. I have always wanted a fountain and this easy method just might be it. I would love to win and since Lowe’s is my home-away-from-home, I’m sure the extra gift will help me find the perfect container. THANK YOU!

  34. Oh my gosh! I love how you turned an antique milk pail into a water feature! I can remember watching my grandparents milk cows! Now that we have electricity out to our deck in the garden, I must create something similar! Nothing beats the sound of water!

  35. Love this .. one would be great on my back porch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. Carla Brooks says:

    I definitely want to build one of these Smart Ponds so I too have the sound of running water on my deck!

  37. Linda Schmitt says:

    water feature is so ZEN Love!

  38. Beautiful Ann, I love the sound of water running as long as it’s not outside my bedroom window, for obvious reasons. You picked a creative container to showcase your pond in:)

  39. Diane Richards says:


  40. What a great project. I think the sound of running water adds such ambiance to a sitting area and can’t wait to try this project for my deck. Thanks for sharing!
    Dorene ~ Seasonal Chapters

  41. Nice giveaway ….to complicated . Everytime I go to Facebook then go back to your site I have to start over !!!!

  42. BettyAnne says:

    Perfect for my deck. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. Hope Williams says:

    Oh I know you had fun with this one! I love the sound of running water. It is so soothing and relaxing at the end of a hard day. Thank you Ann for giving such great instructions too!
    Blessing for a beautiful Sunday, Hope

  44. Sue Farmer says:

    I love the sound of water too!! Your idea is just great.