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Make a DIY Easter Bunny Nest in just a few minutes! All materials can be easily found at craft stores. Perfect for spring decor and Easter decor.

There’s a saying that goes something like “everything old is new again.” Not sure who said it, but I agree. One of the best ways to decorate for the seasons is to repurpose and reuse things you already have. That’s exactly what I’ve done with this Easter bunny nest. This bunny has appeared on the blog before…but more on that later. For now he’s nestled in a brand new nest of boxwood and forsythia. It was super easy to do and took just a few minutes. 

Make a DIY Easter Bunny Nest in just a few minutes! All materials can be easily found at craft stores. Perfect for spring decor and Easter decor.

Easter Bunny Nest
Here’s the easy assembly process:

Make a DIY Easter Bunny Nest in just a few minutes! All materials can be easily found at craft stores. Perfect for spring decor and Easter decor.

  1. Start with a large bowl and some sort of container to use as a riser.
  2. Place a greenery garland around the riser.
  3. Add small forsythia blossoms by just sticking them in the greenery. Tip: I bought one big bunch of forsythia and cut it apart.
  4. Place the bunny on the riser. Cover the riser with extra pieces of greenery if it shows.

Make a DIY Easter Bunny Nest in just a few minutes! All materials can be easily found at craft stores. Perfect for spring decor and Easter decor.

As I said before, he’s appeared on the blog before. Here are three other variations of bunny nests from the past. Click here for more details.

Make a DIY Easter Bunny Nest in just a few minutes! All materials can be easily found at craft stores. Perfect for spring decor and Easter decor.

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I tried to find some shopping sources in case you want to make a DIY Easter Bunny Nest of your own. I wasn’t able to get exact matches, but I think I came pretty close. The boxwood garland I used is the exact one linked to below. I have been using it in my seasonal decor since fall!

Boxwood Garland | Ivory bowl | Bunnies | Eggs | Forsythia

Thanks so much for stopping by…see you soon!


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  1. Vickie Larsen says:


  2. Really cute! I’m sure he will be hopping right into Spring !!

  3. I made my own Bunny Nest, it is just adorable. Everyone who visits compliment s me, I do tell them where I rec’v the idea and easy instructions from your blog. I had everything on hand except the Boxwood garland, which I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Thank you so very much,I love your blog.

  4. Linda Jung says:

    I just love Easter. The decorations are always so awesome. I really love wth way you did your decoration. Thank you Ann.

  5. This is just about the most darling Easter project I’ve ever seen. I can absolutely picture this on my kitchen table! The little pops of bright forsythia in the greenery really catches the eye. But first…I’m on a “hunt” for a bunny. Wish me luck! Your’s is darling!

  6. You have such great ideas. Ann! I have to hop out and find a bunny! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the way you’ve staged the bunny. I never get tired of reading your posts.

  8. Thank you for your simple but beautiful craft ideas. Even non-crafty folks like me can do this!

  9. I copied your bunny with the carrots last year. Looks like I’ll be using this one this year! It is the sincerest form of flattery. I really enjoy your blog Ann. Hope your feeling better these days! XOXOX

  10. I’m so excited…I have a HUGE bowl that I’m always messing with/moving somewhere else/wondering where to store it, etc. This is a perfect idea! Thank you!

  11. Geri Grimsell says:

    Love your ideas, makes it easier to deal with a snowy day and think
    spring is near.

  12. I love this idea. I have a wooden bunny I made years ago. I need to get him out and see what I can do with it. Thanks for the great idea.

  13. Oh Ann, your blog, projects and pictures brighten my day. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  14. Lynn Griffis says:

    Hi Ann,
    Love your nests and bunny, thanks so much for the ideas, I’m hauling out my Spring/Easter treasures and try
    my hand at a nest.

  15. Love this. I just happen to have a bunny almost like yours, so he/she is going to have a fancy new setting for this spring.
    Thanks for the ideas, places to get things .
    Have a wonderful week.

  16. This is adorable! Thanks for sharing the links too!

  17. love these projects….thank you

  18. Kristine Puzel says:

    This is really very sweet and charming – and definitely Easter festive! Thank you for including the how-to, and the sources for the materials!!

  19. Very cute and so easy!

  20. This is very festive. I have everything but a bunny! I may have to see what I can do about that????Thank you for this inspiration!

  21. Ann, I’m loving your spring and bunny décor. Spring is my favorite time of year. My lilies are blooming a little early this year and now some irises are opening. I shopped at Michael’s and found some adorable spring decorations. I purchased a precious jack rabbit and set him inside of my lantern with some Easter grass and decorated the top with some darling multicolor tulips and ribbon. Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas and inspiring me to take something old and making it new again. Have a wonderful day and I’m looking forward to your next email.

  22. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    Ann, I have that bunny, those eggs & the nest with the eggs in it. But I got them at Hobby Lobby & they are 40% off right now. Love the links though, as I’ve used them before. Thanks again!!

  23. I get so excited when I see you in my mailbox! I love your printables and have used many. Thank you so much for your decorating sense and willingness to share!

  24. Carole Zweizig says:

    Love the bunny in the boxwood wreath! This idea will take us through Spring!! Thanks for the idea.

  25. Jeannie C says:

    I followed your blog last year and made my first bunny nest! It came back out this week with a few new twists—like your inspiration!

    In case someone is looking for a bunny but needs a budget friendly one, check
    Hobby Lobby they have them again this year. I think the large ones were about $18….. and you can use a 40% coupon.

  26. I agree; using our same old favorites in a new setting gives a whole new look. I am a bunny lover, not only at Easter, but year round! This year I’m putting together a ‘new’ centerpiece with an ‘old’ bird cage and an ‘old’ bunny! Sounds like a good Sunday afternoon project, don’t you think?? Thanks for sharing your adorable Spring idea.

  27. I love your decorating ideas for various seasons and holidays. I especially love Easter and spring decor because I love both bunnies and flowers. And after one seriously weird winter here in Ohio, I’m super ready for spring.

  28. Classic! I always love when this bunny appears. You always make it look easy and fun. Great directions. I too repurpose decorations as I never do the same thing twice. I love shopping my home. I come up with the most interesting merchandise;-)

  29. Love bunnies and nests…starting to do spring in the house so love your ideas.

  30. I love the pairing of the pale, blue, speckled eggs with the yellow forsythia. It’s a great combination.

  31. I love bunnies, boxwood and forsythia! This is really cute and I love the tip to make a garland a wreath so easily for the table – love it!

  32. I am always repurposing things in my home especially with spray
    paint.Your bunny is adorable and so easy to create.Perfect touch
    of spring.

  33. Kathleen G says:

    What a cute Spring bunny and add carrots or eggs like you did, a Easter bunny:).
    Have a beautiful day Ann,
    Kathleen in Az

  34. Ann, I loved your bunny before and I love it all dolled up this time too. :)

  35. I’m going to do this today. Thanks and have a great week.

  36. Love your blog. Always so interesting.

  37. Making mine today!! Thanks Anne have a great a Sunday.

  38. Ann, I can’t wait to try making one of these bunny nest’s for my home. You always brighten my day and I love reading your posts.

  39. Candy J Weiford says:

    So simple. So sweet.

  40. Simple but so beautiful….my king of decorating.

  41. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    YOU out did yourself on this one!

  42. Ann, I look so forward to your posts & the many ideas you share. I’m headed out to find the perfect bunny!

  43. I really like all 3! But the first one wins my ❤️! I have a wood carved bunny and a huge wicker wreath any ideas?

  44. I think adorable and not too Eastery too early. I went to Joann Fabrics yesterday and all Easter was 40% off. Wow.

  45. Colleen Howell says:

    Loved all 3 of the center pieces, will have to try my hand at this for Easter