DIY Felted Wool Boot Cuffs

How to make DIY felted wool boot cuffs from a thrift store sweater. Make these cute NO SEW boot cuffs in just a few minutes!

DIY Felted Wool Boot Cuffs from a Repurposed Sweater | On Sutton Place

What do you think of when you hear the words “warm and cozy?” Flannel pajamas, a big down comforter, long johns…and maybe a wool sweater? I hope so, because these DIY felted wool boot cuffs start with a wool sweater. The sweater I used for this project was scored at my local Goodwill, but feel free to raid the closets where you live first. The sweater should be at least 80% wool, with 100% wool being the best. Once you have your sweater, check out my post on How To Make Felted Wool. This is important, because felting the wool first allows you to cut your sweater without it coming apart. Here’s how my boot cuffs started:

DIY Felted Wool Boot Cuffs | On Sutton Place

DIY Felted Wool Boot Cuffs

Notice the buttons on the sleeve cuffs. I just couldn’t believe my luck! The next step to make these DIY felted wool boot cuffs is simply to lay your sweater very flat, and cut the sleeves to the correct length for your boot cuffs. Make them a little long at first because you can always trim them if you want them shorter. If, after washing, your sweater is puffy, a steam iron will help to flatten it for easier cutting.

DIY Felted Wool Boot Cuffs | On Sutton Place

Believe it or not, that’s it. Both ends of the boot cuffs are finished off nicely, and you have a pair of wool boot cuffs for the price of a thrift store sweater. Because you have already felted the wool, these boot cuffs are completely machine washable, and can be dried as well. Boots are getting more and more popular every year…and these are the perfect, budget friendly accessory!

DIY Felted Wool Boot Cuffs from a repurposed wool sweater | On Sutton Place

Wool sweater sleeves can also be used to make mug warmers, hand warmers, or small Christmas tree ornaments. The body of the sweater can be used to make pillow covers or small stuffed toys. The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Good morning Ann! I came over here to tell you that I pinned your Quick Bread round up last night and it is running @ almost 100 pins this am already :) What a great post. To have all of those breads in one spot-awesome. So then I got side tracked here! I’ve been admiring boot cuffs for months now, but haven’t been out shopping in this weather in MI. I have a million sweaters I don’t wear…so….I am going to go cut them up now :) and wear some grocery shopping today. You rock, thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  2. You won’t believe what a timely post this is for me, Ann! My husband threw his wool pullover sweater/jacket into the wash and shrunk it. The ONE time the man does laundry, and he shrinks the heck out of his nice jacket! His loss…my new boot cuffs!

  3. Loved this cute idea. Purchased a 100% wool sweater with long sleeves and cuffs at the thrift store. I washed and dried the sweater and now I think it’s too small to go up over my daughter’s legs. Have you had this experience? Do you think soaking the sweater and stretching will rectify the situation? She lives in NYC and winters are soooo cold. Maybe I can cut the ribbing off the bottom and sew a side seam. Hmmm

  4. That’s clever! And they look very fashionable, to boot! (couldn’t resist the pun!)

  5. I’m off to the thrift store next week! These are so darn cute. Earlier this year my mother wanted some leg warmers (you know how elderly people’s legs get cold just sitting around!) Well, this is how I can make her some. You are just a creative genius, Ann!

  6. I am so busy trying to keep up with you! I bought buttermilk for the Starbucks bread yesterday. Now I need to go find a wool sweater to make these cute boot cuffs before our weather is too warm to wear my boots!! You are so creative! Thanks, Ann!

  7. I love this project, Ann! I’m now regretting taking some of my old sweaters to the thrift shop. Now I don’t have anything on hand to copy this adorable project. I know if I made these and wore them to school my 7th graders would love them.

  8. So cute, just had to make them. I used the rest of the sweater to make a cushion! Love your site!

  9. What a wonderful project, Ann! I’m loving the look of boot cuffs and your version is so simple to do. Can’t wait to try some out for myself and my daughter. Off to check out your tutorial for how to felt wool.

  10. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    They are fabulous!

  11. These are so darn cute!!! Love the buttons. I will be rummaging through my closet later today searching for an old sweater. Thanks for sharing your fun and clever idea!

  12. We must be thinking alike I just made a set in cream last week the sweater I found at goodwill had a hand crocheted lace edge so they were just perfect for boot cuffs. I gave the to my friend EM and made a ear warmer to match. I love the brown that you used, brown goes with everything, fabulous idea.

  13. I love this idea, Ann! Going to Goodwill takes on a whole new meaning when we look for items to upcycle! You need to keep those stylin’ boots! So much fun to be with this group!

  14. I love these and how simple they are to make! Goodwill here I come. Fingers crossed I can find a cute sweater!

  15. Just found your web site, Ann, and I’m loving all the fun tutorials and great ideas!!

  16. Love this idea. I have been wearing “cut off sweater sleeves” with my boots all Winter. LOL I had someone asked me where I bought them and when I told her she looked at me like I had two noses. :) I LOVE the fact that yours have the little mini buttons. Fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing in this month’s No-Sew event. I love our little creative group. <3