Easy Summer Front Porch Ideas (Planters with SunPatiens)

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Easy ideas for summer front porch decor, including planters with SunPatiens, layered doormats, and a simple door wreath. Add curb appeal and charm to your home!

front porch decor with white rocker

Early last week, we had a few really beautiful days, so I was able to get out and put our summer front porch together. As soon as it was finished, as luck would have it, the weather turned cold again. I’m hopeful that soon, the warm days will return, so I can spend some time on the porch. Even though it’s been chilly, I’m very glad the porch is finished, and ready for the next nice day. Read on for an easy summer planter idea, front door tips, and information on my new favorite flowering plant.

bedding plants sunpatiens and potting soil

Summer Front Porch Planter Idea

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Supplies needed for 2 pots:

summer front porch door area sunpatiens planters

Summer Front Porch Planter Assembly

  • Make sure your planters have proper drainage. These particular planters had plugged holes, so all I had to do was remove the plugs. If your planter doesn’t have drainage, a few drilled holes will do the trick.
  • Add empty plastic soda or milk bottles to the bottom of the planter. This helps with the weight of the planter, aids drainage, and also saves on potting soil.
  • Fill your planters with fresh potting soil. I like to stop the soil a couple of inches from the top, so the dirt doesn’t overflow when the plants are watered.
  • Place the large SunPatiens in the middle. Add the ivy and sweet potato vine in opposite corners.
  • Water well.

summer planter with sunpatiens sweet potato vine ivy 2

Now that your planters are finished and placed, you can turn your attention to the rest of the door area. Freshen your existing wreath, or replace it with something new. This time, I left my spring wreath on the door. I simply removed the pink flowers, and added faux white peonies. I think I’m going to have fun with this wreath because it’s so basic. I can add red for the patriotic holidays, and then transition it right into fall. Next, lay down a fun doormat…and for extra interest, layer it with an outdoor rug.

See the porch sitting area!

summer planters with sunpatiens and layered hello doormats

About the SunPatiens:

I used these in my summer front porch planters last year. They filled out quickly and looked beautiful, so I bought them again this year. They are a sturdy impatiens, they can withstand the heat and humidity, and they require no maintenance. They are perfect for containers, hanging baskets, and in garden beds. As noted by their name, they thrive in full sun, as well as in part shade. For the first few weeks, it’s important to water frequently. After they are established, they require less water. For more information, click {HERE.}

layered doormat and summer planter with sunpatiens

I hope my vision for these planters comes true. I would love for the ivy and sweet potato vine to flow down the sides of the planters, and I hope the SunPatiens grows full and tall. I will make sure to report back later in the summer with a summer front porch update!

summer front porch door wreath

Summer Front Porch Sources

summer front porch blue door with wreath

See the porch sitting area!

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Until next time…

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  1. Gail Martin says:

    My all-time favorite wreath you have used is the forsythia wreath. I saw one and bought it instantly. Birds built a nest almost before I got it hung up. They liked it as much as I did.

  2. Eva SHARP says:

    Good Sunday morning to you yesterday I made your Strawberry butter with pancakes oh my even my hubby like it .this butter is a step up and easy to make things taste and look better makes the weekend fill a little more special today it’s on multigrain croissants oh my !!!!!!!! Next will be rosemary and honey. I never have done butters make jams jelly lived in KY and had Gardens and fruit trees canned sew and ect.now butters. .

  3. elizabeth says:

    Hello Ann, I always look forward to seeing your seasonal front porch decor! I really like the pots! Looks wonderful! ;)

  4. Thank you. You always have great ideas that are doable.

  5. Always enjoy your decorating tips & pictures. Love your porch planters but it’s been my experience with potato vine in a mixed arrangement that they seem to grow so much faster they take over & the other flowers don’t do as well. They’re one of my favorites though, because they’re so hardy & have such a simple, clean look.

  6. Rita Bartak says:

    Happy Mothers Day Ann.
    I love your planter arrangements of flowers and vines. I’m going to plant the same on my front porch! Sweet Potato Vine is one of my favorites. Is still cool here in NE with frost last night.

  7. Susan wenegar says:

    What kind of light do you get on your front porch?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Susan…it faces East, so I get sun in the morning. It’s a covered porch, so the shade appears around Noon. Thank you!

  8. Can you tell me your exterior paint colors?

  9. Your porch looks lovely.I added buffalo plaid cushions for 2 wicker chairs,a fiddle leaf tree for my front door and some Gerber daisies for a splash of color.I hope the plants like their new home, the porch gets some morning sun.Trying to spruce up a very blah area.Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day Ann,hope you have a wonderful day.

  10. Karen Mary says:

    How pretty! Those galvanized planters are a great find!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Very lovely and peaceful

  12. Right ow with the pandemic in full swing a porch is a wonderful thing to have. I have always loved porches and I have wonderful memories of sitting and visiting on my grandparents porches.

    I cannot tell you at this time how many friends have come and enjoyed my porch. We stay safe distances from each other and some have brought their own chairs and visited. It’s been a good therapy spot for many. Including myself

    It has helped us all slow down and enjoy the moments without rushing around like most of us tend to do. It helps us to reevaluate our lives and hopefully find peace in the quiet

    Thank you Ann for always inspiring

    1. Restful and just lovely. I so envy you the room to place chairs on your porch – a long time dream of mine as I just have a small landing at the top of concrete stairs. The planters are very appealing too. I see that there are no saucers underneath, so how do you keep the deck surface from staining as you water?
      Always enjoy your posts Anne.
      Happy Mother’s Day! I know you will be missing your Mom, as I do mine. I hope it is not too much longer before we can all give our kids and grandkids some much needed hugs.

      1. Ann Drake says:

        Hi Fran…I don’t have too much trouble with staining. There is some though. I have had a local window cleaning service clean the porch surface a few times. That brightens everything up and removes the stains. The porch floor is very old, original to the house. There is a big crack and it all honestly needs replaced. I don’t worry too much about staining because of that. If it was brand new and beautiful, I’m sure I would feel differently!

  13. Can you take a pix from the front. I can’t see the wreath very well.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Lauri…I’m sorry! I don’t have the right camera lens for a picture directly from the front. The porch isn’t big enough and I can’t stand far enough away. The lens I need is $1000 and I have never been able to justify it. I hope you understand!