It’s Time to Shop at The Fall Home Emporium!

Shop for new accessories and decor items at our Fall Home Emporium! Features throw blankets, doormats, tabletop items, pillows, & more.

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Welcome to the Fall Home Emporium! I’ve teamed up with some of my best blogging buddies to bring you a variety of fall home decor items and accessories. We each picked a category, and then we went shopping! I looked for, and found, items I know you will like. I actually chose two categories: throw blankets and doormats. The other items we are featuring are:

  • tabletop decor
  • pillows
  • faux flowers & wreaths
  • decorative accents
  • artwork

fall home emporium throw blankets pumpkins

I’ve been collecting throw blankets and doormats for years, and I believe that both items can add character and charm to your home, without costing a fortune. In case you’re wondering, I store all my throw blankets in three large bins in our basement. I have them divided by seasons: fall, Christmas, and spring/summer. I store the doormats on a shelf in our garage. 

hello pumpkin doormat over plaid rug

Throw blankets and doormats are two of the easiest decor items to switch out seasonally. It takes hardly any time at all to update a space with seasonal throw blankets and doormats, and almost no effort. Where doormats are obviously used outside, throw blankets can be use both inside, and in an outdoor space. 

fall planter idea with layered doormat on porch

Displaying throw blankets so they are usable is simple.  They can be piled in a basket, on a low coffee table shelf, or on a bench. Another easy display tool is a blanket ladder. Blanket ladders come in all sizes and price ranges. They are available on most home decor websites, and on Amazon. Click HERE for my blanket ladder. 

Fall Blanket Ladder Decor | On Sutton Place

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  1. Where do you get the velvet pumpkins?

  2. Throws are always a nice addition. I know from experienced that many with fringe will not launder well…the fringe frays or tangles so much they are not presentable. Use caution with fringe.

  3. Fall is my favorite season.So many fun items, thanks for posting.

  4. Love the Emporium! Can’t wait to see the Winter Emporium.

  5. Jan Hamilton says:

    I ordered the cute fall doormat from Pottery Barn. Thank you for sharing it in the Emporium! Love fall decorating!