The Fence Row Garden

Elements of a Fence Row Garden
When my neighbor installed a 6 foot privacy fence along our property line
I tried really hard not to be offended.
I have to admit that I was…just a little.
But I took advantage of the opportunity to plant a fence row garden
and I think things have worked out to my advantage.
It’s taken several years but it’s coming along nicely.
This is the view from our deck.
I made a list of every perennial I have ever wanted. I tried to concentrate on plants with blooms so I would have some cutting flowers.
 Black Eyed Susans and lavender were at the top of the list.
 Bell Flowers, Coreopsis and the vine on the fence is Bittersweet.
Last fall was my first harvest of the Bittersweet vines. Not to sound lame…but it was so exciting!
 I’m not really sure why there is a golfer in my garden…my husband pretty much
avoids anything to do with yard work and he’s the golfer.  But it’s been there for years and I don’t
think things would be the same without it.
Daisies, a brand new Climatis, tomatoes and Phlox.
 Little tiny Dianthus in the front…hope they make it.
Hydrangeas and Sedum.
 There are Zinnias in the back along the fence.
Each spring I’m always hopeful that I will have abundant blooms
and that no plants have met the Grim Reaper over the winter.
I’m happy to report that this year nothing died…

and I was able to get 4 flower arrangements from what I picked yesterday.