Free Printable Recipe Cards: A Seasonal Collection

Use these free printable recipe cards to record your family’s favorite dishes. There are five designs to choose from, each featuring a different season of the year. They also make the perfect gift for that special cook in your life!

free printable recipe cards 1

Recipe boxes are becoming a lost art. I still have one, but there are many cooks these days who keep their recipes on digital files. Most of the recipe cards in my box are like old friends, and have been around for a long time. There aren’t very many new ones, and I’d like to change that. To help the process, I made this set of free printable recipe cards exclusively for OSP email subscribers. Recipe cards are somewhat hard to find, but not anymore!

free printable recipe cards seasonal collection 1

This set consists of five different designs, one for each season of the year, plus a card that is plain, with no design. They are individual jpeg files, so you can print all of them, or just a few.

Best Tip for Printing Recipe Cards

The cards will measure 4 x 6 if you do this one thing: you must size your page to 8 x 10 in your print program. Choose 8 x 10, and your recipe cards will be perfect. 

5 printable recipe cards 1

To get this set of recipe cards, all you need to do is fill out the short form below. You will immediately receive an email that contains the link to download these recipe cards.  You will also receive new posts, newsletters, and special offers straight to your email inbox! *Current OSP subscribers should go ahead and fill out the form and I’ll send the printables right away. My email company makes sure that you don’t get duplicate subscriptions.

Please let me know if you have any questions or have issues with downloading or printing these recipe cards. Here are a few tips:

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  • After you sign up on the form below, you will be redirected to a page titled “You’re Almost There.” This pages tells you to check your inbox for a confirmation email. (If you don’t see the email, please check your spam.)
  • Open the confirmation email, and click on the enclosed link.
  • A page on (my download site) will open. You will be able to download the recipe cards from there. Each card comes two to a page, and they are individual jpeg files.
  • For best results, print the cards on good quality card stock and SELECT THE 8 x 10 SETTING.

Fill out this form and join us today!

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  1. Hi
    I love your holiday recipe cards, I’m a subscriber and couldn’t find them. I understand that you have a free printable, but I can’t seem to find it to download it.. please help, they are lovely and I wish I can download them…thank you

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by holiday recipe cards…do you mean Christmas? The only recipe card collection I have available is offered in this post. Just fill out the form at the end and they will be delivered to your email. Thanks!

  2. Arthur Jones says:

    After you sign up to get prints, it talks about a security check but nothing happens
    Please respond!

    1. Hi Arthur…I honestly have no idea what you are referring to. I don’t have any sort of security check in place. Occasionally, there will be captcha that is required by my email company, but there’s no security check. It’s possible this is a browser issue. It’s helpful to clear your browser cache and restart your device. Let me know if you still need help. Thanks!

  3. Rosin Spencer says:

    I am looking for the recipe cards from a few years back. Can you let me know if they are still available?
    I love everything OSP!!

    Thank you,

  4. I received my download, but I wasn’t able to find the pretty pink rose recipe cards. It seemed to have wildflowers instead. Is the rose card still available? Thank you!

  5. Kim Cooper says:

    Hi I would love to have a copy of your recipe cards.

    1. Hi Kim…just fill out the form at the end of the post. They will arrive in your email. Happy Holidays!

  6. Mary Moser says:

    Ann, I would like to suggest that you have lined paper on the back. My printer will do 2 sided and that will be much easier than what I am doing which is downloading a lined page and running the cards through the printer again.
    Thanks for the cute designs!

  7. Marie Empringham says:

    Thank you for these cards and pages. In an era where many are scanning in recipes and throwing out the old books and cards, I still prefer to use the hard copies with smudges, dog-eared and even some fading. there are some from my Mom and Mom-in-law and others who have now passed on. Seeing their handwriting is a comfort and brings memories of well loved food shared around the kitchen table.

    I have saved the cards for now and would like to re-size into 3.5 x 5 when available.


  8. I really like your recipe cards, but my recipe box is VERY old school; my cards are 3×5. Any printing tips for resizing to 3×5?
    I see in the comments that others are asking the same question, but I don’t see a response; does that mean it’s “guess & check”?!!
    Thanks for the lovely graphics!

    1. Hi Colleen…I’m sorry for the delay in answering the questions about converting to a 3 x 5. I have been trying to make it work, but so far, I can’t get them to come out to the correct size. I will need to completely remake them, and I just haven’t had time. It’s on my list though. Thank you for your patience, Ann

  9. These are beautiful! I also have a recipe box filled with recipe cards from my mother, my sisters, aunts and cousins! I love the connection their handwritten recipe cards provide. Thank you for the beautiful cards…what a lovely handwritten gift they will make.

  10. These are so beautiful! I agree a handwritten recipe card is a lost art. I have several in my MIL hand that I cherish. Wish I have some from my mom and grandmothers. I’m going to give each of the students in my cooking class a set of these and have them ask an older relative to write out a favorite recipe for them. Thank you for the incentive💕

  11. Cookie eddings says:

    Ann, I have two recipe boxes which I love very much. One box was my mother’s that I got when she passed away. Most of my cards have the date & name of the person from whom I received the recipe. Like you, they are my old friends & are very special to me. Thanks so much for the lovely cards–they’re beautiful.
    Did I miss something? I read where Elizabeth moved into a new house. I enjoyed the posts where you told about helping her put her little house in order. I was not getting my emails from you for several weeks , so if you posted about her new house–I missed it. I can look in the archives & read if you could tell me the date of the posts IF you did write anything. Thanks so much. Cookie

    1. Hi Cookie…I have not shared Elizabeth’s new house. I’m not sure I will, she’s more private now than when she was younger! Thank you for asking though…

  12. I love these! I still use recipe cards as well. I still have some from my mother and grandmother in my recipe box.

  13. Thank you so much for these beautiful recipe cards. I still love using recipe cards and cookbooks! I can’t wait to use these…thanks again.

  14. Ann,I think somehow we are related ! I have my recipe box and cards from almost 50 years ago and still refer back to them !!

  15. Love the recipe cards. Can’t wait to use them. Could you please tell me where you got the scissors that is in so many of your posts? I would love to have one like that if they are available anywhere.

    1. Hi Rachel…those scissors are vintage that I picked up on eBay several years ago. New versions are available on Amazon. Here is an affiliate link to something very similar: If you want vintage ones, just search “bonsai scissors” or “Japanese scissors” on eBay or Etsy. I hope this helps!

  16. Rebecca M says:

    I love my recipe box! I have handwritten recipe cards that were my moms and my grandmother’s. It warms my heart when I use these recipes. Plus nothing beats holding a recipe card as opposed to using my iPad. There are times I use my iPad for recipes but I still prefer using a recipe card. After I try a recipe and like it, I then write out a card for it!
    Yes, I’m a recipe card girl!
    Plus I love cook books! I recently sorted through some cookbooks and had some I no longer wanted but were really nice. I asked my girls and nieces and they looked at me like I was crazy. “We get recipes on line” was their responses. Oh well!
    (My youngest daughter picked out at least three and all of the ones that were her grandmother’s. She has her eye on my recipe box!) 😜

  17. I know what you mean when you say that your recipe box is like an old friend! I still use mine, and probably will continue to do so, even though I have recipes in Pinterest and in computer files. There is just something comforting about reaching for the box and finding the recipe I’m thinking of. A number of them are from my mother and grandmother, so memories are a big reason why I keep it. Thank you for the cards.

  18. So any idea what paper size I should set if I want to make the cards 3×5? TIA

    1. Nancy McBee says:

      I would like to know how to convert to a 3 x 5 card also

      1. Hi Nancy…I’m sorry for the delay in answering the questions about converting to a 3 x 5. I have been trying to make it work, but so far, I can’t get them to come out to the correct size. I will need to completely remake them, and I just haven’t had time. It’s on my list though. Thank you for your patience, Ann

        1. So I have been fiddling around with resizing and figured out how to get it pretty close to 3×5. open the downloaded file in Paint on your computer. Select the resize menu, choose percentage. input 45 for horizontal and 40 percent for vertical. Then Ok. that brings the size very close to 3×5.

    2. Hi Gem…I’m sorry for the delay in answering the questions about converting to a 3 x 5. I have been trying to make it work, but so far, I can’t get them to come out to the correct size. I will need to completely remake them, and I just haven’t had time. It’s on my list though. Thank you for your patience, Ann

  19. Ann Hardy says:

    Ann, what is the easiest way to access download these recipe cards if I am already a member?

    1. Hi Ann…were you able to get the cards or do you still need help? They are in the Members only Library. The link and password are in my emails. Let me know!