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Free Rules Printables for Porch, Deck & Patio

Easily add a custom touch to your porch, deck or patio with these free Rules printables. Just print and frame for affordable DIY decor!

free rules printables for porch

Up today is an easy DIY craft that I originally shared back in 2014. I was seeing various versions of these rules on Pinterest and Etsy, but they were usually stenciled on some sort of wood plaque. Since I’m no good at anything like that, I decided to make a printable that can be framed. I love the warm and welcoming phrases…especially the last one, “gather together.” 

The original rules printable that I shared was titled “Porch Rules.” Soon after that one was published, I got a request for a printable titled “Deck Rules.” I quickly added it and up until now, those two were all that was available. I recently received a reader request for a printable titled “Patio Rules.”

free rules printables for deck

That sounded like an excellent idea and a great addition to the set. To make it super easy, I bundled these three prints into an easy-to-download PDF, that you can get by filling out the form at the end of this post. If you are currently an OSP email subscriber, these rules printables can be found in the Members Only Library. (Remember that the password can be found in every email I send.)

These printables can be framed and placed on a covered porch or enclosed patio. If you are lucky enough to have a covered deck, that’s another option too. Hang your version on the wall, or add it to a side table. Another idea is to greet your guests by placing it on the wall beside the entry to your outdoor space. 

free rules printables for patio

Please let me know if you have any questions or have issues with downloading/printing. Here are a few tips:

  • I highly recommend that you install Adobe Acrobat Reader to access your PDF files. It’s free and completely safe. Click HERE to access. (Make sure to uncheck the boxes for the McAfee products.) These tips should also work with any other PDF reader.
  • Download the entire PDF file to your computer hard drive. Some files are large so they may take a few minutes. Make sure to note where on your computer the file downloads.
  • Find the file and open. It should automatically open in your PDF reader.
  • If you want to print, select “print” from the File command on the top menu bar or click the printer icon.
  • A window should pop up where you can make your print selections. It’s here that you can select the pages you want to print or choose to print every page.
  • For best results, everything should be printed on good quality card stock.

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