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Free Rules Printables for Porch, Deck & Patio

Easily add a custom touch to your porch, deck or patio with these free Rules printables. Just print and frame for affordable DIY decor!

free rules printables for porch

Up today is an easy DIY craft that I originally shared back in 2014. I was seeing various versions of these rules on Pinterest and Etsy, but they were usually stenciled on some sort of wood plaque. Since I’m no good at anything like that, I decided to make a printable that can be framed. I love the warm and welcoming phrases…especially the last one, “gather together.” 

The original rules printable that I shared was titled “Porch Rules.” Soon after that one was published, I got a request for a printable titled “Deck Rules.” I quickly added it and up until now, those two were all that was available. I recently received a reader request for a printable titled “Patio Rules.”

free rules printables for deck

That sounded like an excellent idea and a great addition to the set. To make it super easy, I bundled these three prints into an easy-to-download PDF, that you can get by filling out the form at the end of this post. If you are currently an OSP email subscriber, these rules printables can be found in the Members Only Library. (Remember that the password can be found in every email I send.)

These printables can be framed and placed on a covered porch or enclosed patio. If you are lucky enough to have a covered deck, that’s another option too. Hang your version on the wall, or add it to a side table. Another idea is to greet your guests by placing it on the wall beside the entry to your outdoor space. 

free rules printables for patio

Please let me know if you have any questions or have issues with downloading/printing. Here are a few tips:

  • I highly recommend that you install Adobe Acrobat Reader to access your PDF files. It’s free and completely safe. Click HERE to access. (Make sure to uncheck the boxes for the McAfee products.) These tips should also work with any other PDF reader.
  • Download the entire PDF file to your computer hard drive. Some files are large so they may take a few minutes. Make sure to note where on your computer the file downloads.
  • Find the file and open. It should automatically open in your PDF reader.
  • If you want to print, select “print” from the File command on the top menu bar or click the printer icon.
  • A window should pop up where you can make your print selections. It’s here that you can select the pages you want to print or choose to print every page.
  • For best results, everything should be printed on good quality card stock.

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  1. I love this printable. One of my favorite things to do is to sit in my screened in porch and listen to/watch the birds. It is so relaxing!

  2. Brenda Haines says:

    Those are exactly my patio rules! I love it!

  3. Susan Anderson says:

    Thanks for the patio rules. I have a porch and always wanted a sign for patio. Now, I have one.👍

  4. Anne Horning says:

    Look forward to Saturday every week to see what delightful projects and recipes everyone in this group has to offer!

  5. Thank you for the adorable porch rules printable😊 I love that!

  6. 5 stars
    Always such a delight to have access to a free printable to help spruce up any room. So easy and effortless to add a touch of character. Thank you for providing!

  7. Carol Ezovski says:

    That sign is perfect! I’d like to get something like that to put in my kitchen!

  8. Just love your site! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Kris Wilcomb says:

    I always look forward to your posts, especially Saturday’s! Even though I haven’t met you all personally, you feel like friends! Thank you for sharing your lives(and ideas/creations) with me!

  10. Lori Gray says:

    I absolutely love printables. This is perfect!

  11. karen vail says:

    Hi Ann. Love your blog and have been following for years. I have use many of your printables, recipes and ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Ronda R Thacker says:

    Love your printables. I loved your step by step printable print instruction too… including the works best if you… I appreciate that you let your readers know how much we are appreciated and the words “thank you” appear often on your blog

  13. tracey clark says:

    These blogs have changed my life. Thank you for the printable. Perfect for the guests that are arriving at the end of the week. Due to covid we will be on seperate floors but I am sure while we are at work they will be enjoying our patio.

  14. Gathering outside is the only place we can gather, for now, 6 ft apart. So this is a perfectly timed piece!

  15. Love this printable! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Karen Cadden says:

    Thank you for your creativity and sharing it with us! Perfect hostess gift for the summer!

  17. Pat Peele says:

    Thank you for your printable. Love all your inspiration!

  18. 5 stars
    Thank you for your printables, I am less than proficient at any kind of hand lettering or stenciling !

  19. I love my front porch and love this idea – thanks for sharing!

  20. Michelle Nettles says:

    Adorable porch sign!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. I enjoy your printables and I save them to my desktop slide show to keep enjoying them throughout the years.

  22. Thank you for sharing! Your printables are lovely.

  23. I’ve been enjoying my back porch all day!!

  24. Thanks for the printable. I have not seen one for the deck before, so this is a bonus. Always love your blog too!
    Johanna B.

  25. Linda Biondi says:

    Thank you for another perfect printable…..especially this summer, since we’re spending so much time at home. I look forward to your emails every week. You and the other bloggers have kept me going during these past four months.

  26. 5 stars
    Love the porch rules. Especially listen to the birds. And the squirrels, not so much the rabbits as they enjoy eating my flowers!

  27. Thank you for Home Style Saturdays! I look forward to it each week. I have a PayPal account that I used infrequently before the pandemic but have found I am using it much more now. It makes me feel more secure when I order online from sites I am not familiar with. This has occurred more often as I hunt for hard to find items during this crazy time.

  28. Love the Porch Rules. It is so much fun to have “rules” for casual places where we relax.

  29. I love your printable and have a few of them nicely framed. Thank you for your inspiration and the printables as well.

  30. Thank you for the printable ! I will have to make the deck one soon. Totally enjoying reading the Homestyle Saturday posts on my sunny PNW deck this afternoon.

  31. 5 stars
    Loved these Porch Rules! Though I don’t have a place to use them, I want to make this for a friend. So thankyou… perfect for my friend. Thank you for making them available….got mine!

  32. Christine Keene says:

    Love the Porch Rules. Unfortunately I don’ t have a porch.

  33. I’m really enjoying the Homestyle Saturday series!! Thanks!

  34. Sharon H. says:

    Love your blog and have followed you for some years now. Your ideas are practical and your own. I like that. I’ve downloaded many of your printables and enjoy them throughout our home from season to season. Thank-you!
    Congratulations on your milestone!

  35. So fitting for now…we are spending so much time on our patio. Thank you for this printable!

  36. Porch Rules? I thought no, please, no more rules. Whew! These I like :)

  37. I love “The Rules”. Sitting outside on my patio enjoying my blogs this minute!

  38. Kim Lennie says:

    Thank you so much for the printable.

  39. Anne Macaulay says:

    Thanks for thinking about those of us who have patios and don’t necessarily have the talent required for painted wood signs.

  40. Love this printable! Glad you created a deck version though, as I’m afraid I don’t yet have my dream porch … maybe someday?

  41. Terry Moore says:

    How always kind you are to share idea and even these printables. I will need to search to see which one fits for my space.

  42. Your blog is delightful. I have been reading it a long time. You give me so many great ideas. I love the porch printable. I have used it and many of your others in my home.

  43. I do enjoy your blog and appreciate all the tips and time you put into it. Thanks so much.

  44. Ann, as usual you have out done yourself. I’ve been a faithful follower for years. Yours was one of the first blogs I started following and reading. I’ve also shopped with you . One of my favorite places.

  45. Kathy Henson says:

    I love your printables. I have used them in so many ways. Thank you for this wonderful option.

  46. Deborah W. Britt says:

    I really enjoy your printables. Thanks so much for providing these to all of us for free.

  47. What a great idea ! Last week it was 116 degrees here in Arizona.. I can’t wait to be able to sit on the patio again…

  48. simple and too the point~

  49. I always enjoy the printables.

  50. The porch rules are adorable, and I also love the first image on the wooden shelf with hooks. Did you make that or purchase it?

  51. 5 stars
    Love your blog. I have used the framed Porch Rules on my beautiful Ohio porch since it was first offered. I have had so many compliments on it!
    Happy summer from Columbus❤️❤️❤️

  52. I have a deck so this will be great!

  53. Deb Wostmann says:

    Such a cute printable. Now I just need a porch!

  54. Kathy Sladovnik says:

    I love these printables. Thank you for being so accommodating and giving us three to choose from. I love all three.

  55. Susan Toto says:

    Adorable! You have a wonderful blog. Such nice ideas for us. Thank you.

  56. Thanks for being so accommodating and customizing your prints, Ann.

  57. Love the printable. Great for my porch.

  58. I love alllll your prints! I have a frame in my kitchen and change out the print every month. Now I need to find a way to hang this one on my non-covered deck. They make waterprooof cases for phones so maybe there’s a waterproof frame by now??!!

  59. Love these printables. Perfect for this time of staying in and trying to relax.

  60. Mary Jo McGovern says:

    A great message for porch, deck or patio! Thank you!

  61. Christine G says:

    Love all your printables but this will be a great addition to my porch!

  62. PS to Nancy: To us Florida natives, it’s still called a porch. LOL!! :)

  63. Marilyn Thore says:

    5 stars
    Home Style Saturdays bring such joy to my weekend & this printable will bring both color and sage advice to my screened porch!

  64. I’m not big on printables but that is a really cute one!

  65. Love this printable. I’m going to frame it for my enclosed yet open porch. Thank you for the chance. :)

  66. Those Porch Rules are just too cute not to post on my wall. Thanks.

  67. This is going to look lovely on my little proch. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  68. liza lara says:

    5 stars
    Thank you for free porch rules printable. I have a brand new deck and can’t wait to see how the new print will look outdoors!

  69. Leslie May says:

    5 stars
    Congratulations on 200 + and thank you for a chance to win ! I love today’s printable – it’s so pretty! I noticed your link to your Amazon shop today! Yeah! I love your style and now can purchase two pretty navy and white checked pillow covers to brighten my family room . Thank you, Ann!

  70. I love this printable and have two screened porches I would love to hang it in. However I don’t have a color printer so how would I get it printed? I wished I could buy it through you.

    1. Mary Jo McGovern says:

      Download the file, save it and send the file to Staples or Office Max for printing on card stock.

  71. Nancy Marino says:

    Sweet idea, nicely done… but, Here in Florida our porch/deck/patio is called a lanai… lol.

  72. I thoroughly enjoy your writing, printables and recipes. I do miss your shop though. I purchased some ornaments a few years ago and still enjoy adding them to our tree each year. I also have a grain sack pillow from the store.

  73. Such a cute addition to our patio. Thanks!

  74. Maryann Horner says:

    Thanks so much for the adorable printable!! Can’t wait to add it to my porch and for doing the giveaway too. 👏👏👏

  75. Mary Kasier says:

    I love this printable! Thanks for participating in Home style saturdays, I love it. Thanks for having the contest also to win some money!

  76. Barbara Warner says:

    Your printables are so pretty. I just downloaded the August watermelon print. The colors are so cool and comforting. Thanks so much for sharing these free of charge. I do use a lot of them in my home.

  77. Katherine says:

    Love the new “Rules” printables. Thank you, Katherine

  78. I did the porch rules for my porch. Thanks so much for that! I have a question. Do you have anything that could be printed to use in a label slot on the front of a filing cabinet? That would be so helpful.

  79. THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! Love these and going with porch! =) xox

  80. As someone with a porch on one side of the house and a patio on the other, I love, love, love this printable!

  81. Love this! Printing a patio version!

  82. Ann, thank you so much for the free printables. So kind of you to include them and make them so printer friendly. My printer is buzzing away now!

    1. Teddee Grace says:

      You always have cute and creative ideas and we can only hope that we can be “gathering together” again soon.

      1. Anna Grainger says:

        5 stars
        Thanks for a great printable to brighten eveyone:s day!

        1. LUCY LOMELIN says:

          5 stars
          Love the printables!

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