Fresh Lemon Ideas from the Kitchen

Fresh Lemon Ideas from the Kitchen…last year I shared a Mint Lemonade recipe (if you can call it that…it was three ingredients!) that everyone seemed to like. It’s thirst-quenching and has almost zero calories. Not too long ago I picked up some strawberry sparkling water thinking I would love it…but I didn’t really. A little too sweet and it left sort of a nasty after taste. I had a carton of Minute Maid Light Lemonade so I decided to add it to the strawberry sparkling water. 

Oh my goodness. 

It is so wonderful and if you add a few mint leaves it is downright delicious. 

Fresh Lemon Ideas from the Kitchen | Ways to use fresh lemons in recipes, flower arrangements and even a sugar scrub! Includes links to all the sources.

Fresh Lemon Ideas

Just combine equal parts (or as close as you can get) of strawberry sparkling water and Minute Maid Light Lemonade. If you make it in a big pitcher, you can add lemon slices and fresh, sliced strawberries…plus that mint I was talking about. It is such a welcome change from plain water…and it puts quite a dent in the fresh mint growing on my deck. 

Lemons and Flowers

While you are slicing your lemons, set a few aside to make this fresh lemon and garden flower arrangement.

diy lemon flower arrangement on table

Combine your fresh garden flowers with over-flowing herbs to make a one-of-a-kind arrangement. 

Lemon Desserts

Now on to some yummy dessert recipes. A couple of years ago I gathered up all the lemon recipes that were on my blog at the time. You can find that post here: Easy Lemon Desserts

Since then, I have added more and you can find them by clicking the images below. I would like to tell you which one is my favorite but it’s incredibly hard to pick. I actually have two faves. They are the Lavender Lemon Bread and Lemon Shortbread Cookies. When I make the cookies I have to give at least half of them away or I will eat every single one myself. They just melt in your mouth. 


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Favorite Lemon Zester

I looked high and low for a lemon zester that would grate the lemon peel very finely. There is nothing worse than taking a bite of a cookie and getting a bitter chunk of rind. I finally purchased one from Pampered Chef and it does a beautiful job. If you are interested, HERE is the link. (No…it’s not an affiliate link. I just love the product so thought I would share.)

So that’s it for fresh lemon ideas…at least for now. I hope you found something you liked. Thank you for visiting with me today…I truly value your time and know I am blessed that you chose to stop by!