Fringed Burlap Christmas Tree Tutorial

Fringed Burlap Christmas Tree TutorialWelcome to the first week of Christmas Tidings! 

I’m teaming up again with 3 other bloggers to bring you four different takes on one Christmas-related theme. We’ve also got a fabulous giveaway that I think you will love. First up this week is a grain sack or burlap project. 

A Christmas Tidings Blogger Series

I think these cone shape pieces of styrofoam are incredible. The sky is the limit as to what you can do with them. Last year I used scraps from my sewing room to make Grain Sack Christmas Trees. This year I’ve opted for burlap and used basically the same process. Just wrap those cones like a mummy! Here’s what what you need and the easy steps…

Fringed Burlap Christmas Tree Tutorial

1. Supply List: tree form, burlap strips, straight pins, scissors, twine, embellishments. Cut your strips. I cut mine 2 inches wide and used the whole width of the fabric which was 48 inches. For this 13 in. tree I needed 3 strips. For the bigger, 19 in. tree I needed 6-7 strips. (I won’t go into how to straighten and cut burlap. If you aren’t sure here is a great tutorial.) So for the 2 trees you would be safe to buy 3/4 of a yard of burlap. That will allow a few extra inches to straighten it out.

2. Cut one of your strips into a few smaller pieces. Wrap one around the bottom of the tree and secure it with a pin. Layer 2 on the top of the tree and secure. 

3. Fringe your strips. I pulled enough strings to equal about 1 inch of fringe.

Fringed Burlap Christmas Tree Tutorial

 4. Starting at the bottom of the tree, secure one of your fringed strips and start wrapping. It takes a little pulling and tugging to get it right but the burlap is very forgiving. At the end of each piece, secure with a pin. 

5. As you are wrapping the burlap, try to cover any pins that are peeking through. There will be one pin at the top that you can’t hide so just make that the back side of your tree. At the top make sure to fold your burlap strip under so the raw edge doesn’t show. 

6. I got tiny ornaments at Hobby Lobby and strung them on a piece of twine.  I tied the twine at about 2 inch intervals so the ornaments would stay put. Make a knot on both ends of your garland. Secure the garland at the bottom of the tree with a pin through the knot and wrap it around. At the top, I used the same pin to secure the twine garland that I used for the last burlap strip. 

You can use anything you want for the topper. I wanted stars but couldn’t find any…so I just used 2 little ornaments I already had. I took off the hangers, cut tiny holes in the tops of the trees and stuck on the ornaments. I did use a bit of hot glue to make sure they wouldn’t pop off. 

Fringed Burlap Christmas TreesTo display them I used a silver tray then added boxwood and gold pine cones. I think the touches of gold sort of glitz up the natural elements of burlap and boxwood. Festive yet not over the top. 

Now it’s time to tell you about our giveaway. We will be giving away two holiday signs to two lucky winners. These wooden signs are made by Holly from Well of Words. Her site is full of personalized wooden signs and vinyl lettering for the home. Enter via the Rafflecopter at the end of the post.

sign giveawayIf you have time and need a little inspiration you can visit the other blogs and check out their projects.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for hanging in there until the end! See you soon…


Fringed Burlap Christmas Tree Tutorial

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  1. Your burlap Christmas trees are so pretty! The little ornaments are the perfect accent, too. Sharing!

  2. Very cute Ann! I’ve been on a little bit of a burlap kick myself lately and I love to fringe burlap, it’s so much fun! Your trees are great~

  3. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Ann, I just love these darling burlap fringed trees! What an easy project with a huge Christmas impact! You are such a smart girl!!!! Adding those little ball ornaments makes your trees extra cute!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  4. Grace @ sense and simplicity says:

    Oh so pretty. You really are the queen of burlap.

  5. Ann,
    These are so pretty! I love the cone trees and have made some recently. I’ll be sharing soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Ann, you inspire me! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  7. Gwen Mays says:

    Dear Ann,
    Thank you so very much for the great ideas you share with us. Love the tree idea. I’m in the process of making other cone, burlap and scrap material trees for my family this year. I will try this idea next year. I love it! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and all that love your site.

    Again, Thank you…
    Gwen Mays

  8. Ann, your trees are lovely! I’ve pinned them for a later time.

    Thank you for sharing!!!


  9. Those are beautiful little trees, I would make them if I had room, but alas, there is no room left in this tiny house of mine. Perhaps next year! I will pin it so I will have it for next year.
    Hugs, cindy

  10. Linda aka Crafty Gardener says:

    I love these trees. I’m into trees this year and adding a collection of them to my mantle. This would be the perfect addition. I’m a new visitor to your site, popped over from Creative Cain Cabin. Thanks for sharing.

  11. The trees are adorable.

  12. Thank you, Ann for sharing all of your gorgeous ideas with us for free. You are so creative and truly talented!!! I’ve been admiring your new items in your Etsy shop, so beautiful and perfectly made. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  13. Mary Alice Patterson says:

    I love these trees, Ann! Great idea.
    Mary Alice

  14. Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Ann, I remember your grain sack trees from last year, and I like this year’s burlap trees equally well. I may try making some of these with red burlap because they are so cute!

  15. Elizabeth@ Blue Clear Sky says:

    So cute, Ann! I love how you nestled them in the boxwood and pinecones too.

  16. Pamela Gordon says:

    What a cute idea! I used burlap ribbon garland on my tree this year. The first time for me to play with it and I like it. Pam

  17. The trees turned out great:) You are so creative and what a great way to use up some scraps. Beautiful!