Fringed Throw Pillow Cover

Repurpose an old throw into a pillow cover. Complete tutorial with pics!Today I want to share with you these fringed throw pillow covers I made in about 30 minutes. From start to finish. Before I do though, there is a bit of a story to tell. Sometimes it amazes me what shows up in my house. You’d think I would know what’s here…but I really don’t. When I was putting my Christmas decorations away in the basement, I happened upon this pouch. I swear I have never seen it before.

Fringed Throw Pillow CoverI knew right away it was one of those blankets you take to a football game to keep warm. Clearly we had never used it. I also knew right away that it was coming upstairs with me because of the colors. I loved the shades of blue. 

Fringed Throw Pillow CoverBecause I didn’t know how long it had been sitting in my basement, the first thing I did was wash it. As I was taking it out of the dryer I remembered making pillow covers for an Etsy customer a few years ago from a blanket just like this one. Once I had decided to cut the throw, I couldn’t get to my sewing room fast enough!

All my pillow inserts are 20 x 20 (purchased at IKEA for $6.99) so that was the size I made these pillow covers. Here’s where I started. Basically a rectangle with fringe on each end.

how to cut a throw to make a pillow coverThe good thing about plaid is you can follow the lines when you cut. Measure according to the diagram above. (I’ve learned the hard way to add a 1 in. seam allowance on all my pillow covers.) When you are finished cutting you should have two strips with fringe on one end that measure 22 in. wide and 46 in. long. Do not count the fringe in the length measurement. Lay the first strip out on a table, lengthwise, with the fringe on the right. Fold the end with the fringe over 11 in. 

repurpose a fringed throw into a pillow coverFold the other end, with no fringe, OVER the fringed end. 

repurpose a fringed throw into a pillow cover 2Pin the sides so nothing moves around. Sew the side seams with a 1 in. seam allowance. Now…if you are lucky enough to be making these with a wool throw, follow my How to Make Felted Wool tutorial so you don’t have to finish the seams. My throw was not wool at all so I used pinking shears. It was a little thick to fit through my serger so I opted for the pinking method. Repeat this whole process if you want two pillow covers. Turn your covers, point the corners and stuff the inserts. That’s it. 

I am so happy with the way they turned out. The blue in the pillow covers really brings out the blue plates on the wall. They add the perfect, cozy touch I was going for.

Fringed Throw Pillow Cover Tutorial with pics and directions!Chances are you don’t have a fringed throw hanging around your house. Thrift stores and eBay would be a great place to find one!


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