Good Riddance!

I’m beginning a project this week
that I have dreamed about since we bought this house…
and that was 1993.
I’m taking the carpet off my steps.
I’m pretty sure there is real hardwood underneath.
Hopefully it will be a matter of filling in holes, staining and painting.
(Say a prayer for me will you?)
The wallpaper is being replaced with paint.
I think the Sherwin-Williams color Upward.
It’s on the same color strip as the walls in my kitchen.
This is more the scale of my steps.
I am loving the dark stain.
This is actually what I would love to have
at the end of the project.
It’s very similar to my set-up.

Say Buh-Bye…
and here’s hoping I’m still standing at the end!

Have a wonderful week!
You know that snow day I have been whining about?
It’s here…YAY!