Gourds ~ Who Knew?

Gourds…who knew?
Evidently I’m living my life under a rock. I had no idea that gourds could be made into 100 different things and that a person could actually make a living from gourd art.
Incredible but true.
I recently saw some awesome gourds on my friend Penny’s mantelSince then I have been just a little nuts about gourds. Of course I wanted some gourds of my own so Penny sent me a link to an eBay seller and I bought two. Here they are upon arrival On Sutton Place.
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The next step was to stain them. I had some Minwax gel stain so that’s what I used. I applied it with a sponge paint brush.
The picture below is after one coat of stain. I thought they might need two coats but I was pleased with the way they looked after one…so I stopped there.
Next step was the wax. I managed to get some on one of the gourds but I had a hard time buffing it. It was totally dry but still came off on my rag. I was making a mess of things…so I took them to the garage and sprayed them with a coat of semi-gloss poly.
 How to Stain a Gourd
I should have done that in the first place and skipped the wax step. It worked great and was so much easier.
Stained Gourd

Lots of texture…and varying shades of stain. Obviously I can’t quit my day job and take up gourd art. I love them though…and this was a fun, easy and cheap project. 

When I was messing around with my gourds, my little dog got bored and this is where she ended up. Looks pretty comfy.

Update August 2016: I stained these gourds 5 years ago and as you can see from the photo below they still look amazing. I carefully store them in a plastic bin in my basement. I love them as much as the day I wrote this post!
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