Home for the Holidays ~ 2011 The Entry

Home for the Holidays 2011, entry decor ideas for Christmas. Stairway garland with berries and white lights against a festive red wallpaper.
Welcome to my little entry.
My goal for choosing this red wallpaper
was to make a statement.
I figured this space needed a little personality
so why not?
Home for the Holidays - 2011 The Entry
I hung this wallpaper several years ago and I think I’m sort of over it.
Love it at Christmas…but the rest of the year it’s a little much.
I’m ready to go lighter but I wanted to wait until after the holidays.
Over the years I have decorated the banister many different ways.
My favorite is mixing fresh greens with the faux. 
The faux garland acts as a base for the fresh greens.
The only problem is that there is a heat register directly beneath the banister.
When that heat comes rolling out the fresh greens curl up and die.
I finally gave up a few years ago and accepted defeat.
No fresh greens on the banister any more.
My new mat was a WUSLU deal of the day not too long ago.
Totally, completely love it.
I thought my Lenox dishes might lighten up this plate rack.
Fresh greens add a little texture.
As with any lighted Christmas decor,
the magic happens at night.
Here is my banister after dark.