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Home Style Saturdays 174: non-electric wall lights, natural homekeeping tips, kitchen organization, homemade vegetable soup, and three darling winter wreaths. 

Home Style Saturdays 2019

We’re halfway through January, but just last weekend, the outdoor cafes were open because it was so warm. The spring-like weather didn’t stick around, but it was nice while it lasted, and I was happy that I got out to enjoy it. That’s the way I think we should approach this new year…by embracing and enjoying the happy times, no matter how long they last. Life is full of little pleasures, so let’s not let any of them pass us by. The ups and downs that make up our lives can be challenging, but by making the most of the ups, the downs won’t feel so bad. Today, that is my hope for all of us. 

Enjoy Home Style Saturdays and the rest of your weekend!

The Inspired Room | Charming Inexpensive Decorating: Non-Electric Wall Lights with Battery Candles


Designthusiasm | Pantry Organization: Simple and Easy to Maintain

Kitchen Pantry Organization

On Sutton Place | Under Kitchen Sink Organization

Under Kitchen Sink Organization from On Sutton Place

Shabbyfufu | How to Get Rid of Odors Naturally In Your Home

Shabbyfufu - How to Get Rid of Odors Naturally In Your Home

Southern Hospitality | Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup


StoneGable | Three Easy Winter Wreaths To Make


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  1. Wendy Hall says:

    Hi Ann,
    I want to try this weight loss soup. Do you know how it helps with weight loss?
    Does it just give you a healthy alternative for meals/snacks?

    1. I’ll give this a try – the liquid portion helps to fill you up and the high fiber (slow digestion) veggies also help to make you feel full for a longer time. But, you have to make sure that the soup has the good fats, proteins, and carbs. So, no cream soups, go for the root veggies instead of the noodles, pasta, and white rices.

      I make a weekend-long soup. I start with cooking chicken breasts in an instant pot with celery, carrots, and onion as well as bone broth. I’ll pull out the chicken to make sandwiches or salad as well as to make sure they don’t break down too much. Over the weekend, I’ll add different veggies, wild rice, more broth, and any leftover chicken. I’ll add toppings such as salsa for some spicy seasoning and a bit of cheese for some additional fats. Low cooking demands for a bunch of tasty meals.

    2. Hi Wendy…I have found that having the soup on hand helps me make a better choice when I’m hungry. It’s very filling because of the vegetables and at this time of year, something hot tastes good. It’s a low calorie option for a meal as well. I hope this helps, Ann