The Little Things, Decor Tips, A Painted Cabinet, & More

Home Style Saturdays 190: a favorite quote free printable, colorful farmhouse tour, summer door decor, the best kept decorating secret, bedroom decor tips, and a DIY painted cabinet.

Home Style Saturdays 2019

Before we get to Home Style Saturdays, I want to take this opportunity to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day. I know tomorrow is difficult for some, and blissfully happy for others. This year especially, things may be very different. No matter how you spend the day, I hope your heart is filled with peace. 

Enjoy what my friends are sharing…

On Sutton Place | The Little Things & A Gratitude List

The Little Things Printable from On Sutton Place

Shabbyfufu | A Colorful Farmhouse Style Home Tour

colorful farmhouse home tour Shabbyfufu-2

Southern Hospitality | How to Make a Summer Door Pocket


StoneGable | Best Kept Decorating Secret


The Inspired Room | 7 Reasons You Don’t Love Your Bedroom and How to Fix It


Designthusiasm | Lightening Up the Dining Room with a DIY Painted Cabinet

china cabinet hardware

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  1. Marian R Emch says:

    Hi Ann I don’t remember my password to enter your library.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I sent you an email!

  2. Caroline O'Hara says:

    Ann, I’m sorry to tell you that I really can’t even read your posts on my phone any longer, as threads and your videos totally cover up the context!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Caroline…thank you for letting me know! Right now, my only income is from the ads on my site. I am not earning in any other way. The little video player that appears can be closed after 5 seconds. The ad at the bottom of the screen can also be closed out. Thank you for your patience…

  3. Ann,
    The adds on your site are really awful! I had to cover 1/2 of my screen with paper in order to read your post. They were flashing, and popping up all over the place. I ended up leaving your site to go to another one to read your post. It makes me not like the companies doing this and would never use them for this reason alone

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Shelly…thank you for letting me know! The little video player that appears can be closed after 5 seconds. The ad at the bottom of the screen can also be closed out. I know the ads can be annoying, but right now, they are bringing in my only income. I give everything away for free…all the printables, tutorials, and recipes. Thank you for your patience…

      1. Hi Ann,
        I understand. They just kept me from reading your wonderful blog and it was frustrating me. I have followed you for years. Your blog has ALWAYS been one of my favorites. Thank you for your response, it was very kind.

  4. I love that quote! I’m going to outing that for my kitchen! Thank you!!

  5. Tere Priest says:

    I’m unable to find the “It’s the little things . . . ” printable in the library and don’t see a direct link to it in the post. I have also done a search but can’t find it. Is there something I am missing?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Tere…I sent you an email!