Home Style Saturdays No. 200 & A Giveaway

Home Style Saturdays 200: decorating with wallpaper, how to know your decorating style, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, home office decor, Porch Rules printable wall art, and summer table setting ideas. 

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Welcome to the 200th edition of Home Style Saturdays…I can’t believe I’m saying that! Even though I haven’t been part of the group from the beginning, I’ve been doing it long enough that it has become a major feature of this blog, and I can’t imagine a week without it. I have said this many times, but I am so grateful that you all have loved the series as much as I do. To thank you for your support, we wanted to give something back to you, our faithful readers. We decided the best way to do that was with a giveaway. 

Giveaway Information:

  • There will be two winners. The first winner will receive $200 in Paypal cash, and the second winner will receive $100 in Paypal cash. Winners must have an active Paypal account. If you don’t have one, and would like to join, click HERE.
  • To enter, just leave a comment ON THIS POST.
  • Winners will be picked from comments left on all six blogs.
  • This giveaway ends on Friday, July 24th at Noon EST.
  • Winners will be announced on all the blogs on Saturday, July 25th.
  • This giveaway is not associated with or sponsored by Paypal in any way.
  • Winners must be 18 years or older.

We’ve re-branded just a little, and plan to branch out beyond decor and recipes. We may be including travel, (when we’re back at it,) lifestyle tips, inspirational posts, and more. So stay tuned for what’s to come. Thank you again and good luck with the giveaway!

Southern Hospitality | Decorating with Wallpaper

Decorating with Wallpaper from Southern Hospitality

StoneGable | How to Know Your Decorating Style


The Inspired Room | The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies


Designthusiasm | How to Decorate a Functional Small Home Office

Elegant Home Office Decor from Designthusiasm

On Sutton Place | Porch Rules Printable

Porch Rules Printable from On Sutton Place

Shabbyfufu | Easy Outdoor Summer Table Setting Ideas

Easy Outdoor Summer Table Setting Ideas shabbyfufu

Farmhouse Style Email Series from On Sutton Place

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  1. JAN BOUTHILET says:

    I love all of the Homestyle Saturdays blogs/ websites. I think they are doable, pretty, affordable and the recipes are often made using healthy ingredients. I hope the Homestyle Saturdays will continue. I live in Florida and I like how suggestions are made for plantings/ flowers in the yard. The comments are made to address for other areas of the country besides just the writer’s home state. I would love to win a prize and I would feel honored. It amazes me how put together all the sites/ blogs are and how professional they are and yet I still feel like each writer is a friend. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Yay for all the zucchini recipes! I’m looking forward to an abundant harvest from my garden to try them all. Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring blog!

  3. Hello, I love everything about your blog and emails! Recently I bought the same black planters as you have in the front of your house. They look great and thank you for the great tip to use plastic bags so I didn’t need to repot and add soil.

  4. Patrice Addeo says:

    5 stars
    I really look forward to receiving my e-mails from Sutton Place. There is always a great recipe and I love the decorating ideas. Thanks for the sunshine during these dreary days!

  5. Dee Brownfield says:

    Love, love, love your recipes! have never been steered wrong yet!

  6. I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. Deborah Bloom says:

    Ann, this is my favorite site! You cover everything, you share freely and it’s so easy to move around. You put a lot of energy, passion, and hard work into every article and we just have to “click and enjoy.”

    Thank you

  8. Karla Withrow says:

    5 stars
    I really like your blog! Your style is classy and very doable. You offer a great variety of ideas, also! Thank you so much!

  9. Wonderful blog! Lots of info and tips. Love the recipes.

  10. Like your style! Love your blog! Great recipes! Thank you for all your hard work for us!

  11. Lynette Williams says:

    I love your blog! Your style is just what I like. It gives me such a comfortable feeling
    to peruse all the pic , not to mention the recipes. Keep up the great work and thank you for all
    the work you put into this !!!

  12. Christine Summers says:

    THANK YOU!!! I am so excited to try the gluten-free and vegan chocolate chip cookies. Having food allergies makes it hard to get treats sometimes, and with the fun summer weather, I love grabbing a few snacks and going on a picnic.

  13. I look forward to your emails as I enjoy all that you share!!

  14. Cheryl Tracy says:

    Thanks for the Homestyle Saturdays! I look forward to them and new ideas.

  15. Chris Savage says:

    Love your blog, your style, your home!

  16. Rebecca Eldridge says:

    5 stars
    I love all the ideas I get from reading this! Some of the recipes I’ve tried and they are always so good. I often wish I could decorate the way it’s shown, but I have 6 rescue dogs and it would be so hard to keep it up but that’s just the way it is. Keep the ideas coming!

  17. Cindy Reynolds says:

    I really enjoy the Home Style Saturday series. What a nice way to start my weekend !!

  18. Melinda Lawless says:

    I just love HS Saturday! It is such a wonderful way to get a quick look at a variety of styles. Thank you so much for hosting it!

  19. Vikki Baker says:

    5 stars
    I love the Home Style Saturdays! I look forward to seeing all the decorating ideas! Thank you for brightening a very difficult time! I had COVID-19 in April and only had the energy to look at my tablet for over 4 weeks.
    I hope you all stay safe & well!

  20. Mary Guzik says:

    I love what you share because you make it seem simple enough that even I can do it.

  21. Sherri Weeks says:

    5 stars
    Thank you for adding me to On Sutton Place.
    I enjoy all the Post’s from the group on a weekly basis. I Love the knowing that there are so many ideas to Create a Beautiful Country Style Home, even if you don’t live in one. You can give your Home such beauty by easy affordable home designs! Thank you for all your Inspiration and to Everyone and Everything that you do for your Subscribers.

  22. Claudia Laxar says:

    Your posts have been soothing and calming during this period of anxiety with the Covid 19 pandemic. I brightened up our table at Easter for just the two of us with some of your ideas. Those special little touches lifted our spirits.
    Thank you.

  23. Paulette Myers says:

    5 stars
    Always an inspiration. There’s always something to add to my list of to do. Thanks

  24. Thank you for the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies – we need to try this soon!

  25. HEATHER IDELL says:

    Love, love, LOVE your newsletter and blog, and all the beauty you bring to us! I get so inspired when I read your posts. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  26. Cynthia Goode says:

    5 stars
    I love getting your newsletter & all of the wonderful recipes, decorating tips, & so much more!!!

  27. 5 stars
    Love your home style blog. Always look forward to opening your email with all of your inspired home decor, recipes, and budget ideas! Thank you!

  28. Your blog is so great! I enjoy so many things you post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in cooking and all the great recipes that you give us all. Your photos are inspiring and so beautiful. I am anxious to try your instructions on how to freeze zucchini.

  29. Janice McGrath says:

    Thank you for all the recipes and printable pictures. I love the inspiration you provide to all your followers.

  30. I enjoy your recipes and printables. I have used many of your prints in my decor. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  31. Laura Wilson says:

    Thank you so many times over for your blog and for sharing the other great home bloggers as well! You are one of the very first home accounts I started following on Pinterest many years ago. Since then I’ve subscribed and printed so many wonderful printable items to adorn my home. Congratulations on your 200th! Please keep it up!

  32. Michelle Rose says:

    5 stars
    Love reading your blog. I have been following you for so many years. Thank you for such inspiration!

  33. I’ve been following OSP for quite a while. Love everything on it!

  34. Diane Tilden says:

    Even though I enjoy the short summer that we have, I am looking forward to making the Pumpkin Roll recipe!

  35. Tiffani Scheel says:

    There are so many blogs out there and I always come back to OSP. I I LOVE your style so much! I especially love all the watercolor flower prints. One of my most recent discoveries is the Blue Tea Cup Print. Thank you, it reminds me of my Nana! She love tea and it did make things better. :)

  36. Velma Graves says:

    I look forward to each issue. Your posts are fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  37. Kim Haydon says:

    I love your blog! There are always so many good ideas and affordable! I print your freebies out all the time! We have made several of the banners for our family gatherings this year 😍

  38. RuthAnn Houle says:

    5 stars
    I just love all the recipes and tips and Ann’s thoughts about life. It’s all very helpful in these hard times. It takes my mind off of things for a little while. Thanks so much!

  39. Susan Merritt says:

    I love your blog and look forward to reading the useful articles that you post, as well as your wonderful recipes! Keep up the great work! I a time when many of us are spending so much time at home, your emails are my favorite 💖!!

  40. Susan Ogden says:

    5 stars
    I love your recipes!

  41. Love all these inspirational ideas in one place every weekend. Keep up the good work, I appreciate it!

  42. Julie Schuttloffel says:

    I love the Saturday format. So many ideas and beautiful photography. Thank you!

  43. Lin Harper says:

    Thanks for all your hard work to help us have beautiful homes. The decorating tips are practical and so easy to utilize. Thanks also for the delicious tried and true recipes you share. You are such an inspiration and encouragement to your readers. May God bless you and your family… keep up the great work! You really are making a positive impact on so many… 😊

  44. Chris Savage says:

    I love the tip to freeze zucchini! I always want to make it again after the harvest is over! Thank you! CS

  45. Marcie Hettich says:

    I just love your simple and practical recipes and decorating advice. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Kathy Almonte says:

    5 stars
    I love your recipes. They’re easy to make and delicious. I am going to freeze all the zucchini that’s coming in fast and furious. I never thought to do tha. Your tips on decorating are always helpful because you post photos to show what you’ve done…thank you so much. I appreciate the time you take to help us all.

  47. Kathy Snippe says:

    Thanks for the decorating ideas and inspirational printables. I have been following for a couple of years now and continue to find fresh ideas.

  48. Rita Reed says:

    Thank you for a great blog and all the free printables. Looking forward to the zucchini recipe!

  49. Janet F. Mueller says:

    I have been following On Sutton Place for a number of years. Yours is one I continue to follow as I find your ideas easily implemented and every post and photo inspiring. Thank you!

  50. Colleen Fischvogt says:

    5 stars
    Can’t wait to make these GF cookies for my mom. The look so “regular” not dense and heavy. Love your blog and Happy 200th post.

  51. Deb Crnkovich says:

    I always look forward to your posts. Your art work is beautiful. I also enjoy your photography!!

  52. Love your styling tips & recipes!

  53. I love your postS, and all of your freebies! I’ve gotten so many great recipes from you, and the iPhone calendars are the best!

  54. Patty Berg says:

    I don’t sign up for many emails ,
    Yours iis one of the few! I love all your recipes, decorating and enjoying reading your blog!

  55. Sue Karas says:

    Always fun & inspirational reading, printable & ideas! Thank you!

  56. Debra Rance says:

    5 stars
    Love your posts! You provide so much useful information. Your home is very beautiful too.

  57. I look forward to your posts. I have tried some of your tasty recipes and inspirational decor ideas with success. Thank you!

  58. It is always delightful to find a post by you in my email. I have tried some of your tasty recipes and inspirational decor ideas with success. Thank you!

  59. Thank you for the ray of sunshine you have brought to all of your readers over the years, and your positivity especially during the past few months. It’s much appreciated and savored!

  60. Crissy Baumann says:

    I love the mix of posts this week, Ann! I’ve been a big fan of all your blogs for a long time and just love seeing your classy style each week.

  61. Debra DeMarco says:

    I am a relatively new reader/member and have enjoyed every newsletter and all of the information provided. Thank you so much!

  62. 5 stars
    Congrats on your 200th Home Styles Saturday. I always look forward to these.

  63. 5 stars
    Always looking for fun treats to share with my grandson who eats a gluten free diet! Thank you!

  64. kelly sullivan says:

    5 stars
    First of all I really enjoy everything you post. But I was super excited to see those chocolate chip cookies. My son was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease and it has been a struggle finding him cookies and snacks he likes. He is now gluten free and dairy free and he said these cookies look delicious, so I am making them today!!!!

  65. Denise Hopkins says:

    5 stars
    Always great articles on your site, especially these Home Style Saturday editions. I’ve learned so much! You really don’t need to spend a bundle to get an updated look. Now i can pass this information onto my girls and their houses. And thanks for the printables. I have a few in frames all over the house!

  66. Diane Smith says:

    Congratulations on your 200th Home Style Saturday! Love to see the variety of ideas each week; I always especially enjoy your posts. My Aunt Kathryn used to say that anyone can have a beautiful home if they spend a lot of money. But making a beautiful home by being creative and clever is more satisfying. You’ve created a lovely home with hard work and creativity. Just beautiful!

  67. Thanks so much for the cute printable!

  68. Roberta Johnson says:

    4 stars
    Love your posts.

  69. Diana Moore says:

    Congratulations, love your blog! Tips and recipes the best!!!

  70. 5 stars
    I’m not gluten free but I love a good recipe for my friends that are! I love following your blogs and have done so for years! Y’all are such nice hosts and are so inspiring! Happy 200th and hope you have many more to come!

  71. Lisa Cress says:

    5 stars
    Love all the ideas!

  72. Congratulations on the 200th post! Always look forward to receiving them!

  73. Mary Stewart says:

    My weekend doesn’t officially start until I’ve had my coffee and read the latest posting of “Home Style Saturdays”! I am never disappointed with its content. You ladies are so talented!

  74. I truly enjoy the Home Style Saturdays because they remind me of posts and ideas that I may have forgotten or missed! Thank you all for sharing.

  75. Susan Donoghue says:

    Always look forward to the inspiration and beautiful photos each Saturday!

  76. Cheryl in NC says:

    Hello from a very hot North Carolina 😓I hope you are well and safe. That recipe is timely and looks delicious. CONGRATS on reaching the 200 mark. I enjoy your posts very much.

  77. I love Homestyle Saturday’s! So much inspiration.

  78. Denise :) says:

    What a gracious giveaway! Love the porch printable. I always enjoy your posts — thank you! :)

  79. ellen horrell says:

    Congrats on #200!!! That’s super! I enjoy your blog very much! I look forward to your Saturday postings a lot too! Keep up the great work!!
    Be well, stay safe!

  80. Lauren Taylor says:

    I love this blog!! I look forward to it so much!!! Thank you

  81. Sandra Herring says:

    I really enjoy your blog! The recipes are great and I’ve used quite a few of your printables for seasonal decorating! 💕 Thanks, Ann!

  82. Beverly Kosharek says:

    4 stars
    Love all your ideas!!

  83. Bonnie Murphy says:

    Congrats on reaching the 200 mark. I appreciate your blog so much because you are realistic about what the average person might be able to accomplish (with decorating as well as cooking and baking.) Some people are talented but a bit “over the top.” You are talented, tasteful AND realistic. Best regards.

  84. Love all your ideas. Thanks for the give away.

  85. Love all your decorating ideas and recipes! Keep posting.

  86. Rose Anne says:

    I always feel inspired by your posts. Love all the soft colors and decorating tips.

  87. 3 stars
    Here’s to 200 more! Congratulations! I love to see how others decorate with color.

  88. I am so glad wall paper is coming back

  89. Karen Skinner says:

    I’m a regular who loves your recipes and tips and printables! Congratulations on your 200th Homestyle Edition!

  90. Happy 200th Saturday post. All so pretty and informative!

  91. Susan Hatcher says:

    I always enjoy your blog posts and especially all the printables. I also enjoy the Home Style Saturdays. Thanks for chance to win some extra decorating cash.

  92. Terri Herman says:

    Yay for a giveaway! I already get so much from your blog though!

  93. Melanie Lynn says:

    Love your decorating ideas & blog! Love the printable too! Thank you!

  94. Homestyle Saturdays has really helped me stretch my ideas of decor and how I live. Your photos are always breathtaking and many of them actually make me think I could create the same look in my home! You have impeccable style!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  95. I look forward to your Home Style Saturdays posts every week. I ALWAYS learn something new, find something to cook/bake, and love oooing and awwing over the decorating photos and tips. Keep ’em coming! Thank you!

  96. Diane Troxell says:

    I look forward to Homestyle Saturdays in my inbox each week. I’ve gotten so many great ideas. Thank you!

  97. Love all of your sites! Your posts are always informative and reasonable to copy and do.

  98. Kimberly S. J. says:

    I love Homestyle Saturdays! Thanks for the hard work you all do.

  99. Sandy Purzycki says:

    With the times being so difficult, it’s a ray of sunshine to read your Homestyle Saturdays! Thank you for making the world a better place!

  100. I look forward to reading your blogs Ann , they’re short but very informative! Love the decorating ideas, recipes and all the beautiful printables! Thanks!

  101. I enjoy home style Saturdays. I am always inspired.
    Thank you for the printables!

  102. Brenda Jones says:

    Look forward to reading your posts on Saturday mornings. Have used many of your printables in decorating my home. Will use today’s in my sunroom (when I find it.) It’s quite a search sometimes to locate. Thank you for your inspiration.

  103. Janie Richardson says:

    5 stars
    I have learned and used so many of your simple and very doable decorating ideas. You have inspired me! <3

  104. storymusicgirl says:

    Super fun! Congrats on reaching #200!

  105. Glenda Hart says:

    I love coming to your blog and learning new things! My favorite is the printables! You always seem to have just what I need when I want them!

  106. 5 stars
    The cookies look delicious and I’ll be making them for my social distancing ladies camping group, to enjoy around the campfire.

  107. Morven R Baker says:

    5 stars
    I’ve always appreciated the beauty that enters my day from your blog. Especially during these trying times, it is a breath of fresh air to see how you re-arrange, re-purpose and restore, encouraging us to do the same. I’ve appreciated your recipes, but especially the one from today as it is gluten free, chocolate & salted! You’ve covered all my bases.

    Thank you again.

  108. Thank you so much for the porch printable!! Love it!!

  109. Debra Funkhouser says:

    Love your Homestyle Saturday features! I always find something of interest. Keep them coming!

  110. Pam Preast says:

    5 stars
    Your home is always so lovely….

  111. Michelle Sumners says:

    I look forward to home style Saturdays every week, thank you!

  112. Love the variety of your blog – recipes, decorating and prints you make available. Enjoying your bathroom redo now, too!

  113. Catherine says:

    We recently moved to a farm house type home and you have given me so much inspiration. I look forward to all your posts and also, Happy 200th Anniversary.

  114. Susanne Lynch says:

    I love the wallpaper in the laundry room!!

  115. Jayne Spears says:

    Chocolate Zucchini cake sounds amazing!

  116. Constance Williams says:

    Love your blogs and everything about them. I love trying the recipes and decorating advice.
    Can’t wait to see your next venture!

  117. Constance W. says:

    You are all awesome!! Love all you do for everyone!
    Have a blessed day!!

  118. Barb Perzel Kessen says:

    I look forward to reading your blog. I enjoy your decorating advice, recipes, and oh the printables! I use your calendars every month as well. Thanks for all you do. Stay well.

  119. Congrats on your 200th edition of Home Style Saturdays! I always enjoy them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  120. Janet Smith says:

    5 stars
    Wow 200th Anniversary is special! Wish you many more years. Always enjoy your posts and look forward to the next.

  121. Congratulations on your 200th post! I’m always inspired by your efforts. Thank you for the contest

  122. Y’all make Saturdays at least six times better! Congratulations on this special anniversary.

  123. Laura Cornejo says:

    I think I stumbled across your posts on Pinterest. Now I enjoy my very own emails and have recommended you to several friends!! Can’t wait to see more!

  124. Alisha M. says:

    Congrats on your 200th Home Style Saturday’s post! I enjoy your blog so much, especially the free printables. I look forward to many more!

  125. Congratulations on the 200th milestone! I enjoy the weekly linky party. The giveaway is icing on the cake!

  126. HOLLEY DOWNS says:

    5 stars
    Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to get your emails… I really love your style and so appreciate the printables. I have them framed for each season. Thanks so much.

  127. Suzanne Vaughan says:

    I am crazy about all the ideas you share with us. Just love it. I wish I could share my new sunroom.
    Thank you for all you do.

  128. 5 stars
    I have enjoyed your blog for over a year. Your recipes are easy and taste great. I have also loved your printables and learning how you switch out decor for the seasons. I have recommended your blog to many people because it’s really good. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog.

  129. Debbie Miller says:

    5 stars
    Love, love your blog! I love your designs and style and the free printables are a major bonus.
    Thank you so much!

  130. Jennifer Spoto says:

    Thank you for all your tips and ideas!!! I LOVE them!
    Congratulations on your 200th!

  131. Meggin Lucero says:

    Love your printables! I rotate them out in the same frames depending upon the holiday or season. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your 200th edition!

  132. So nice to relax with you on Saturday morning! Congrats on the “big 2-0-0”!

  133. 5 stars
    I so look forward to your post! I have tried a number of your recipes and they are all good! And your tips and style inspire decor choices and styling ideas. Just keep up the great work!

  134. Michelle Salvatore says:

    5 stars
    I love Saturday mornings and your blog tops the list. Beautiful ideas, recipes and just the idea of having a friend on the internet. I live in Arizona and can’t set on my patio in the summer. Today is going to hit 110. Yikes! However, in the fall it’s heaven. I do everything that your new print shows. Love those prints. I have many I have copied and framed.
    Congrats Ann for your 200th anniversary.

  135. Thank you so much for the chance to win. I really enjoy these posts each week!

  136. 5 stars
    Congratulations on your 200th, wow! I have been with you through most of it, you are the first I open in my daily emails. Love your tips, recipes and my favorite are gift tags and printouts. Thank you!

  137. Melissa Davis says:

    I look forward to receiving your blog . Congrats on 200 !
    Love all your ideas . I am getting ready to move so I really need ideas !
    Thank You .

  138. I like your Porch Rules sign. We built a California room and have been spending so much time out there following all your rules.

  139. Melissa Moskowitz says:

    I am new to your On Sutton Place and am thoroughly enjoying everything. I have printed out your yearly calendar and have it on my refrigerator, a sacred place in my home. Thank you for your fun ideas, creativity, and energy — On Sutton Place is a wondrous addition to my daily readings and a go to for ideas.

    Mele 🐝

  140. DEBBIE WILSON says:

    Love love all the blogs and look forward to seeing them for great recipes and decorating ideas and just to connect in general. Thanks for the giveaway. May the best man or woman win!!! Have a great day! Stay safe and wear that mask!!

  141. I always enjoy your posts. I’m always looking for simple ideas and recipes that are gluten free. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway!

  142. Congratulations on the 200th Saturday! It is really something for you to celebrate and for us, as well. Thanks for all you bring to us. I hope you know that your hard work and creativity are appreciated.

  143. 200! A true milestone! I love all the wonderful things I come across on these posts! I have found joy again in decorating my home and making it a warm gathering place for all who come through my door! Thank you!

  144. Cheryl Carrico says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. I always look forward to this!

  145. Love salty/sweet. Can’t wait to try the cooky recipe. Thank you. :-)

  146. 5 stars
    Always such a joy getting your e-mails! Thanks for the great inspiration. It was especially nice during Lockdown (each e-mail contains some joy)

  147. Love Home Style Saturdays – always so many great ideas! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway. 😊

  148. Love this blog! Thank you for sharing so many awesome ideas, printable, and beautiful decorating ideas!

  149. Christy H says:

    Yours is one of the few posts that I always read when it shows up in my email. Your content is always relevant and a joy to read.

  150. I am so very grateful for you . I look forward to your emails. You are such an inspiration. I love and use the calendars daily and am so appreciative for all your printables. I print and use many of them. Also the recipes are delicious. I also love your design… Really just everything… LOL! Thank you so much for all that you do and give. Seriously I am so very grateful.

  151. Patricia Wick says:

    I really enjoy the Home Style Saturdays. I always read your post Ann, and click on the others that interest me.

  152. Thank you for the inspiration!

  153. Pat Smith says:

    I look forward to your blogs; and even though I have been a member for a short time, I have used so many of your decorating tips and recipes!! Thanks for sharing!!

  154. Ramona Deppeler says:

    I love all you do… You are a great designer… Love all your colors….

  155. Michelle Turak says:

    Just love seeing all your ideas. Good luck with branching out! I can’t wait to see.

  156. Love and enjoy everything about OSP. I have been inspired by many of your recipes and decorating ideas. The Porch Rules printable is exactly what my porch is all about!! Thankyou🌸

  157. Jennifer Kirkman says:

    Thank you for all the great content, Ann! I truly enjoy your blog and site. I’m a new follower and I look forward to receiving notification of your posts in my inbox.

    Have a beautiful day and congrats on 200 posts!

  158. Diana L Pribish says:

    5 stars
    I am in love with your website. I always struggle with so much in the home and you inspire me to create. Thank you

  159. Thanks y’all for sponsoring this give-away.
    Thank you, Ann, for the Porch Printable – just what we needed. :)

  160. So fun to look at all the great ideas on this blog! Always imagine what they would be like in my home!

  161. Love your blog. Thanks for the ideas.

  162. Congratulations on your 200th blog!🎉🥂😁. My Saturday mornings always start with coffee and reading all of the wonderful ideas in your posts. Thank you all for your dedication in keeping this going!

  163. 5 stars
    Great ideas, all in one place. Home Style Saturdays has introduced me to bloggers that I may not have otherwise checked out. I now follow some of them also.

  164. Sharon Calvert-McKee says:

    I look forward to this every Saturday. Thanks for all the great ideas!

    1. I love all the ideas plus I love blue!

  165. Congratulations on 200 Saturdays!! I enjoy your blog, and look forward to it every week!! Keep up the great blogging!!

  166. Really enjoy reading this blog and all the wonderful ideas I get from it! Thanks for the opportunity to win some cash to make those ideas a reality! 😉

  167. Stephanie Elders says:

    Love your blog! Great ideas, recipes I look forward to getting your email !

  168. 200 posts, Wow. I know I have been a part of a lot of those. Your blogs are so much fun to read and I can’t wait for Saturday’s.

  169. Happy 200th! I love checking my email on Saturday mornings!

  170. Happy 200th blogpost! Home Style Saturday’s are my Saturday morning treat!! Sit in my pj’s with a good cup of coffee and allow myself to scroll and pin and imagine away!! Thanks!

  171. Shannon M. says:

    Congratulations! 200 Saturdays … Wow! Thanks to all of you for these wonderful contributions. I hope Home Style Saturdays continues for many years to come! And thank you for the give away opportunity as well.

  172. Love your blog and your style. Thank you Ann for the chance. :)

  173. Meg Shepard says:

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        Home Style Saturdays Rules
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        while reading the blogs WALL
        Feel warm creative ideas
        bubbling up and gather together
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