China Storage, House Plants, Mixing Metals, & More

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Today on Home Style Saturdays 227: a unique china storage solution, an organizing checklist, best house plants, how to mix metals in your decor, tableware organization, and tips for a less cluttered home. 

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Welcome to Home Style Saturdays! Before we get to the links below, I want to thank each one of you who took the time to join our new Facebook group, The Decorating Panel. All of us on the panel are simply blown away by the response. We have been talking about this group for months, and are so glad we finally did it! It makes us all very happy to see your willingness to help, and your kindness to each other. If you missed the announcement last week, head over to Facebook to see what the group is all about. We would love to have you join us!

Now…on to what my friends are sharing. Enjoy the weekend!

On Sutton Place | Unique China Storage Solution

Unique China Storage Solution from On Sutton Place

Shabbyfufu | Do’s & Dont’s To Organize Your Home & A Free Checklist

Shabbyfufu do's and dont's to organize your home

Southern Hospitality | Best House Plants for Your Home


StoneGable | Mixing Different Metals When You Decorate

Mixing Metals- StoneGable

Designthusiasm | The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Tableware

plate storage

The Inspired Room | 6 Simple Secrets for a Less Cluttered Home


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  1. Koni Billings says:

    Ann, even though I am an enthusiast of the Native American/Southwestern looks of Texas and New Mexico, I find Inspiration in your blogs and posts. The Home style Saturday collaboration touches on subjects that are unique and infinitely universal in use for any inexperienced decorator like myself. (at nearly 70 years of age, one would think I would be better at this!) But ideas never stop for a mind that stays active. Or in my case, one that is everlastingly bored from the Covid self imposed lock down for the past year now. Thank you for your continued support for those of us waiting on a solution for this lifestyle inconvenience. Your uplifting blog helps to make our day a brighter one! Yee Haw to You from the Great State of Texas. Koni Billings