Outdoor Decor & Entertaining, Color Palettes, & Symmetry in Design

Home Style Saturdays 247: outdoor summer entertaining ideas, introducing color to a neutral decor palette, gold and pink living room decor, small patio decor ideas, how to apply symmetry in interior design.

Welcome to Home Style Saturdays…your weekend mini lifestyle magazine. This is a place to come and be inspired for all things related to home, including home decor, simple and delicious recipes, lifestyle tips, and more! There is so much to be inspired by this week, so I hope you can sit back, relax, and wander through the links. The summer solstice will be here soon, and that’s our cue to really enjoy the long days, eat some ice cream, and find some time in the sun. Wishing you all a lovely, and relaxing, weekend!

StoneGable | Introducing Color To A Neutral Color Palette

Add Color To Neutral- StoneGable

Patio Decor Ideas from On Sutton Place

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  1. I love the dark wicker for a change.