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Things are quiet here On Sutton Place. The weather has cooled off and dare I say it? There is a slight feeling of fall in the air. I know it will get hot again but for a day or so, I am enjoying this break from the heat. I have limelight hydrangeas all over the house and they are so pretty. My bushes are still full of blooms so I hope to let some dry as well. 

Thank you to everyone who entered my book giveaway. It has ended and the winner has been notified. Kelly and I were both so happy with all the comments. I knew you all would love her book and sure enough, you did. If you missed the giveaway and would like to learn more about A Year In Flowers, visit Kelly’s blog or click HERE to see the book. (Affiliate link.)

Enjoy the links from my friends…

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  1. Oh so near and yet so far. We have just comeback back from holidaying in the US. One of the places we visited was Charleston. I have wanted to go there ever since reading Gone with the Wind at about 10. We loved it and just could not get over the houses in downtown Charleston. My husband agreed to go there as I was ticking of things from my bucket list. We are not so old but it is a very long list. The closest we got to you was Athens Atlanta airport enroute to New York. Whilst in New York we saw a couple of stage shows. My favourite was “Beautiful”, if you have not seen it you must. I love your posts, but as we live at the beach, I can only use some of your ideas. Thanks so much for a wonderful site.


  2. Irene jacqui says:

    Thankyou for your lovely blog. I am a young pensioner, like most i dont have alot of money to spare, you have shown me how i can make my house look modern, rustic, and beautiful, without spending alot of money. The stacking plates i really like, it would also look lovey , even though all the top pretty plates did not match. Thankyou jacqui x

  3. Louise Bame says:

    I really like the comfort of this bedroom and agree that there is more room so you can have the upholstered bench at the foot. Like the 3 bird plates on the wall next to the window. I personally would swap the bottom plate with the middle plate. The middle plate would face the window and the too and bottom ones would face the corner.

  4. The white flowers etc on the coffee table – you have a real talent in celebrating traditional furnishings (table) yet keeping it fresh and current ( tray vignette).

  5. Ann Hardy says:

    Hi Ann, I enjoyed this post and exploring links with your fellow bloggers. That said, I want to thank you for not having so many pop up ads on your posts. I realize this pays the bills but some blogs are impossible to read and enjoy because of the constant interruption and I usually just give up. Your posts are beautiful, inspiring, and so enjoyable. Wish there were more!

  6. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my thank you and God bless

  7. Judy Fisher says:

    Just wondering if anyone besides me has tried dipping the cut ends of limelight hydrangea in alum? I did and mine are now a yellow color. Guess the alum only works on the blue and purple hydrangeas??