How To Caulk A Bathtub

How To Caulk A Bathtub

Yay!! It’s Friday and I am definitely ready for the weekend. I wanted to pop in and show you, as promised when I shared my easy bathroom update, how to caulk a bathtub. A very long time ago my dad showed me how to do this. There is nothing worse than a messy line of caulk and his method totally eliminates that problem.

The first order of business is to clean the area really well. When it’s very dry, it’s time to tape. I have started using the green Frog Tape for my projects and am very pleased with the way it seals.

How to Caulk a BathtubI didn’t remove my old line of caulk because it was pretty much gone to begin with. If you have a thick line you might want to peel it off first. Next is to carefully tape off above and below where you want your caulk line to be.

How to Caulk a BathtubThe corners can be a little tricky but by overlapping the tape you can get a nice, neat corner.

How to Caulk a BathtubI squirt the caulk on and smooth it out with my finger. Immediately pull off the tape while the caulk is still wet. If you wait, the caulk line pulls off with the tape.

You are left with a very neat, perfect line of caulk around your bathtub.

How to Caulk a BathtubI’ve used this method for years and it has worked every time. I have never purchased a caulk gun…I’m not really sure why. I always just buy the tube caulk.

How to Caulk a BathtubWhen I was shopping for the tube caulk I happened to notice another product called Homax Tile Repair. Our tile surround is original to the house and the grout needs never-ending maintenance. Over the years I have had it completely re-grouted and sealed several times. I decided to try this tube grout and see if I could fix a few problem spots myself. Oh my gosh this stuff is amazing! I applied it with my finger pushing it into the space between the tiles. I wiped off the excess with a damp cloth. I had all the grout repaired in less than an hour and the best thing was I did it all by myself. I would recommend applying a sealer when the grout is set.

How to Caulk a BathtubThere you have it. In just a few hours I had my very sad and neglected bathtub looking pretty good. To find out how I freshened my entire bathroom in just one day and for under $100 check out my Easy Bathroom Update.

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