How to Create a Vignette

How to Create a VignetteI remember the first time I saw the word vignette. Not only did I have to look up what it meant, I had to learn how to pronounce it. So…for those of you, who like me, aren’t sure here is what I found out.

Vignette: pronounced |vin-yet|.
Definition: In decor, a vignette is a small group of items purposefully arranged for display.

Once I found out the definition, I realized that I had been creating vignettes for years and had no idea. I love vignettes. They are the perfect way to decorate with your collections, add texture and interest to a room and bring in natural elements. I’m going to show you how to create a vignette and I promise it’s easy. So easy that you can whip one up in no time.

On Sutton Place Living Room Decor(Disclaimer: I’m not a designer. I’ve never had a design class. This is how I create a vignette and I wouldn’t share it if I wasn’t positive this method works.)

There are four elements that make a lovely vignette. The first is layering. I was layering before I knew that’s what it was called. It’s self-explanatory in the sense that you literally layer your elements from the bottom up.
How to Layer a Vignette

As you can see in the above picture this coffee table vignette has 6 layers.

1. The Rug
2. The Basket
3. The Table
4. The Tray
5. The stack of books
6. The bowl

Each layer adds it’s own color and texture. There are no rules as to how many layers you need. Use just a couple if that’s what you like. Besides, design rules are totally bendable…even breakable!

Coffee Table Decor ~ How to Create a VignetteThe second element is to use odd numbers. For this vignette I used three things. (The books and bowl are considered just one.) Working with odd numbers lets you stagger your accessories so they aren’t lined up like soldiers. Here’s where your personality comes in too. You could go out and buy all new matching accessories but try shopping your house first. See if you can come up with a small group of items that you love. Maybe a collection, maybe random stuff. It doesn’t matter as long as you like it. I used 2 of my favorite books, a silver bowl that was a wedding gift and two glass pieces with my signature bird on top. I treasure everything on this table…everything has a meaning.

Coffee Table Decor ~ use odd numbers to add interest!The next important thing to remember is to try and vary your heights. Layering actually helps with this because you can create height from 2 lower items if they are stacked. If you use candlesticks and your candles are all the same size, burn a few to lower them. Stack a bowl on some books. If you have vases the same height, put long stemmed flowers in one and shorter stems in the other.
Coffee Table Decor ~ How to create a VignetteThe last thing that makes a vignette special is adding at least one natural element. I’ve used pine cones and cotton bolls. They are opposites when it comes to color and texture. I wanted an Autumn-inspired vignette so these things were perfect. Flowers, fruit and greenery are other great options. A bag of lemons in a beautiful bowl will make your vignette look like it’s right out of a magazine. Use flowers and greenery from your yard. Stack some books and lay a bundle of dried lavender on top. Instant aromatherapy!
Coffee Table Decor ~ How to Create a VignetteSo…pretty easy wasn’t it? If you need more inspiration I have just the thing. I’m joining some amazing home decor bloggers for a Creating Fall Vignettes Tour. All the links are below with the dates included. I follow all the blogs sharing the spotlight with me today and am honored to be included.

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Wishing you a happy and restful weekend!
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Definition of vignette from eHow Home.