Loungewear for Women: Comfort Meets Style

Is it possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time? Absolutely! This guide to loungewear for women is full of affordable outfit ideas for relaxing, running errands, or casual entertaining.

walmart fashion november 2022 collage all items

*This post is sponsored by Walmart, but all selections and styling are my own. Affiliate links included. See my disclosure statement.

Comfort Meets Style

This is the time of year when we need to embrace whatever brings us comfort and joy. That means feeling good about ourselves and looking nice, without breaking the bank. Loungewear for women has come a long way. It’s stylish, affordable, and comfortable. And I wear it almost everyday!

Right now, Walmart is featuring beautiful soft neutrals in lovely shades of winter white, gray, and blush. Paired with a rich tone like burgundy, these colors are perfect for this busy time of year. At Walmart, you can find all the essentials you need this holiday season, and at an unbeatable value.

joyspun set from wamart burgundy


Walmart Fashion recently launched a new brand of women’s loungewear called Joyspun, and it’s amazing. There are sweatpants, tees with long sleeves, jogger pants, sweatshirts, lounge pants, and more. I’m featuring several pieces from this line below, and they can be mixed and matched to make a variety of coordinated outfits. These outfits are just what you need, so add them to your wardrobe to celebrate the season in style.

joyspun loungewear for women from walmart (1)

Affordable Outfit Ideas

I have both of the outfits featured above, and they are cozy and cute. The chenille knit cardigan and pants can really be worn anywhere. They have a casual vibe, but they can also be dressed up, and the fabric is the prettiest color. The knit cardigan and pants run big, so size down.

walmart fashion november 2022 collage 1

chenille knit cardigan | chenille knit pants | burgundy t-shirt
plaid bottoms | blush slippers | watch | pearl earrings

loungewear for women by joyspun from walmart

BCBG Active

I love winter white, and the items pictured above from BCBG Active do it so well. The fleece two-piece set looks very cute on, and like the quilted set, it washes well, and comes out of the dryer without a wrinkle. The burgundy chenille pants do double duty paired with a casual winter white hoodie.

walmart fashion november 2022 collage 3

winter white sweatshirt
winter white bottoms
winter white hoodie
chenille knit bottoms
slippers | watch | pearl earrings

walmart fashion november 2022 collage 4

Winter white and gray are a classic combination. As neutrals, they are amazing together, or on their own. The mix and match possibilities are endless with the two relaxed fit loungewear sets pictured above. Schedule a movie marathon on the couch, or take a yoga class, because you have the perfect outfit!

gray knit set | winter white quilted set
gray sneakers | handbag | pom pom hat

joyspun loungewear for women and slippers

So you have a full day of shopping and errands, and you want to look nice, but you need to be comfortable. The knit set pictured above will take you all the way through your busy day. I absolutely love it. The crewneck top has great texture because of the quilting. The fabric isn’t too heavy, it washes up beautifully, and it’s super soft. Add a light-weight puffer coat and sneakers…and you’re out the door!

walmart fashion november 2022 collage 2a

puffer coat | burgundy quilted set
sneakers | necklace | watch | earrings

walmart fashion november 2022 collage 5

There’s nothing better than a morning at home, in a soft robe, pajamas, and slippers, sipping a wonderful drink. Take the opportunity to do some online shopping, get caught up on your favorite tv shows, or address those Christmas cards. The pants pictured above with knit cuffs come in solid colors and other fun prints. Peaceful mornings are a gift to be savored and enjoyed, and cozy clothes just make them better.

gray t-shirt | plaid pajama bottoms
quilted robe | coffee mug
gray slippers | reading glasses

shop the look

Shop the Look

Click the images below to be taken directly to the product listing. Every effort has been made to provide sources for the items found in this post. Where actual items were no longer available, I’ve provided similar options. If an item is out of stock but may be restocked, I left it on the list.

*Affiliate links included. See my disclosure statement.

My Style

It took me a long time to find my style, own it, and be happy with it. Over the years, I left the house countless times feeling uncomfortable in what I was wearing. Those days are over! My style is now casual, and everything I own is easy to wear. When comfort meets style, it’s a homerun every time.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am all about comfort. Great ideas! Eager to do some shopping.

  2. I am loving all these outfits.It’s so hard to find cute, simple and affordable loungewear.You look fabulous in the burgundy quilted lounge set !!

  3. Hello,

    Although I rarely comment I so enjoy your blog. You inspire me and have for many years.

    You look adorable! Thank you for the cute clothing ideas.

    Blessed Sunday!

  4. Thanks so much for these ideas, Ann. My mother is housebound and needs comfy clothes with elastic or drawstring waists that don’t require a trip to the tailor. These options are as attractive as they are practical. I can’t wait to check them out.

  5. Great post! Living in Minnesota being warm and cozy in the winter is important. Thank you for the suggestions. I was drawn immediately to the Chenille pants and sweater. Have a cozy day.

  6. You know I had to come over to see you modeling an outfit!😄 You look super cute and fashionable! Thanks for this post as I had decided that everyone was getting pjs from us this year. I always have a theme!

  7. Thank you so much for this! I have been making myself crazy trying to find fashionable, comfortable, & affordable loungewear. I can’t wait to get some of these items! (You make a terrific model, Ann!)

  8. Mule Girl says:

    Nice clothing picks! I particularly like the quilted sets.

  9. You truly are a lovely model! The cozy comfort clothes are so inviting. Thanks for sharing. I truly think you could model professionally.