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A new accessory can refresh any look, and finding the perfect handbag can be an adventure! Whether you’re looking for something smart and stylish to complete a special outfit, or a practical bag for everyday, choosing the right handbag is important.

coach handbag hanging on doorknob

*This post is sponsored by Walmart, but as always, all images and selections are my own.

Choosing The Perfect Everyday Handbag

  • Consider both style and function. Think about what you need to carry daily and make sure the bag has enough space and compartments. (In my opinion, compartments are crucial. The more, the better!)
  • Look for a neutral color that matches most of your outfits, and choose a design that suits your personal style.
  • Comfort is important too, so check that the straps feel good on your shoulder.
  • Lastly, make sure it’s made of durable material, so it lasts a long time.
closeup of coach handbag tag

Great fashion finds are available on They carry brands and sellers no one expects to find there. Believe it or not, Walmart has real designer brands for less!

One of my favorite handbag brands, ever, is Coach. When my mom was alive, and long before the days of the internet, we shopped together often. Sometimes she would treat me to a new Coach handbag. I cannot tell you what a thrill it was for me! This little bag I’m featuring today is darling, and the perfect size for an evening out. It’s also lightweight enough to get you through a day of shopping!

coach handbags collage

Shop Coach

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black vera bradley handbag hanging on doorknob

I have carried a Vera Bradley handbag for so long that I don’t remember when I bought my first one. My favorite is pictured above, and it’s called the Small Vera Tote. Every Vera Bradley handbag is beautifully made, and they come in the prettiest patterns and styles. There’s literally a bag for every occasion, and in any color.

vera bradley handbag collage

Shop Vera Bradley

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Choosing the perfect handbag is all about finding a balance between style, function, and personal preference. By considering your lifestyle, needs, and personal taste, you can find a handbag that not only looks great, but also fits seamlessly into your life and routine. Remember, the best handbag is the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

I’ve linked all the products in my LTK shop, so you can also grab what you want directly from there!


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  1. I am also a lover and collector of Coach bags.I still have the first bag I bought over 20 years ago.

  2. CarolBinTX says:

    Hi Ann, you asked about what we liked in your blog. I appreciate that your web choices don’t cost an arm and a leg and quite frequently, your choices are from Walmart. I have personal limits on how much I’d spend on certain items and your choices always fit within those parameters. I appreciate that.

    I also love your blue and white decor choices and your recipes. Thank you for putting all this together each week!

  3. In answer to your question- my favorite part of your posts are the home decor and home shopping. Full disclosure- my husband is the chef at our home, I sometimes share your recipes for him to make. And I have used some of them too💕 Thank you for the time and energy it must take to create your posts. I also love your printable art and have used several