Monogrammed Pumpkins and Kale


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Who would have thought? Pumpkins and kale. Not exactly a match made it heaven but when I saw the kale I knew I had to make it work somehow. You know what I say…buy things you love and make them work for you. So I followed my own advice!

We’ll start with the pumpkin monogram. I knew painting would be a bad idea. I stink at it and avoid it whenever possible. So I went the easy route (shocker) and used a vinyl decal.

I got them at Hobby Lobby and as you can see they were even on clearance. I had to look for a while and finally found them in the tote bag/t-shirt area. They are meant to be used on a tote bag but they worked great on my (real) pumpkins.

These decals were peel and stick. I had a little trouble with the curves but after a bit of moving around they ended up going on perfectly.

I was anxious to get my mums in the ground so out they came from the urns and in went the pumpkins.

A bit of grapevine garland helped steady them in the urns and it added some interest.

So about this kale. I’m not sure I even knew what kale was before this summer. It’s one of the coolest plants I’ve ever seen.

These were huge and only $4.00 each.  I hope the leaves keep growing and fall over the sides of the pots.

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When I post about my front porch I almost always get a question about my planters…the big ones on either side of the door. Here is the link: Fairfield Tall Planters.  My husband got them for me several years ago for my birthday. They look as good as when they were new. They haven’t faded at all and are very easy to keep clean. I just hose them down every now and then.

I thought I would throw in a picture of Kelly since she coordinates so nicely with my decorations. Now that I work from home she is never far from my side.  I think I need to promote her from assistant to partner. We do make a pretty good team.

Happy October!

Update: In case you have trouble finding an initial decal, here an additional source.

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