Pieces of Autumn 2012 ~ Dining Room

My dining room. I love it.

Sadly though, it’s hardly ever used.

For many years I hosted our holiday family gatherings. Now my in-laws have passed away and my mom can no longer leave her home. That means we have our get-togethers over there. When my kids are home, they prefer more casual dining. Outside or in front of our big TV. (I know what you’re thinking…how awful. Honestly, it’s really sort of fun.)

So there sits my lovely dining room.

Empty. Lonely. Sad.

So this past weekend I decided to spruce it up a bit. I cleared all the junk off the table. I dusted every nook and cranny. I decked the table out with a new table runner and the best fall display I could come up with.

I saw these toile pumpkins at Hobby Lobby weeks ago. I would pass by them. Stop and pick them up.

Then I’d put them down.

I kept thinking I could make them. How hard could it be?

Then I would think what a great blog post it would be if I actually did make them myself.

Well, so that didn’t happen.

I picked them up for the last time the other day and put them in my cart.

I used my new pumpkins along with a piece of drift wood from Lake Erie to bring my poor, sad dining room back to life.

It really does feel good to have this room clean and freshened up. Even if no one appreciates it but me.