Pieces of Autumn 2012 ~ Front Porch

The last few days here in Ohio have been pretty perfect. Clear blue sky. Cool in the morning…warms up in the afternoon…then cool again at night.

Like I said. Perfect.

Seems anymore I welcome a new season in stages. I did the front door and a bit inside. The nice weather called me outside again to finish the front porch sitting area.

I moved my linen shade out here from the living room. Quite a few people have asked me if the lamp shades on my porch get dirty or dusty. Honestly…they really don’t. The porch is protected and I have never had anything break or tip over. Even in July when we had that terrible storm with 90 mph winds this porch came out unscathed. I can’t say the same for my poor yard though.

I couldn’t begin a new season with out new pillows. These are made from fabric that’s part of my Fall collection in my Etsy shop. Brown checked homespum backed with a soft brown tweed.

The flax linen that I used for the be grateful pillow and we gather together pillow is a good match to the lampshade.

I picked up some mini pumpkins and stuck a few in my lantern. Even behind the railing they show up great from the street.

Couldn’t resist adding some ribbon to the lantern! The candy corn matches the mums on the steps…they have faded just a bit but are still a lovely color.

I have thrown around the idea of painting my wicker. I just don’t know what other color would be neutral enough to go with anything and everything. I do tend to mix it up quite a bit out here.

I should probably stick with the white. Any suggestions?

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  1. Beautiful porch!! Love everything about it!! I was noticing your house paint color , shutters, etc and it looks like you have a red brick home.Can I ask your paint color? I am in the process of deciding what colors for my red brick home and I LOVE yours!!

    Thank you!!

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  4. Jenny@EvolutionofStyle says:

    What a beautiful and welcoming porch! I really like the warm and comfy pillows, not to mention the cute little pumpkins. I just can’t resist those darn things! Picked up some orange and white ones last weekend. :-)

  5. Erin {Home Everyday} says:

    This is so adorable! I’m loving the lantern with the baby pumpkins. So clever!

  6. Ricki Jill Treleaven says:

    Did you see how I borrowed your idea of using the ribbon????

  7. I adore your porch Ann and all your pretty touches. Thanks so kindly for sharing with our party.

  8. Shannon Fox says:

    Your porch is delightful. Just the thing I would have my hubby slow down for :) I just love it!!

  9. Ann, your porch looks perfect! You sure have the right touch for decorating. The pillows look so cozy on the wicker and I love your lantern filled with mini pumpkins. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Kim @ Sand & Sisal says:

    What a beautiful porch! I think the plaid pillows are my favorite! I could sit there and relax with a book all afternoon. Thanks for joining our Countdown to Fall Party!

  11. Debbie Anthony says:

    Love it all ! Where did you buy your wicker?


  13. Leigh Powell Hines @Hinessightblog says:

    It looks lovely. I especially like the pumpkins in the lantern.

  14. Such a beautiful and inviting porch! Love the lantern filled with pumpkins, and those gorgeous pillows! Perfect for fall! :)

  15. I love white wicker and I miss mine so much, I didn’t have room for it here.I love what you’ve done here, it just so beautiful for Fall, your pillows are lovely, such lovely colors for Autumn,

  16. Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Ann, your porch is gorgeous all decked out for fall. I love the pumpkins in the lantern and the Indian corn. Your new pillows look fantastic with those chair cushions and your lamp. I have yet to get the fall decorations down from the attic! If I don’t hurry up, Christmas will be here!

    I really like your white wicker because it’s versatile with so many colors. But if you’re thinking of painting it, I’d go with the color of the mortar in your bricks. It looks like “putty” to me, and I think that would be really pretty too.

  17. Pamela Gordon says:

    Hi Ann, your front porch looks very nice and welcoming in any season. I love your new cushion fabrics. Beautiful! Have you thought about a soft green, similar to your shutters, for your wicker? Enjoy the lovely fall weather. Pamela

  18. So beautiful! I tell you, I could live on this porch, I love it so much!

  19. Keeping it Cozy says:

    Oh my goodness, your porch looks like it came out of a magazine! It is so gorgeous! I love the warm colors of fall and the touches of brown and orange are so pretty together. You have me even more eager to decorate our front porch. :-)

  20. Olive Cooper says:

    Clean and tailored. Very Sutton Place. I always enjoy every visit here Ann. hugs, olive

  21. Hi Ann,
    My only suggestion for the front porch would be either a dark brown or black. But then, if you painted them a light turquoise it might limit you a little bit, but it’s amazing what all turquoise looks great with. It looks especially nice with orange, black and brick.
    Your porch is lovely, I adore the seating arrangement. I so wish I had a porch for that kind of thing. But alas, I simply have a small stoop, that’s what I call it anyways.
    The lamp and linen shade are beautiful, how nice that the porch is so protected that not even dust is a problem.
    Have a wonderful day, dear friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. I love the white wicker… my neighbor just painted hers black and it looks good, too.

    I LOVE your pillows… what do you use to stuff them? It doesn’t look like they are just regular pillow forms… are they?

  23. Sweet Posy Dreams says:

    Beautiful. Your porch calls out for someone to sit and read or two someones to chat. I, too, have porch pillows, but I seldom put them out. If I leave them unattended, a squirrel is bound to climb up and leave me a little gift (if you know what I mean).

  24. Ann, Nothing says Southern like white wicker on a front porch and yours is to die for! It is gorgeous with your beautiful pillows and lantern with the ribbon and pumpkins inside just finish it all off. You are a gensis again at inapiring us to get up and get started decorating for fall.

  25. Teresa Clark says:


    It is inspiring…and what a lovely way to start my day. The colors of fall are so beautiful and you have enhanced them perfectly. Teresa

  26. Ann, your porch looks fabulous. I love all of the touches of the season that you have added.

    My front porch wicker is white, too. Like you, I have thought of changing the color, but the white continues to tug at my heart.

  27. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    It looks great, Ann! I wish I had a bit more room to do the front of our condo, but I am glad for what I do have. Would love a little porch though!

  28. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    Oh what a glorious space! It is so cozy and inviting. I love the touches of fall nestling within the lantern.

  29. Ann, this is just perfect. I love the pillows on the chairs. Beautiful check. The corn is a great addition.


  30. Why fix it if it isn’t broken? I current favorite wicker color right now is sort of a greige. But the white looks great! So do your pillows!

  31. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Ann, Your porch looks marvelous! I’m partial to white wicker but own 2 wicker chairs in black that I really like too. We’ve been having great weather here, too, in the Atlanta area. A hint of fall in the air and the dogwoods are starting to get a little reddish. Love it!

  32. shirley@housepitality designs says:

    Ann….you porch is definitely one of my favorites…you have decorated it so beautifully for Fall….love all the gorgeous pillows!

  33. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says:

    Your porch looks wonderful Ann. I love the pumpkins in the lantern and your pillows are perfect for fall.

  34. Your porch looks simple but classy !!! Love the white wicker . It is timeless. I’ve been also loving this Ohio weather !!!

  35. Debbie refreshrestyle says:

    Everything looks so pretty! Love the pillows :)

  36. Maybe a rich brown color was another thought I just had!

  37. Very pretty and I love the pumpkins in the lantern…stealing that! What do you have tied around the Indian corn? I recently painted my wicker black and I love it. My shutters and outdoor lights are black so it coordinates with those. I love the black. Your shutters are green so perhaps a dusky green, not a bright green would be lovely. Or even black! Love your porch fall look

  38. Ricki Jill Treleaven says:

    I love how you are using the ribbon in your decor. Very English of you!!! I have some pretty brown French-wired ribbon….I might have to borrow your idea!

  39. priscilla says:

    So pretty ! Love your porch!

  40. Our Ohio weather has been perfect as you have stated. I’m planning to alter my summer doorscape to fall when I return from the Emerald Island next Saturday.
    Your linen shade and the small pumpkins in that lantern caught my eye. As others have claimed, your front porch is beautiful.

  41. Michele @ Finch Rest says:

    Ann, your porch rocks. Looks awesome.

    Love your wicker – how about going a more warm antique creamy white? That way it works all year.

  42. Ann…your porch looks great…so comfy and cozy!!
    Yes…we are having pretty perfect weather here in Ohio. It is starting to feel like Fall.


  43. Andrea Schuneman says:

    Oh Ann your front porch is so inviting and I wish we lived close because I would be over all of the time. I like the white wicker because I have dark brown wicker and they are too dark against my brick. You have brick too, but your brick color is lighter than ours. Thanks for the inspiration and now I need to get mine done :)

    Andrea xo

  44. Ann your porch looks beautiful! Awesome shots!

  45. I love them white but my own I did paint black! I love the pillows and the lampshade too!

  46. Nana Diana says:

    Well, personally, I love the white and think it goes good with anything. I did read an article this week and they said that GREEN is the new neutral…lol…I think it changes by the hour- If I left corn out like that the squirrels would have it picked clean by morning- xo Diana

  47. Your porch looks fabulous. We are having the most fantastic weather, too.

  48. Ann, love the fall touches to your front porch. Getting a little cooler down in SC but not enough to do my fall decor outside especially with pumpkins.

    Perhaps a light beige color for wicker. I have a tannish color and seems to blend in with many of my decorations for my two porches.

  49. Barb @ The Everyday Home says:

    Just beautiful Ann. I can’t wait to get my porch decorated this weekend, hopefully. Love the new pillows. xxoo