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Reversible Burlap Banner DIY Easy Tutorial

Easy tutorial to make a reversible
burlap banner that requires no sewing!

How to Make a Reversible Burlap BannerThis reversible burlap banner is a project I have wanted to do for a while…really since I discovered the wonderful world of burlap. I know I was late to the party but now that I have figured a few things out, I really like working with it. Burlap is smelly and sheds…but it has so many other good qualities that those 2 little flaws don’t really matter. It’s inexpensive, very easy to find and neutral in color. I usually prepare my burlap by washing it but this time I left it alone. I wanted it stiff so the pennants would hang nicely. In keeping with my plan to re-purpose my Fall decor for Christmas, one side of the banner says HARVEST and the opposite side says BELIEVE. Here’s how to make your own!

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Supplies needed:

Cut two pieces of burlap and one piece of Wonder Under 12 in. by 36 in. Iron the Wonder Under to one piece of burlap. Peel off the paper backing and iron the second piece of burlap to the first. Here is a pennant template. Cut out the template and trace 7 pennants on the burlap. Make sure to trace the pennants with the points alternating up and down.

Burlap Banner TutorialCut out the pennants. They will be very stiff and the Wonder Under will help stop the burlap from fraying.

Burlap Banner TutorialFold over the short end of each pennant about 1/2 inch and press firmly.

Burlap Banner TutorialTrim both sides of the folded over piece.

Burlap Banner TutorialCut a piece of twine about 3 yards long. Tuck the twine under the fold of each pennant and seal the fold with a dot of hot glue on the corners.

Burlap Banner TutorialNow it’s time to stencil the letters. Since my crafting supplies are pitiful, I had to buy the stencil, brush and paint. Hopefully you will already have these ready to go. If not, this is the paint I found at Hobby Lobby. I highly recommend it…especially for craft-challenged people like me. 

Burlap Banner TutorialLay your banner out and carefully stencil your letters. If you use this paint you can immediately flip the banner over and stencil your other word. If you use traditional craft paint, let it dry before flipping the banner. 

Get creative and add embellishments of your choice. I opted for brown velvet ribbons on the ends and acorn bunches between each letter.

Reversible Fall Christmas BannerHere is the BELIEVE side of my banner. When it gets closer to Christmas I will show you how to cover the raw edge of the fold and add Christmas embellishments. The hard part is over though!

Reversible Burlap Banner UPDATE: 

Click HERE for all the details on adding the finishing touches to this banner.

Reversible Fall Christmas Banner

For other crafts or decor items you may want to wash your burlap. Here’s an easy tutorial for that:

burlap washing drying cutting

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