Reversible Burlap Banner: The Finishing Touch

Reversible No Sew Burlap Banner Tutorial Part 2Welcome to Day 3 of The Scoop On Creating a Handmade Christmas! I’m one of 25 bloggers who will be sharing something handmade in a way that’s easy and fun to do. Making something by hand, one at a time and from scratch, has become sort of a lost art. Life is busy and finding time to create a handmade item is difficult to say the least. Hopefully you will be inspired by all of us and find something that you want to try your hand at. That is our hope. 

Today I’m sharing Part 2 of a Reversible Burlap Banner tutorial I posted a few months ago. Here is the end result of Part 1.

Reversible Fall Christmas BannerNow it’s time to flip it over and finish off the raw edges. I had already stenciled the word “Believe” on the reverse side of “Harvest” so that step was taken care of. 

Reversible Fall Christmas Banner

Here’s what you do next. You can see the raw edges in picture No. 1. Cut a piece of ribbon or any sort of trim about two inches wider than each pennant. That way you will have about an inch of overhang on each side. With a hot glue gun or good quality fabric glue, attach the ribbon to the pennant making sure to cover the raw edge. 

Reversible Burlap Banner Tutorial Part 2After all your pieces of ribbon are glued on the pennants, carefully trim the edge of each side as marked in picture No. 3. Also…make sure NOT to cut the twine that’s stringing the banner! I had a very close call but managed to just miss it. That’s it! Stand back and survey your handmade goodness. 

Christmas Reversible Burlap BannerIf you never got around to making the banner in Part 1 here is the link again: Reversible Burlap Banner. Instead of doing a Fall and Christmas banner you could do a Christmas and Spring one! Just a thought…I know Spring feels like a million years away. 

Have a lovely Sunday…see you next week!

Christmas Tree Signature copy

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  1. Emily Castagnetta says:

    Love this banner!

  2. Great tutorial Ann! Love your banners!

  3. I remember the original banner, and I love that you were smart enough to make it reversible for Christmas.

    I agree with you that handmade and homemade are becoming a lost art, despite the proliferation of inspiration on Pinterest. My mom and I were just discussing this in relation to Christmas potluck dishes.

    It seems fewer and fewer people are taking the time to cook from scratch any more, and if there’s one time you should do it, it is the holidays. Taking the time to make something for those you love is a gift, in my opinion.

  4. This is beautiful and I love that it’s reversible!! What a fantastic idea!!

  5. I was just about to do a reverse banner, so thanks for the tip to finish it off….I adore the red and your whimsical letters….perfection!
    Gotta pin it!

  6. Ann – you pegged me just right. I never got around to making the Harvest banner. Definitely going to make it now though. I think I will still stencil the word “harvest” though so I have it ready for next fall! It is beautiful and I love it. I also love how you incorporated your blue mason jars in your decorating. ~ Dori ~

  7. Very clever to make the banner do double duty! Love it!

  8. Perfect, and it looks lovely against your blue hutch.

  9. Beautiful banner, Ann, I really like the way you did it. Thank you for explaining the process.

  10. Great idea to just flip the banner over! Looks great!