Sofa Shopping and Decisions

Well you might as well get comfy because this post is probably going to ramble a bit. I mentioned a few days ago about the sofa shopping and decisions that I’m dealing with…so I’m back to run it all by you and see what you think. I have been saving my money and have enough set aside (I think) for a sofa, 2 chairs and a new area rug. Of course the sky is not the limit so I’m shopping around for affordable options. 

Here is the set up in my living room: I rarely post a picture of the entire room because I just can’t get everything in. Even in this photo the corners are missing but I’ve noted what is there. It’s a rectangular shaped room with a gigantic window and ledge over the sofa.

sofa decisions living roomThe carpet has seen better days but it’s staying for now. I thought I would get more bang for my buck if I spruced up the furniture and accessories. Decorating on a budget is all about choices and priorities. Rarely can an entire room be updated all at once. I have never been able to do that and I’ve been a homeowner for 35 years. 

I never thought I would be saying this, but my choices are based on what will work out best with our dog. (I know…I need my head examined.) 

Must Haves:

  • First of all I need a tight back on the sofa. No loose or attached cushions. The issue with my dog is literally sending me over the edge so loose back cushions are not an option. Ideally, I would prefer no cushions at all (back or seat) but it’s very hard to find both a tight back and a tight seat.
  • I want matching chairs. This is the room where I sit pretty much all the time. I work here, relax here and sometimes even eat here! I like having a matching pair of chairs across from the sofa. I’ll add interest and color with pillows…and that new rug I mentioned. 
  • Even though my family thinks I’m nuts, I want a warm ivory color with a little texture. I’ve had dark sofas before and do not want another one. I can keep the sofa covered with a quilt most of the time…and just pull it off when I want to appear respectable. Ha!

I’ve narrowed the sofa choice down to the six options below. 

Sofa Shopping and Decisions | Suggestions for neutral, affordable sofas along with ideas for updating your decor on a budget!

  1. Artvan Topaz II Tufted Sofa   
  2. Ballard Spencer Sofa     
  3. Pier 1 Colby Rolled Arm Sofa
  4. Wayfair Carlsen Sofa  
  5. Pier 1 Colette Sofa in Flax
  6. Wayfair Jennifer Sofa

I am leaning towards #3 from Pier 1. The drawback with that is that the sofa is a new design and so far there are no matching chairs. Total bummer. I could ditch the idea of a matching set but I’m not ready to do that yet. I have given myself a deadline of June 1st so I need to decide soon. 

In addition to the furniture, I need to replace the yellow rug under the coffee table. It’s very worn and ready to be retired. I thought something in blue would be a nice change and liven up the room a bit. Here are some blue rugs I found and they are all a decent price. 

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  1. Blue Geometric Trellis Rug
  2. Safavieh Striped Kilim Blue Rug
  3. Dash and Albert Rugby Stripe Denim Rug
  4. Dash and Albert Coco Blue Rug
  5. Rugs USA Aerial Blue Rug
  6. Rugs USA Flatwoven Trellis Blue Rug

This is a super hard decision because I like them all. If I had to pick today I would go with #1 or #6. What do you think?

Every time I have updated the decor in a room my priorities have been different. Price is always a factor but the other must-haves have varied. We all evolve and change. Our lives change and the people/pets who inhabit our homes change as well. What I need today will most likely NOT be what I need in five years. The other consideration is that I honestly don’t want to be married to my furniture. What I mean by that is this…I don’t want to spend a ton of money on something and feel like I need to keep it for the rest of my life. My IKEA furniture has served me well and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. I don’t feel the least bit bad that I’m replacing it. 

If you made it this far, thank you for hanging in there with me until the end! This is a departure from my regular post topics and was very fun for me to put together. I hope you got some ideas and inspiration for your own home. 



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  1. Debra Dale says:

    I love #2, #3 and #6. Straight out. Emphasis on #3 and #6. Rug #5. Does that help? LOL. Enjoy this lovely Ohio weather from a follower here about an hour south of you.

  2. Hi Ann, I also have the Ikea sofa & chairs. I think you should!D go for #1 for the sofa & #5 for rug. The sofa is soooo elegant looking. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  3. Mickey Wood says:

    Hi, Ann. For what it’s worth, I would choose #5 for both sofa & rug. Especially the rug, since everyone in blog-world has some variation of the diamond pattern.

  4. Deborah Nunez says:

    First let me say that I love your style Ann! It is elegant but comfortable. I like your choices, but. . . they are much like what you have now. Why not do something different? I love couch number 5 from Pier 1, Colette in Flax, a totally different couch than what you have now. As for the rug, number 5, Rugs USA in Aerial Blue is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


  5. Anne,
    I know just what you mean about not being married to your furniture. We’ve been married 50 years and my first sofa was an Ethan Allen that took 8 months (what was that about?) to come from the time we ordered it. The piece was so pricey it took decades for me to justify getting it out of my house! After a few up and down relationships with other sofas I also bought an Ektorp and love it. Why? Cause it’s comfortable. Cause my kids and grandkids are grown and my two itty bitty great granddaughters (18 months and 1 month) live several states away. And cause although my cat(s) have been allowed everywhere but the kitchen counters, my dog(s) have never been allowed on the furniture. Seriously…could you see large goldens or great danes snuggling in like your little cutie?

    I think you’ll find just the right sofa for you. On the rug? I’d go for #5. The patterned ones get ‘old’ too quickly for me. The chevron craze drove me nuts. I like the shabby look and I have a deep love of vintage (which is anything I got rid of a long time ago and now would kill to have it back…hahaha). #3 would be my next choice. Bright, fresh and casual but I get the feeling you’re looking for something not so laid back in style. It will be fun to see your choices. So……let me know if you plan to sell that beautiful slipcover you got for the Ektorp. Really!

    p.s. Reading bloglovin backwards after being away for a week. Loved your post on kitchen utensils. We could have a good laugh peeking in each other’s kitchens. I love being unpredictable!

  6. I had a couch like sofa #2 and the cushions were always sliding out after someone sat on it. I was forever putting the cushions back ????. I love the sofa and rug choices….

    1. Terry…..a little secret trick I learned eons ago. Rubber shelf liner. It’s under all the cushions in my house including the diningroom chairs and rocking chairs. just cut it a few inches smaller and don’t tell anyone. They’ll never know.

  7. If you are going for a total change up, I like the sleek and contemporary lines of 3 and 4 and both of the trellis rugs, 1 and 6. In studying your room and what you can see of the adjacent room, 1 or 6 would flow nicely with the style you already clearly love. Sofa 6 with rug 5, and sofa 1 with a rug with a warmer beige background would be my preference. But above all else, I would go for comfort. Whatever you choose, I know you will accessorize it to perfection!

  8. HI, Ann! I’m thinking about getting a new sofa, too! My current sofa is a leather sectional by Bernhardt. It’s actually in good shape for going on ten yrs. I have the problem too with my two spaniels sitting on the back cushions looking out the windows. I’m always fluffing too. I should have my head examined for letting them do that! Anyway, in my opinion I love number 2 sofa for your living room, and number five for the rug. Whatever you choose will be lovely! Can’t wait for the reveal!

  9. Good Morning Ann,
    I too have been looking for a new sofa. Your comments & photos will help as I try to make a decision. I also want a new coffee table & am having a difficult time making a decision with that, too. I will appreciate any suggestions you might have.
    Always enjoy your posts,

  10. I like sofa #6 and I agree with your choice of the area rugs #1 and #6 (I like those blues)

  11. Hi Ann, what fun to see your choices! I completely agree with you on purchasing furniture.
    I really like all of your choices. My absolute favorite sofa style is the Ballard Spencer. I have seen it in a country home in red check and I’ve seen it in more formal fabrics. I love the style and it is, too, like neutral furniture because you can change pillows and accessories and it looks like you have new furniture.
    My favorite rug is aerial rug #5. I have to say that you can’t go wrong with any of them. I can’t wait to see the finished product, including your pup’s approved pose.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Ann,

    First, I gotta say I love your site and have been a faithful follower for a while.

    Secondly, I agree with your leaning toward couch #3 from Pier One. I think it meets all your stated needs and matches your present style. I originally thought rug #5 would be the best, but after reading Christinna’s comment about the 60-30-10 rule, I have to agree with her about the yellow rug verses a blue one. I think she has a point.

    Thank you for continuing to make my days brighter with your posts,


  13. Definitely #3 on the sofa and #5 (beautiful!) on the rug!

  14. Hi Ann!!

    What fun to think about redecorating! You asked for an opinion on the rugs, so I’ll give mine… I vote #5….the aerial blue rug. #1 & #6 are pretty, but they’re so similar to your yellow one you already have. If you’re going to change things, I’d go for something totally different than what you’re getting rid of. :)

  15. I have never had a sofa with 1 cushion but it would be ideal so when you got up, the one cushion should stay in place. My second choice would be a sofa with 2 cushions for the same reason……I teach my dog….no getting on the furniture and I have no covers on the furniture either…lol

  16. Hi Anne, I like sofas 1, 2, and 6. i think they all have a classic vibe that would blend well with your style. I also like rug #3. I like the yellow rug you have also. It adds that punch of color to tie it all together. Good luck with your sofa shopping. We are over due for new furniture too. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  17. I love rug #5. Sofas 1, 3 and 6. I like your idea of keeping things neutral because then you can accessorize your little heart out. You have beautiful taste and I’m sure that whatever you choose will be lovely.

  18. Christianna K. says:

    My vote is for sofa #6. But as for the rug…. While I think the blue rugs are really pretty, I prefer a yellow one like you have in your living room. When I look at the picture you have posted, the yellow rug pulls together your dining room (wall paper) and living room accent chairs along with your beautiful yellow toned antique chest. I love the pops of blue accent color, but think a blue rug might be too much blue for your room. I was just thinking about the 60-30-10 rule. 60 is your flooring and painted walls, 30 is the rug, dining wallpaper, chest and accent chairs, 10 is your blue pillows and accents. Keep or replace the yellow rug– its such a happy color, too!

  19. I too am couch hunting and like you – no more dark couches for me. I love the style of #6. It’s very “middle” as I like to call it and it’s certainly reasonable priced. I’d also go for rug #1. No special reason there. Just a style I like. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!

  20. Francis C. Moore says:

    I like sofa #6 and rug # 1. I have been looking for over a year for a love seat to replace a couch that I bought from Lazy Boy over 15 years ago. It is still in good shape except for the wear on the cording. Good luck on your selections.

  21. I think you should get the couch that’s most comfortable to sit on.

  22. Lovely space. You do not need your head examined! We also make décor suggestions based on our pets. It saves time, money, and aggravation in the long wrong, so it’s the smart thing to do. :)

  23. I personally really like sofa #3 and rug #6 for your room. Do you have to have the chairs matching to the sofa? I think it would look nice with 2 occasional chairs that matched each other, rather than match the sofa. Something like wingback armchairs with upholstery studs would compliment the sofa #3. Look forward to see what you decide and the room reveal.

  24. I love sofa #2. Can be dressed up or down and would go well with your tables. I love a tight back sofa. Always looks neat! 2 cushions are nice as well. No one ever wants to sit on the center cushion of a 3 cushion sofa. I sell furniture for a living and have for years! I think your choices are awesome, but I would consider the construction….nothing is worse than a squeaky sofa frame! Happy shopping!

  25. Did you ever think you would get this many opinions! I prefer couches 1 and 6 and as for the rug, 5 is truly stunning.

  26. For optimal seating in your transitional/traditional room, I prefer the three cushion option of #6. If you have the need to seat three guests, no one is left sitting on the cushion split. I am on the fence about the rugs. I find the contemporary vibe of #4 very appealing, but I also loved the relaxed formality of #5. Happy choosing!

  27. Beverly O says:

    I have a sofa with a single cushion and a tight back and love it and highly recommend it. With that said, I like choices 1 and 4 for style and cushion design. I also like rug styles 5 and 6 and love your choices!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      That’s what I want Beverly but they are so hard to find! Glad to hear you are happy with yours.

  28. I agree with your 2 favorites (Rug # 1) and the Pier 1 sofa. My decor is similar to yours so…
    The other couches seem either too formal or too soft. ( a bit like Goldilocks). Only concern about the rug is if the color complements the blue objects you often use in the room. If so I say do it! Can hardly wait for the post. I hope it can be a quick delivery from the merchants.

  29. I think sofa 1 is stunning! The tufted back is interesting and will hold up well. Your pup can relax on colorful pillows. I also like rug 5. Traditional and vibrant color. Can’t wait to see after pics with your choices!!

  30. If your thinking something traditional – I like rug number 5 best with number 1 being my second choice.

    all the sofas feel formal to me with the exception of number 6. It has an approachable feel to it and looks very comfortable.

    I’m also sofa shopping – just don’t know what to do. Taking my time and living without a sofa and two potential chairs in my living room. Brought in two chairs from other rooms to get us by – been like this for 6 months.

    I’ve made mistakes before going too formal – my furniture is all country french in style. Taking my time this go around.

  31. Sofa #6, I like the cushion size as I rotate the cushions to wear evenly. Rug #5, it makes me sigh. Traditional and beautiful.

  32. Suzy Voigt says:

    Decisions. Decisions.
    I choose sofa #6 and rug #4.
    Have fun!!

  33. Marijean Jenson says:

    I have the same dilemma as you with your cushions. I used to have a sofa with a tight back, and it worked perfectly. Then I got the set I have now with attached cushions. Big mistake. I not only have a dog that loves to be there, but the cat takes his turn too ! I will be getting a sofa with a tight back next time ! By the way, I like your choices in both the furniture and rug. Have fun !

  34. I like couches 3 or 4 and rug 5 (it is such a classic). Have fun!

  35. Jackie Parent says:

    I love that your pet is first and foremost with your furniture selection. I had a cat that loved to lay on the center back soda cushion. It looked just like yours….always!! Thanks for the memories and laughs. I’d go with sofa 6. It looks like a great hang out sofa and comfortable, not stuffy. The rug you chose is the same design as your yellow. I think you should pick a different pattern. I love the blue idea for the room.

  36. Donna Scott says:

    I love the #2 sofa from Ballard and the #3 Dash carpet. To me, it says come sit right down with your cup of tea!

  37. Hands down Sofa #6 and Rug #5 – adore both but I’m confident that you could make bean bag chairs look stylish!!! What I am baffled about is how you can have a white couch with your pup??!! So jealous!

  38. # 6 for the sofa
    # 1 or 6 for the rug

    You want a couch with three cushions- it will last and look better longer,,

  39. I like # 6 for a couch…#3 is too modern. For the rug I like #3.

  40. 1 or 3 on the couch, 1 or 6 on the rug. You have such taste, really, anything would go. Love you site and time myou spent working on it.
    Happy Lord’s Day.

  41. Catherine Monahan says:

    Sofa #6 and Rug #6. Sofa 6 would probably look better if you ever want a slipcover. Also, some of the other sofa look more formal.

  42. Pam Bradshaw says:

    Hi Ann – What a great dilemma to have!!! I am like you when it comes to purchases – my dogs and cats are what make my decisions. They only let us live with them!! They own it all. I have an extra long couch so my husband can stretch out and his feet not hang over. The back cushions are squashed down from my dogs laying on them. Cats too but they are not as heavy. Blankets are on all parts so they can be washed!!!
    As far as the rugs go, I definitely like rug 5 the best since it is timeless and the shades allow for many different blues on your decor pieces. Not sure the other rugs have that ability. They are all pretty but will limit what you can use with them.
    Sofa number 6 would be my choice since it does have 3 cushions and would fit a slip cover easily. Number 4 sofa would be great but I think the one long cushion would break down so easy and hard to fix or replace.
    These are just my thoughts and ideas. Hope they give you something to consider. I am sure which ever you choose will be beautiful.
    The main thing about the sofa is to sit on it and see if it is comfortable and durable.
    Enjoy the process and have fun decorating.
    Share your final room with us when you have it fixed.
    Can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!
    Happy decorating!

  43. Rebecca M says:

    Sofa #4 and rug #5

  44. Is sofa # 6 that bright white? If not I vote sofa #6 and rug #5!! Good luck Ann!

  45. Ann, I like sofa 3 and 6. I had a sofa built like 4 and the seat would scoot out and I constantly had to adjust it. All the rugs are great. But love 1,3, and 5.

  46. Linda Heisner says:

    Ann, I have the Colette love seat from Pier One and I absolutely love it! Mine is in flax also. Beautiful styling. Got it on sale a couple of years ago. It has held up really well, even with six grand boys whom we see quite often! The only drawback is the clean ability. For some reason the linen type fabric doesn’t spot clean well. I don’t allow any drinks or Cheetos (grands love these) on mine! Good luck with whichever sofa you choose! Love decorating too!

  47. christine says:

    Ok, I have always been a firm believer of firm backed sofas too. Especially after ours did the same thing and I never let me dog on the sofa (we have 70 lb dogs, they already take up a lot of the house!! ha ha) The one thing that might help you narrow down your choice of sofa also is ask yourself….will the arm height work with my existing side tables? Unless the plan is to change them out, I’d check that too, side or end tables come in all different heights so if your budget is tight…..

    I’d hate to see you get your sofa in there and figure out the tables are too low for say #5. Which is stunning by the way! Also, do you find yourself laying your arm on the arms of the sofa….our last one had really low arms and I found myself getting uncomfortable trying to put my arm on it. As far as rugs go, I love #5. Your LR is high on the traditional style, which is gorgeous, my thinking is that rug #5 will update the space and really showcase and offset the traditional legs of your tables and the color, giving it a fresh new mix. but full disclaimer, I love mixing traditional with modern. You might not. Good luck with your choices, I’m sure it will be gorgeous whatever you pick!

  48. I like choice number 1 best. With your choice #3 I like rug # 5 with the different shades of blue. Gives lotsof hues to chose from. Also like that legs are high. Easy to vacuum.

  49. Love your choices! I , too, am no longer married to my furniture. I have a beautiful big overstuffed tealy green sofa that is 11 years old. Has taken the abuse of 3 kids and 3 dogs. But the big overstuffed look of the 90’s is no longer my look and am ready for a more contemporary look and less bulk. I know your room will be beautiful!

  50. Love your Choices, but my favorite is 6 for sofa and 5 for the rug, and here is why you said the style is too new in the couch and your not ready to add different style chairs. with 6 you can find something close that would work with the couch in way of side chairs. and the rug I chose that one because it makes a statement but colors are subtle and you have a good variation of blue and that will allow you more play and allow you to the room as whole not the rug and then the couch.,i may be way off , just my idea :) sorry if I just added to your dilemma.

    Be Blessed

  51. Michelle Morrison says:

    Hi Ann,
    I also like sofa 3 and 2. Ballard sofa has softer lines for your traditional style home. I’ve bought from Ballard before and they make a good product. The rugs you picked out also nice, but seem trendy and may be out of style before its worn out. I like number 5… Timeless. I need a new rug myself and this might be it. Don’t even consider the stripes…. Bad Feng Shui. Stripes produce conflict. Back to the sofa, have you considered a chesterfield style sofa in white linen? I’ll send you a pic. Pottery Barn has them, but do not buy a sofa there….just look at the style. PB sags after a little while and I speak from experience. Enjoy the process!

  52. I think for you, I would choose sofa #2 and rug #3. Rugs #1 & 6 look too much like the one you have now.
    Good luck!

  53. I like #6 couch and #6rug

  54. Love the #3 sofa choice. Your trellis rugs go great in your room, but I can see the #5 Aerial Blue as gorgeous
    too. What fun to update- can’t wait to see the end result!!

  55. Good Luck! I’m sure what ever you choose it will be beautiful! I understand, I’m waiting for new carpet myself- we have a cat. :/

  56. Deborah D says:

    Ann, if I had to choose from just the pictures, I would choose 1 or 6 on the sofas. I like 1 and 6 on the rugs but 5 is calling my name. You got some difficult decisions to make. Can’t wait to see what you decide. You always have such beautiful decor.

  57. I think it would be quite easy to find chairs that were very similar to sofa #3. Broth ill and England as well as Ashley all make sofas with matching chairs. Good luck.

  58. I love sofa #2 and rug #5. Not your favorites I know, but now I want new sofas and rugs! :) Whatever you choose will be great!

  59. i love a tight back sofa, so comfortable for napping. We’ve had an ivory sofa and chair for 25 yrs. I’m planning to make slip overs this year in a another cream fabric I love. I like the same rugs you do. Can’t wait to see what you do since I always love your style.

  60. I have a sofa with just 2 cushions to sit on. I would not get one like that again because it will only sit 2 people. No one wants to sit on the “crack” in the cushions.

  61. Carole Wexstten says:

    I have a tight back sofa and find it not very comfortable even though it is a good brand. I like sofa #6 because it looks more comfortable than the others. I like #3 rug. It seems similar to a fabric you would pick to make cushions. Good luck. I love to decorate too.

  62. Joan Boyle says:

    All of your choices are lovely, but I just have one small suggestion. I inherited my mother-in-law’s couch which is very similar to #6. Its only drawback is that the arms are quite low and my throw pillows want to fall over the edge! I would love the arms to be a little higher. I have three cushions and agree with everyone; those are best. I love all the rugs that you picked. Good luck choosing!

  63. Carolyn G. at Our MT Nest says:

    I am so glad to find out that I am not the only person who has difficulty making decorating decisions. Sometimes it seems I am paralyzed because I can find the “almost perfectly right” choice, but not the “100% right” choice like your sofa # 3 with no matching chairs.

  64. Sandra L. says:

    Sometimes I have glad I am a Aries. We can make choices quickly. Plus my grandmother gave me great advice. Always go with your first choice as it is what spoke to you. I recently purchased a new sofa and love it..walked into the store, gave a look around and went right back to the one that “spoke” to me first.
    I like #4 sofa and #5 rug (from your choices) which would look super with your yellow chairs and toss pillows.

  65. You are smart to take into consideration your dog, it’s real life. I have an Ektorp (sectional) and my cats love the tops of the cushions too. I can easily fluff the cushions into shape mainly because they weigh less than your Kelly. And oddly my back cushions have different corners than those in the pic with Kelly. My personal experience with Ballard is some quality and some poor quality, it’s not consistent. And I would suggest getting a swatch if possible from Rugs USA. Colors in the pics aren’t very accurate and some are quite shiny and cheap looking. Personally I would not have a 3 piece matching set, nor would I have two pairs of matching chairs in the same room. You will do a great job as usual.

  66. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I think your choices will be perfect with the rest of your house and when we tire it is always possible to get slipcovers to change it once in awhile. I have a blue sofa but sometimes I need something neutral so, I drag out my white slipcover. Have a great day Ann.

  67. Karen MMS says:

    Hi Ann, love your choices for your room. I’ve been searching for a tight back sofa w/ 3 seat cushions for a while now too and they are hard to find! Bassett makes a few that I like and in the styles you’ve shown above. Theirs are the Essex, Banbury, Lauren and the HGTV Classic. All their sofas have many fabric choices. My favorite sofa style is your #2 and I love the variance of colors in rug #5.
    Best of luck in making a decision ~ its been the most challenging one for me too!

  68. Me encantaron los sofas todos tienen su propia personalidad, los quiero todos, pero en realidad el que me encanta es número uno.

  69. Teresa Mucha says:

    Shopping for furniture in a house with pets is always tougher than people think. We love our babies and still want to have something nice to sit on. Taking the time to figure out what will work for both us and them at the same time is worth it, though. But someone will surely miss their favorite napping place when the new couch arrives!

    I like options 2 and 6 for the couch and I love option 5 for the rug. But all of the options you chose are lovely. What fun to be getting new furniture and adding a new look to an already lovely room.

  70. I like sofa #1 and rug #6. So excited for you. I look forward to seeing your new look.

  71. Sofa #2 came to mind immediately as I began to read this post. Pottery barn also has the Eton sofa-same style and I’m pretty sure it has matching chairs. Love the Dash and Albert rug, but it may be too informal with sofa #2. On the other hand, a bit of informality might be just what you want. Good luck with your decision. Took me 2 years to decide on a sofa and rug! Then I read on the that there is no perfect sofa. Ha! She says, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

  72. Hi Ann ! I like sofa number 6 and rug number 5. I don’t think I have ever commented to you before but just thought today I would take a moment to tell you how very much I enjoy your blog! I love that you often post things on Sunday , when I can relax and really enjoy what you have sent us! I love your home, so warm and inviting and the changes will be so lovely. I too am in a change things up a bit mood! When our homes bring us so much pleasure, I think it is so fun and enjoyable to pick and choose new things and ideas! Your taste and all that you have done in your home is wonderful so whatever you choose now, will be perfect and so pleasant for you! ???? Have fun! ????

  73. #6 sofa and #1 rug.
    I have cats and I’m so “crazy” that I arrange the furniture for their comfort, i. e. so they can lay in the sun, etc. They let me live here!

  74. Amy Steiner says:

    I like your choices. Have you considered the construction of your sofa? I would only buy an 8 way hand-tied frame. Clayton Marcus has 8 way and it’s affordable. Also Ethan Allen is an option but a little pricey.

  75. I like sofa 6 also. Seems more comfy and casual especially since this is where you hang out and relax. Are there matching chairs to go with this sofa? As far as the rugs go, although I’m not much of a blue person, I think #1 would look good.

  76. We seem to think alike! I don’t want to be married to my furniture either. I like the # 6 sofa and # 6 rug. Sofa’s with 2 cushions can make it difficult to sit in the middle, if three people are sitting on it. Also, I don’t personally care for the buttons and tufted look, as someday it will loose a button. The rug is a nice update in a popular design and later on can be easily replaced, if you should ever want to. Also, the # 1 rug would be good for your rectangle shaped room, as it would give it the allusion of added width to your room. I can’t wait to see what you choose. Good luck!

  77. If I were choosing it would be couch #6 (but I’d prefer cream to white) and rug #5. I like the soft, muted look of this rug. Love the geometrics, but they’re a little more trendy, and you have to wonder how much longer will the be “in”. I, too, have always had simple, neutral couches. They go with everything. I wouln’t worry about the chairs matching the couch, as long as they compliment each other. What fun, to redo the whole room at once, exciting! We’re right at the end of 3 months of remodeling our kitchen and all new flooring. It’s been a LONG 3 months. I’d much rather be redecorating my living room! Good luck to you, I have no doubt it’ll be beautiful.

  78. Sue Filipowicz says:

    I like #6 for the sofa… Doesn’t look so formal. I would for #6 for rug….live the design…good luck

  79. Lovely problem to have. Forget the tufted backs, the dog would snuggle into them. Your choice is very good. Be sure to sit on it first. I would get a set of matching chairs but not the three pieces matching. After the furniture comes you can then pick the best rug. I think stages is the way to go. Love your blog.

  80. I like couch #3 and rug #6, but that’s me. Whatever is your favorite will be perfect for you.

  81. I like sofa#6. looks very comfy. sorry on the rugs, not a bue person. i ike flora. good thing there’s a variety. good luck. it will beautiful.

  82. My preference would be #6 sofa and #5 area rug. However, everyone has their own preference and in the long run I think you have to do what is best for you and your family. Good luck!!!

  83. Hi Ann! Love your home!! I would not go with #1 if you are keeping your yellow/white accent chairs. #1would look muddy near them. I think #6 is best for you. It has great arm height for reading and three cushions to swap around. I’m so glad your informing readers about tight back sofas if you have dogs. As a former interior designer I ALWAYS caution buyers to buy tight back couches because our little guys LOVE using the others styles, like everyone says, as hammocks!! Forget the kitties, they will lay anywhere!! Ha. In your design I would only go with rugs #1, 5 or 6. One and five if you want a trendy look which is fun and you said you don’t care if it’s there too long. #5 if you want more formal, traditional look. All the others are too casual. And a BIG THANK YOU for being at a certian age, like me, and not want to “be married” to your furniture! That is the way to stay young!!! Enjoy your day!!!

  84. Fun post! There is no right answer, but I’d do couch 6 (with matching chairs) and rug 5, but whatever you choose will be gorgeous.

  85. Lynn Herron says:

    Love reading your picks for your new living room furniture and rug. It is always so exciting to purchase new items for your home. It is funny how are animals play into so much of our decision making!! I know you will pick what makes you happy and works best for you and your family! I love your choices and adding the blue with the rug will look wonderful in your room. I do love number five in your carpet choice.
    Good luck as you make your final choices and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.
    Have a great day!!

  86. what a pretty room…and what fun to conquer this challenge! ;-) too bad we don’t live near you, ann…my hubby is an EXCELLENT upholsterer! enjoy the rest of this journey! <3

  87. Marsha Andrews says:

    When shopping for my sofa, I also wanted a flat back sofa, but I also wanted low arms. There is nothing worse than trying to read or work on my iPad and having my elbows too high! I guess that’s a personal thing, but it bugs me, bad! So I would choose #2 or #4. As far as rugs are concerned, I really like graphic prints so I would also choose #1 or #6, but if your looking for more versatility in the future maybe a less graphic pattern would be best. I do love rug #5. It’s pretty and feminine and I think would look gorgeous in your room! Decisions, decisions!

  88. Kathleen G says:

    Kelly sure looks comfy. We have two small dog beds and their blankets on our couch. 3 and 6 for sofas and like you, 1 and 6 for rugs. I love your yellow/gold rug and I can see the color blue replacing it.
    Have a wonderful day, Kathleen in Az

  89. Haha! I know what you mean about pets and furniture. Recently I replaced my sofa because my two cats had turned my down filled sofa back cushions into hammocks! No amount of pounding and fluffing could fix them. All of your sofa choices are quite nice but I would never buy a sofa that I couldn’t sit on first. As for the rugs, I’m drawn to #5, which surprises me since I like geometries too. It must be the soft colors . They just seem so gentle and soothing. I’ll look forward to seeing what you select.

  90. This is really fun- ‘shopping’ with you! I like all your selections, but would go for #5 for the sofa. I agree that the 2 cushion options are weird for seating 3, and the one long cushion also prevents ‘swapping’ out cushions if one gets more smooshed.
    I like all your rug options but I love the shade of blue in #3- and I do love stripes!

  91. Ann,
    Anyone with pets knows that we often make decisions geared around them.
    Right now I am shopping for a new vehicle and I am looking at certain types. When I discussed it with my mechanic….he said without hesitation… Oh it’s for the dogs!!!
    So shopping for a sofa based on Kellie
    Is minor compared to me shopping for a vehicle based on two dogs:):):)
    I would go with the sofa that is the most comfortable to you and any of those rugs is going to look great.
    Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  92. All the decisions are difficult. We are updating our house right now with painting all rooms and the woodwork as well as new carpet and rugs. All those decisions!! It does help to get others opinions. I like all your choices and I also love couch #1. I’ve also found that decision making does not come easier with age.(I’m 70)

  93. Well I’m going for #6 for the sofa (like the 3 seats so no one is sitting on a seam) and #4 for the carpet. The blues in the carpet would go nicely with all the blues & yellows you like, but really give the room a grounded feel. The yellow patterned chairs would stand out more, and you can always find 2 other nice arm chairs for the corner. Having everything a bit different and not all matched looks wonderful. This is such a fun time for you changing it all up, hope you’re enjoying it…I know as readers we are!! Can’t wait to see what you have decided on!!

  94. Teddee Grace says:

    I have never liked two-cushion sofas. If you have three people seated, the one in the middle falls through the crack. Good luck with the project and good for you for being able to save enough to do it!

  95. My only comment is don’t buy a 100% wool rug. I purchased a gorgeous navy and cream trellis pattern rug from Ballard Design. The shedding is UNBELIEVABLE!! I am returning the rug and Ballard has been very cooperative. That said, they told me that all wool rugs shed.

    Every time I vacuumed the canister would be full. Just sitting on the sofa, the area under your feet would also shed.

    Everything you picked is gorgeous!

  96. Sofa #6 and Rug #5 would be my choices.

  97. Ann, I’m with you on the area rugs…either one look great to me. My sofa choice ( my schnauzer, Kizzie’s, too!) is the Jennifer sofa #6…just enough fluff for Kelly! It has a comfortable look to it and seems casual and classic. Your preference is great, too, as I am sure you would add lots of throw pillows and Kelly could find a nice new spot to snuggle!

  98. Linda Charlton says:

    I love $5 sofa and #5 rug. All your choices are great, tho. Blue and white is always in style. I am re-doing my guest room in blue and white, changing from an Americana theme to more like French Country. I love your blog and save a lot of the postings to a folder for future ideas.

  99. I love sofa #6 – the only thing I don’t like are the legs. However, those can easily be changed to more traditionally inspired legs. Also, I am a fan of rug #5. It is so lovely and timeless. Whatever you select, I am sure, will be beautiful. Enjoy the process!

  100. Shelley @ Calypso in the Country says:

    Beautiful choices, Ann. For sofas, I like 2, 3 and 6 and for rugs I also like 1 and 6 for the space. I guess I must be thinking the same way as you because I chose them before I saw what you were leaning towards. I find myself thinking of the dog when I decorate as well. She is a fluffy golden retriever so I have to be conscience about how much dog hair will show up! The only furniture she goes on is “her” chair in the corner and I am afraid I am never going to be able to replace that thing or it would break her heart! Good luck with your decisions and I look forward to watching the room come together!

  101. Hi Anne —

    I like sofas 3 and 6 …. Also like #1 but that is more formal, in my opinion.

    I like rugs 1 and 6,, #5 would go nicely with #1 sofa…

    It all depends on what look you’re trying to achieve.. Relaxed and casual — or more formal..

    New chairs will come after your sofa decision…

    Anyhow, lovely room… Where do you work in it ?? Just curious.

  102. Kathleenn Brooks says:

    My little dog did the exact same thing and eventually she wore quite a little spot in the sofa back! Even if we put a throw over it she would push it away so she could be right on the cushion. I read the other comments and I think I would go with #6. It has 3 cushions so no one gets stuck sitting on a seam. I know you said you don’t need to be married to it but Pier One is just crap (sorry, not sorry, but it is). I like both your choices for the rug, they were my favorites. I also wanted a lighter color for my couches and went with something that reminds me of a light burlap but isn’t scratchy. It has a widely space stripe and then the coordinating plushy chair is a plaid. You are so good with pillows though that I am sure you will mix and match with lots of colors and textures.

  103. This was fun! While I love the tufted sofa’s, I personally wouldn’t want to clean all those tufts! My choice would probably be # 6….looks comfy, without the loose back pillow. And I like lower arms…in case I need to take a nap! On the rugs though, I’d have to pick #5….I think it would hide my cats hair the best…but I do like #1 for it’s design. Now, I’m curious to see what your chair choices are? If this post was fun for you to do…it was fun for me to read! ;)

  104. Sofa: #1 for tufts, comfort, traditional style. #3 for sleek, more contemporary style, elegant & comfort (good back support). Get coordinating chairs which would add more interest to the room.
    NOTE: I’ve learned that white furniture is not meant to be for me. We’ve had coffee & wine spills. So I decorate w/ white pillows. Go with a tan tweed fabric.
    Rug: #1 or #6. Or #4 for a cleaner, uncluttered look.
    Whatever you decide will no doubt look fabulous!

  105. I would recommend sofa #2 from Ballard and rug #5. I know what you mean about the sofa and pets. We have a cat and grandsons who jump on the sofa. I have a Clayton Marcus camel back sofa (no cushions) and it is 27 years old! I had it reupholstered 3 years ago. It is cream colored, so I do exactly what you are planning to do – – – I cover it with a blanket for the kids and take it off when they leave. It has a nice tight back, so I have never had a problem with smushed cusions. The Ballard sofa looks similar.

    Regarding the rug, the trellis design is so ubiquitous and I think the more classic design of rug #5 will be something you will be happier with longer.

    Good luck on your decision!

  106. I like sofa number four. The others with the tufting seem too formal for my taste. I wouldn’t go with number one or six if the tugs because they are too on trend right now and I’m afraid that in time you will be sick of it and it will date the room. I would match the chairs to each other but not the sofa. That’s my two cents!!! :)

  107. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Ann, Thanks for sharing and asking my opinion.
    Sofa #2 looks much like your choice. Does it have chairs to match?
    Stick with the light color that you want! Good for you.
    Rug – I would go with #5 . Number 1 and 6 are trendy today. Will you like them AFTER the trend? Are they inexpensive so you can trade out when you tire of the trend?
    Can’t wait to see the “new” room!
    So enjoy your post.
    PS enjoy all your icebox cakes

  108. Susan Feldtman says:

    Hey Ann,

    What fun and what a dilemma. My only thought on the sofas is the seating for your guests. A three cushion bottom is always nicer I think than two. If someone must sit in the middle then they get the space between the two. So my option for you is the Wayfair Jennifer…lovely, classic lines and offers three seats.

    For your rug I’m opting for number five…muted but lovely. I think I’ve seen it before in a post by another blogger and it really popped. With all your great pillows it’ll make a beautiful back drop and not compete. Your existing rug has a geometric pattern now I believe…time for a change??

    You’re generous to allow comment…I hope nothing I’ve said is discouraging. Blessings!

  109. Susan Feldtman says:

    Hey Ann,

    What fun and what a dilemma. My only thought on the sofas is the seating for your guests. A three cushion bottom is always nicer I think than two. I someone must sit in the middle then they get the space between the two. So my option for you is the Wayfair Jennifer…lovely, classic lines and offers three seats.

    For your rug I’m opting for number five…muted but lovely. I think I’ve seen it before in a post by another blogger and it really popped. With all your great pillows it’ll make a beautiful back drop and not compete. Your existing rug has a geometric pattern now I believe…time for a change??

    You’re generous to allow comment…I hope nothing I’ve said is discouraging. Blessings!

  110. I think your choice of sofas is the best. 1, 4 and 5 would not be a choice I could make as the tufted back would be multi little pockets for dust and pet fur to collect and time comsumming time to clean.

  111. Ellen Sorce says:

    When I divorced a few years ago, the ex got the living room furniture, which is fine with me. Now that it’s just me and not a family, I was not stuck having to get a sleeper sofa (my choice when you have children who are hard on furniture). I choose a sleeker look, like #3, making sure the seat cushions could be revitalized with new foam if needed. My “matching” chair was similar to your gold ones, in a multi-colored print with ottoman. Love it! Although my room is mostly brown, white, cream with teal/turquoise, I didn’t go with a blue rug that I thought would be perfect. I found it made the room look colder. I choice a multi-colored rug from Wayfare, which is mostly a cream background for warmth, but has all the colors of my room it it. The prints do not fight at all because they are all the same tones. I wonder if it would work for you….

    Love getting my Sutton Place emails!

  112. I wanted to add that I had a Broyhill sofa that was just like 6. It was a great solid style and the 3 cushions allow 3 people to sit on it and no one on a crack. I still go with the English rolled arm as my favorite though and it is a classic and timeless design . I just like supporting American made. So many things are imported from China as furniture ..

  113. I love the sofa number 6 and the number 5 rug so warm and yummy

    1. Oops forgot to say the tufted sofa is just a dust catcher in my opinion only.????

  114. In my nearly 50 years of marriage, we have had many sofas and I found that a two cushion seat isn’t very comfortable if you often have three people sitting on your sofa because someone has to sit on the crack. Our last sofa has three cushions for this reason. Or a one long cushion but those are harder to find. I like sofa #6 with three cushions and higher arms and rug #3 which looks like it has a lighter color of beige like sofa #6 and would go very well with the florals and geometrics such as the buffalo plaids. Wishing you the very best in this furniture purchase.

  115. I like sofa 2 the best as its made out of dried kilnwood and made and upholstered in the USA. Also Ballards is known for quality. I am a sucker for a classic rolled English arm. Although I like #1, it doesn’t give much details on how it’s made and includes plywood. Nor does it say where it’s made. I like a chesterfield style like #5 but without getting to sit on it, I’d be afraid it might not be a cozy comfortable back for a sofa. The others are too modern for your design style, except #6 which is rather old school and would be comfy. Are there no good furniture stores where you live so you can sit on the sofa and order one? I just hesitate to order soft goods I haven’t sat on.
    It seems you are drawn to geometries in the rugs and I think both are nice. Will they send you a swatch to be sure of the hue? Just my thoughts, hope they are helpful

    1. Linda Charlton says:

      You are right about Ballard’s quality. I have several items from there and they are great quality. I love their catalogue.

  116. We had the same issue with Lucy doing that to our couch. And yes our new couch was revolved around her lol. I love 1 or 4. Our new couch is tufted and it is fabulous. Of course now she is wearing out the end of the couch and I try to put a blanket down.

  117. Keeping in the decor of your home, my choice would be sofa number 6. Plus, personally I love it!
    Rugs, I would probably go with 1 or 2…Or what about a circle rug? Of course, that just threw a wretch into the mix???? Just a thought.
    Good luck, love your home.

  118. Mary from Virginia says:

    I like sofa 1 and I am usually not a two cushion girl because someone always falls through the split! I like the tailored look, Are you selecting white fabric?

    Also I like sofa 6 as well, looks comfortable, seats three and looks like a good lying down and taking a nap kind of sofa!

    My least two favorites are Sofa 2 and 5. The sway back on sofa 2 would do me in, (vertigo issues) I love the feet on sofa 2 and that is it! And the other least favorite is 5; the sofa has a 1950’s feel and I can’t picture that in your home.

    The rugs, well I like them all for different reasons. I guess for me I would go with 5, but I like 6 too!

    I bought a neutral sofa several years ago from Lazy boy and I love it! If I had to do over again I would not have purchased neutral, too many undertones to deal with and selecting a wall paint was a task.

    Looking forward to your new look!

  119. I like 1 and 4 for the sofa. I like the tufts on both. And I like 4 for the area rug but I am pretty traditional when it comes to rugs. I’m sure it will look lovely when you are finished. I can’t wait to see the room when you get your new furmiture. I know what you mean about the dog – when I just purchased a recliner for the family room, it had to have a wide enough footstool to accommodate my legs and my two Boston Terriers who constantly hog the end of the recliner :).

  120. Number 2 sofa is my favorite – loving the softness of the slight curve on the back. Also think 2 cushions are the best.
    The rug I chose was No. 5 – just gorgeous – looks like a water color – not too busy and avoids that linear feel.
    I actually cut and pasted them into a word doc so I could see them. Also what I’m playing with is the sofa back toward the room on the left facing the window and then pulling in the chairs for a tighter conversational group.
    Lots of fun! Know it will be beautiful when you are done. Abundant Blessings – Jan

    PS I have a dog too and 2 cats – we always decorate around them. :-)

  121. Anne Hudson says:

    I love sofa #3 as well. The style of this sofa will be easier to fine side chairs to compliment. My problem has always been the depth of the sitting area due to having short legs for me to be comfortable. As for as the rug goes I like the two you are considering but for a real change in looks I like #3. Good luck with your personal decision! God bless.

  122. Sofa #6 wins my vote. It has a comfortable, stuffed look. I like that the back is seamed to give the impression of back cushions, without the issue of contending with floppy cushions in the future. I also like the arm height and casual look of this sofa. And, you can get chairs to match. The rug choice, I think is even more difficult. I like rugs #5 and #6 the best. I would probably tend to go with #5 because it has a more traditional look. I also like its blue shades that would compliment your blue and white dishes.
    Decor is very personal and has to give the room a feeling that makes you happy. I have no doubt, based on photos of your home, that your final choices will be perfect!

  123. When it comes to making choices about decorating our homes it becomes so personal. In the end only you know what will work as far as color and style but having said that I would recommend not getting any couch that has one large cushion. Over time you will see the favorite sitting spot appear and no cushions to switch or flip to help even out the wear.

  124. Elizabeth says:

    My choices would be 3 or 6 for the sofa. They’re very similar. I like the cleaner lines of those two. For the rugs, I would also choose 1 or 6. I can’t wait to see the final reveal. :)

  125. Your pick on the sofa is my favorite, the design would be easy to match with chairs. As far as the rug I would keep the new designs in my pillows and go with the simpler pattern in my rug. Sorry just finished reupholstering my furniture all ivory and adding patterns to pillows and upholstered coffee bench. Patterns change do much in the design world it’s easier to stay updated with the least expensive items . I am like you I keep my furniture until it and me can not take anymore !

  126. Sandi Weiler says:

    I love #6and #1rug. You could do alot with those choices. I have always lived your color scheme. Add some pretty yellow ish print throw pillows in the fall add rust throw pillows and Christmas. Other seasonal colors.
    Love supervisors and after I do my devotional on Sunday morning can’t wait yo see what you are doing.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the morning.

    Sandi Weiler

    1. Sandi Weiler says:

      Well that didn’t read correctly. Sorry. My kindle has a mind of it’s own.

      I was saying I love seeing what you are working on. After I do my devotions I look forward to your post.

  127. Ann, I like sofa # 6 and rug # 5….for some reason they pair nicely together! Good luck, I’m sure everyone will come up with so many combos, your head might be spinning LOL. There’s a comfort level in sofa # 6….and the rug looks so easy to work with, plus hides dirt and pet dander. Have a great Sunday!

  128. Personally I love couch number 1 and rug numbrr 1. But that’s just me. A little coolness in practicality. Just as an aside. My dog chewed the foam couch cushions. I warn people to sit on the left side of the couch. Ha ha. The things we do not stress about because we love our kids. Happy shopping.

  129. nancy vavra says:

    I love sofa number three, it has a high back for those taller men and i like number one for the carpet, not to busy.

  130. I love all the sofas, so I’m no help there.
    The rugs are all beautiful too. I think I love #2 and #4 the most and they would be the most timeless.