Sofa Shopping and Decisions

Well you might as well get comfy because this post is probably going to ramble a bit. I mentioned a few days ago about the sofa shopping and decisions that I’m dealing with…so I’m back to run it all by you and see what you think. I have been saving my money and have enough set aside (I think) for a sofa, 2 chairs and a new area rug. Of course the sky is not the limit so I’m shopping around for affordable options. 

Here is the set up in my living room: I rarely post a picture of the entire room because I just can’t get everything in. Even in this photo the corners are missing but I’ve noted what is there. It’s a rectangular shaped room with a gigantic window and ledge over the sofa.

sofa decisions living roomThe carpet has seen better days but it’s staying for now. I thought I would get more bang for my buck if I spruced up the furniture and accessories. Decorating on a budget is all about choices and priorities. Rarely can an entire room be updated all at once. I have never been able to do that and I’ve been a homeowner for 35 years. 

I never thought I would be saying this, but my choices are based on what will work out best with our dog. (I know…I need my head examined.) 

Must Haves:

  • First of all I need a tight back on the sofa. No loose or attached cushions. The issue with my dog is literally sending me over the edge so loose back cushions are not an option. Ideally, I would prefer no cushions at all (back or seat) but it’s very hard to find both a tight back and a tight seat.
  • I want matching chairs. This is the room where I sit pretty much all the time. I work here, relax here and sometimes even eat here! I like having a matching pair of chairs across from the sofa. I’ll add interest and color with pillows…and that new rug I mentioned. 
  • Even though my family thinks I’m nuts, I want a warm ivory color with a little texture. I’ve had dark sofas before and do not want another one. I can keep the sofa covered with a quilt most of the time…and just pull it off when I want to appear respectable. Ha!

I’ve narrowed the sofa choice down to the six options below. 

Sofa Shopping and Decisions | Suggestions for neutral, affordable sofas along with ideas for updating your decor on a budget!

  1. Artvan Topaz II Tufted Sofa   
  2. Ballard Spencer Sofa     
  3. Pier 1 Colby Rolled Arm Sofa
  4. Wayfair Carlsen Sofa  
  5. Pier 1 Colette Sofa in Flax
  6. Wayfair Jennifer Sofa

I am leaning towards #3 from Pier 1. The drawback with that is that the sofa is a new design and so far there are no matching chairs. Total bummer. I could ditch the idea of a matching set but I’m not ready to do that yet. I have given myself a deadline of June 1st so I need to decide soon. 

In addition to the furniture, I need to replace the yellow rug under the coffee table. It’s very worn and ready to be retired. I thought something in blue would be a nice change and liven up the room a bit. Here are some blue rugs I found and they are all a decent price. 

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  1. Blue Geometric Trellis Rug
  2. Safavieh Striped Kilim Blue Rug
  3. Dash and Albert Rugby Stripe Denim Rug
  4. Dash and Albert Coco Blue Rug
  5. Rugs USA Aerial Blue Rug
  6. Rugs USA Flatwoven Trellis Blue Rug

This is a super hard decision because I like them all. If I had to pick today I would go with #1 or #6. What do you think?

Every time I have updated the decor in a room my priorities have been different. Price is always a factor but the other must-haves have varied. We all evolve and change. Our lives change and the people/pets who inhabit our homes change as well. What I need today will most likely NOT be what I need in five years. The other consideration is that I honestly don’t want to be married to my furniture. What I mean by that is this…I don’t want to spend a ton of money on something and feel like I need to keep it for the rest of my life. My IKEA furniture has served me well and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. I don’t feel the least bit bad that I’m replacing it. 

If you made it this far, thank you for hanging in there with me until the end! This is a departure from my regular post topics and was very fun for me to put together. I hope you got some ideas and inspiration for your own home. 



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