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Spring to Summer Wreath

Spring to Summer Wreath | On Sutton PlaceHello everyone…I wasn’t sure I was going to make it today but here I am and really…there’s no place I’d rather be. The heck with laundry, cleaning and all that other fun stuff! None of it is going anywhere and I’m sure it will be waiting when I finally get to it. Anyway, thanks for stopping by because I’m sharing my latest wreath with a super simple step by step to go with it. My daughter’s house is a little brick bungalow and it needed something new on the door. We went to Hobby Lobby and got what we needed. Spring to Summer Wreath | On Sutton PlaceThe first thing I did was cut apart the bushes of flowers. Just fan them out and use wire cutters to cut the stems off as close to the end as possible. You want single stems that can be easily inserted into the grapevine. Spring to Summer Wreath | On Sutton PlaceDecide where you want the flowers. We wanted them grouped on the left side of the wreath so we started there. Begin with one flower and just stick the stems into the grapevine. No glue or wire is needed. Once you have the first color in, move on to the second and third. Spring to Summer Wreath | On Sutton PlaceTo get a wispy, sort of airy look don’t stick the flowers in the wreath all at the same place. I actually used the whole left side (to the center) of the wreath as the base for our flowers. Stagger them a bit and don’t be afraid to pull them out and try a different spot. When the flowers were all in the wreath I realized that I had a blank spot where the stems went in. Spring to Summer Wreath | On Sutton PlaceThe answer to that problem was, of course, a bow. You could make a fancy looped bow, or follow my tutorial on How to Make a Perfect Bow…or you could just tie a simple bow around the wreath with a piece of ribbon. I chose option 3. Here is the finished wreath hanging on Elizabeth’s door.

Spring to Summer Wreath | On Sutton PlaceLast year, I spent a few weekends at Elizabeth’s house working on some curb appeal projects. We had a very small budget but managed to fix things up. This year she had more ideas, and a little more money, so I hope to show you those soon. I need to NOT forget my camera the next time I visit. What blogger does that?

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I’ll be back in a few days with the easiest recipe for homemade shortcake biscuits
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