Sunday Ramblings and Mother’s Day Thoughts

Well…you might as well get comfy because this post is rambling and longer than usual. I rarely write posts like this because they are emotionally exhausting…but when they are finished and published, I always feel so much better. I just want you to know that I am speaking from my heart and I mean every single word.

Simple Arrangements Using Garden Flowers & Herbs | Includes list of herbs that pair nicely with garden flowers. Lots of tips and ideas!

Simple Arrangements Using Garden Flowers & Herbs

First I want to talk about comments. Comments on blogs generally and then comments on my own blog. I’ve been hearing from other bloggers for a few years that comments are dead. That no one has time to leave a blog comment and all the engagement takes place on social media. Blogs that used to get a high number of comments are down to just a handful per post. Some bloggers have even turned off their comments so you couldn’t leave one if you wanted to.

Well…I’m here to tell you that comments are not dead.

They are alive and well. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky to have readers like you all…because you leave me the loveliest comments in all of blogland…and I am so grateful. I try very hard to respond when I can but I know I don’t respond enough. Sometimes I respond privately in an email and sometimes I leave a public response in the comment section. I really try to answer all questions but along the way I know I have missed some. I am sorry for that but please know that it’s never intentional. Right now my goal is to read and answer comments within a few days after a post is published. I may not always make it but I’m sure going to try!

Simple Arrangements Using Garden Flowers & Herbs | Includes list of herbs that pair nicely with garden flowers. Lots of tips and ideas!

Next I want to talk about social media and how I honestly feel about all of it…but I want to start with a disclaimer. I know millions of people love Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The jury is still out on Twitter but I’m sure there are Twitter fans out there too. I know social media is popular and I know it’s a great way to connect. Here’s the thing though…I am so tired of trying to keep up with all of it. I try to post every day on multiple social media platforms but I inevitably fail…and then I feel like a loser. I haven’t figured out how other bloggers “do it all” and I’m here to confess that I just can’t.

So…if you follow me on any of the social media outlets I mentioned above, I want you to know that I’m getting off the treadmill. I’m tired of walking and walking but never getting anywhere. Social media is stealing my joy and I can’t do it anymore.

Peonies in Vintage Blue Mason Jar | The Entry | On Sutton Place

Summer At Home

Here’s what I’ve decided…I want to continue to offer you what you came here for in the first place. Easy home decor ideas, a few recipes, some gardening tips and free printables. Removing the distractions of social media will help me do a better job of that and give me back some time. Some of my Facebook and Twitter posts are automated and those will continue. I’ll post live when I can and when I have something worthwhile to share…which to be brutally honest, isn’t every day. My life just isn’t that exciting. I always post live on Instagram so the same thing applies…I won’t be there every day.

Where I will be is here. On the blog.

Which takes me to the next thing I want to talk about.

My email subscribers. 

If I could meet each one of you in person, the first thing I would say is “thank you.” I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating. You are the heart and soul of this blog and I could not do any of it without you. You all are my focus. You are why I do everything that I do. When I’m considering what projects to start, my first thought is “how will this benefit my readers?” I would love to work with brands but so far the offers I’ve received have little or nothing to do with our everyday lives…so I have declined all of them. If a relevant brand ever does approach me, I promise I’ll carefully consider what they can do for you…as well as what the brand and I can do for each other.

Spring into Summer Porch Refresh | Easy touches of spring that will go right into summer. Ideas and inspiration for your outdoor space.

Until about a year ago, I wrote my posts with the first consideration being how they would do on Pinterest, because I depended on Pinterest for the majority of my traffic. I was never one of those bloggers who published a post and automatically thousands of people were waiting to read it. I had to work for my clicks and the honest truth is that I worked very hard. Last summer, Pinterest changed their method of showing us content and all that work went down the tubes. Even though that period of time was tough for me, it was a learning experience. Here’s what I learned…that I needed to focus on real readers and not the drive-by traffic from Pinterest. That’s when I began to nurture my email subscriber list and when the focus of my content shifted. I am so much happier now and that pressure to churn out Pinterest content is gone. Whew.

So…if you haven’t joined my email subscriber list, I would like to personally invite you to try it out. There’s no spam and I never share my email list with anyone. I usually send two emails a week…sometimes three but that’s a rare thing. If it’s not for you, you can unsubscribe at any time…but I’m guessing that if you join us, you’ll be glad you did. I offer a new freebie every month that’s only available to my email subscribers…just in case you needed a little arm-twisting!

Click to subscribe to On Sutton Place!

One last tidbit about content. I have some fun things coming up that I’m really excited about. I’ve been asked to join a summer home tour with some incredible bloggers that I know you will love. I will also be finishing up some posts about the living & dining room makeovers. I’m planning a baby shower for my daughter-in-law…yes, I’m going to be a Grandma! I’ll do a couple of posts on throwing an easy baby shower that’s gender neutral. I’m getting ready to plant my herb garden so that’s coming too. Summer goes by so quickly and I plan to enjoy every minute.

Summer Printable | Celia Thaxter quote about summer available in a free chalkboard printable. Use for DIY wall decor, crafts, cards, screensavers and more!

Click to view this Celia Thaxter printable

I’ll end with a few thoughts on Mother’s Day.  It can be tough for some of us and beautifully happy for others. Some celebrate and others just wish they could skip right over it. This is my second Mother’s Day without my mom…so it’s not an easy day. If you are facing something similar, here’s a bit of advice. Find something to do so you can keep busy. Fill the hours with something that will take your mind off what is making you sad. It doesn’t matter what it is…just fill your day with purpose.

However you spend the day, here is my wish for you: that you experience something that makes you smile…and that you are at peace.

Motherhood Printables

Thank you for hanging in there with me while I rattle on.
I’ll see you soon!

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  1. I am so grateful for On Sutton Place. I completely enjoy everything you do. It’s MY style also. Thank you for everything you do. Marj

  2. Thank you Ann. I am one of your email subscribers. And I love the visit (the blog).

  3. Hi Ann, I’m not usually someone who comments on blogs but I love yours! I have been following you for several years and enjoy your views, gardening tips, recipes and of course, decorating style. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. Kay Fredricks says:

    After reading your Sunday Ramblings – Mother’s Day, I knew I had to subscribe to your emails and your blog. You are the type of person I will enjoy hearing from because you do your blogs from your heart, not your pocketbook! That is the way I am also. I actually have 3 blogs right now that I ended up taking a break from and now am ready to get back and start sharing new things with my readers.

    I have recently moved and now will be in the process of decorating my new home and since it is downsized, will be sharing that experience with my readers also. It isn’t always easy to make changes is it?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      No…if I were to be completely honest I’d have to admit that I hate change. It is very hard for me but as I get older, and it seems to be around every corner, I am trying to get better at it!

  5. Linda Barnes Lear says:

    Ann, good for you for taking your power and time back. As for me, I suspended my Facebook account over six months ago. I don’t miss it or the anxiety and frustration it often brought to me. It was stealing my joy and wasting my valuable time. I have enjoyed your Pinterest posts for several years now and I always look forward to them. This morning I was sipping my coffee and scrolling through Pinterest at random when you came across my mind. It occurred to me that I had not seen any of your posts recently. As of today, I am joining your email list. So, problem solved.

    Best wishes to you, Ann, and to yours.

  6. I only subscribe to a few blogs. I started out with quite a few but have thinned out my emails to only about 5 blogs now. Your blog is sincere, beautiful and real and I always look forward to seeing my email pop up. I don’t always comment, but I really do enjoy your posts! Happy Mother’s Day…..

  7. Pam Hendricks says:

    I love love love your blog and each one says something special. I think you have something unique and enjoy each segment. I especially like the fact that you list where to purchase like items.

  8. Hi there, Ann;

    I am both an email subscriber and I follow you on Pinterest. Because I work and own my business, life becomes hectic and sometimes I get behind reading my emails. Last year, I decided to unplug myself from some of the stress of the outside world. My first place was my facebook account. The second place was blogs and other places I had subscribed online. The few that make me smile were added to my Last Pass account on my computer. Yours is my favorite. When I need something that you have posted, all I have to do is click on your button and search your blog. If I miss something you posted, I can find what I missed. Your blog is a pleasure to read and you are always so gracious. I love reading about your home decorating ideas, gardening, recipes, and family stories. Thank you for always thinking of us and sharing what you do.
    Most of all, congratulations in becoming a Grandma! The best is yet to come….

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart. I have been following you for about 2 years and love reading your blogs. I am a subscriber too! Social Media can be a little tiring I do understand. I support you in your decision. Thank you for all you do Ann and God Bless!

  10. Cindy Luginbuhl says:

    Thank you Ann! I love your decorating ideas, recipes and your blog! Keep on doing what you do best…being yourself!

    1. Cindy Luginbuhl says:

      p.s.-You’ll LOVE being a Grandma!!!

  11. Dear Ann,

    I so love your blog, and applaud your efforts to do what makes you happy and comfortable. And Congratulations on becoming a Grandma….it’s such a blessing!!

  12. Natalie Richardson says:

    I love seeing your emails in my in-box. It is rare that I sign up for emails but I’m so glad I signed up for OSP. Each one has an idea or recipe I will actually use. Your photos are beautiful and your decorating style is very much like mine. The products you mention are actually things I would like to purchase. I hope you continue to share for a long time. Have a beautiful summer!

  13. Ann, keep on doing “your” thing! I have tried to follow things and folks on facebook, instagram, etc. I’ve come back to favorite blogs…and yours is a favorite! I just don’t have time or inclination to do all the social media formats. I chose what works best for me.
    And you are one of the best!

  14. Thanks, Ann, for your candid thoughts – it all makes sense to me! Your blog resonates with me.

  15. Oh Ann! I’m so happy you shared your feelings with us! Letting go of all of that pressure by telling us what decisions you’ve come to had to feel like a weight lifted from your shoulders! Good for you! This is YOUR blog Ann and you have chosen to share your many talents with us and nuture our own inspiration. Choosing to follow you is our decision and in my case, my pleasure. I joined Facebook a few years ago thinking it would be a good way to get in touch with far away family and friends. I soon realized if I made one comment to anyone, my email would fill up with the comment of every other person who commented on that topic. Trying to keep up and respond soon made me crazy and I felt like I was a slave to Facebook. I just stopped and I’m sure I hurt some feelings of people who didn’t get a response from me, but I had to get out. I never got involved with Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat, I didn’t need social media!!
    There have been a few bloggers I use to follow who decided to rely mainly on Facebook and Twitter to maintain their relationship with their readers, completely their prerogative, so I don’t see as much of them as I once did.
    Here I am the one going on forever. I hope your Mother’s Day was as special as you are Ann. Here’s looking forward to your next Mother’s Day as a Grandma and to your lovely blog. Thanks!

  16. Jeanie Nichols says:

    I love your blog and I look forward to reading it each and every time it’s posted. I totally agree about the
    social media it takes too much time out of our lives.

  17. I appreciate you so much Ann and believe it or not I’m glad you’re choosing not to put a focus on social media. I started following other blogs when they were just blogs and I really enjoyed them and now while they’re still blogging it seems they push social media so much and that’s where most of their focus is; not on their blog. When it comes to their giveaways you may get one entry but then all of the extras are for doing this on Twitter, doing that on Instagram, etc. (you get what I’m saying). I don’t do ANY of the social media business and in many ways I feel that is one of the things that is so wrong with our society lately. I wish more bloggers would get back to the basics and just blog and I don’t want to be forced into social media just to follow them and I feel that way sometimes. So, thank you!

  18. Julie Fiddick says:

    I’ve been receiving your newsletter for some time now, and while I’ve never posted a comment Ann, I want to thank you for your thoughtful sharing. (and I agree with your decision re: social media, too!)

  19. Val Smith says:

    I love your blog!…and your honesty, vulnerability and genuine sharing. I was comforted with your blog after losing my Mom last February (she lived with me for 4 years). Her birthday was also on Mother’s Day so it was a double whammy.
    Thank you for such sweet posts, good decor ideas, and the simple tips you give..I read a lot of blogs and you are so practical and

  20. Sheila DelCharco says:

    Judging from the number of comments you’ve received, comments are NOT dead! I confess that I have unfollowed some blogs because I wanted to engage and the blogger never did. Their content wasn’t enough to keep me. I felt unimportant and unheard and so I left. Some blogs I follow because I’ve connected with the person. I don’t know them in real life but I “know” them through their blog so even if their content isn’t useful to me I read it to know THEM better. Thank you to responding to me when I’ve had questions. Your blog is one of my top five favorite and I am always inspired by it. Sometimes I comment. Sometimes I don’t but I still enjoy reading it. I understand your decision to get off social media. I almost quit blogging because I felt so overwhelmed with all that needed to happen! (Social media! SEO! Quality pictures!) I decided I was going to do what I could but my blog doesn’t earn me any income anyway so why pour all that time into something that was sucking my dry? Now I only blog when I want to AND have time. No more putting off my family for the blog. The blog has taken second (third? fourth?) place to the rest of my life! Thank you for not giving up the blog! I would miss it so much! (I almost didn’t leave this comment because you have 300+ comments and figured you wouldn’t even see it. But I decided to anyway.)

  21. Edith Weldon says:

    I can’t think what a day would be without your lovely thoughts and talent that you share with us. I consider you a gift that I give myself daily. It is something I long for and look forward to it! Never think we don’t appreciate how you pour your heart and soul into us. Hopefully, we can fill you up too!

    Hoping and praying that you had such a wonderful Mother’s Day! I know your Mother knows what a pearl of a woman that she grew in you! Love your heart!


  22. Thank you for this. I dont know how some bloggers do it all, but most of them who do seem to be in it as a “business.” That’s okay, but I get tired of dealing with all the ads. I love to come here to your blog and just relax and enjoy the read, as well as your beautiful home! It’s like visiting a friendly neighbor. We also share a love of blue and white. I can’t wait to see your completed dining and living room makeovers!! I know I’ll get some great inspiration for my own home. Just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate your blog!!

  23. Terrie Cox says:

    As expressed in other comments I love your blog. I find it inspiring. I am glad that you are not hopping around on social media. I don’t want to watch someone live doing a project on Facebook when I am already following their blog. I try to leave fb and Instagram for family pictures and news. I am glad you are putting your focus on what you love. Hope your mother’s day was nice anyway. I lost my mother 47 years ago…..right before my 10th birthday. It gets harder rather than easier to place flowers on her grave. All the wondering of what would it be like to have had a few more years. Take care!!!

  24. Ann, you’re amazing. Real. Honest. Stay awesome always. Your recipes have seen me through school bake sales, school breakfast programs, last minute company. Your real life decorating hits the mark. Your blog was one of the first I started following several years ago and I still enjoy your material. Thanks Ann!

  25. Such a refreshing post. Social Media can be exhausting and consuming. I have abandoned all but Instagram and continue with that to see pictures of my family who live away. I stopped blogging several years ago when the joy and creativity I enjoyed suddenly seemed to “not be enough”..So glad you are continuing your posts. I enjoy them and know many other feel the same.

  26. Debbie Esparza says:

    I love following you via email. I too think social media is just exhausting. I love to sit in my office, reading your blog and a few others, smiling away and getting very inspired by all of it. Thank you for you how-to’s, humor, wit, all of it. I appreciate all you do to produce your blog, and I thank you!

  27. I’m new here, Ann, but liking what I see! I appreciate what you do, and hope to learn a lot from your experience!
    I’m sorry that your Mother’s Day had to have been “bitter-sweet”, and I won’t try to tell you that “time eases pain”, because I don’t believe it does. We just learn to accept it.
    You will find that being a “Grandma”, “Nana”, or whatever you propose to call yourself, is the “bestest” thing ever! Dare I say “even better than being a Mom”?!! You’ll see!

  28. Becky Johns says:

    I applaud your decision to “get off the treadmill” and focus on the blog. I only subscribe to three blogs, and you are my favorite. I just thought of you today, as I took down my spring decor, and loved that I could just leave my privet garland curled in the tray around a bunny that is permanently out. I just removed the forsythia. Thank you for pointing us toward good investments. I can get out my topiaries and be done for summer. I keep it simple, green and some white flowers.

    I like your abilitiy to do things more simply and less expensively, not being a slave to the newest trend. Trendiness is also exhausting, but a fresh idea is welcome; you seem to find the right niche. I also love your recipes. Several have become family favorites. They are also not trendy, which appeals to my family.

    Thank you for the thought and hard work that goes into each post, it is actually very hard to simplify.

  29. Rebecca M says:

    Yes, I agree! I like just getting emails from the bloggers I follow. Social media is overwhelming for sure!

  30. Diane Smith says:

    Hello, Friend! Judging by the l-o-n-g list of comments, I have to say comments are SO not dead “On Sutton Place!” I started to write a comment on Sunday…let the dogs out…and suddenly it’s Wednesday! Thank you another thoughtful post; I always enjoy hearing from you. And don’t feel like you should be posting daily – part of what I love is that you wait until you have something worthwhile to share! Hope your Mother’s Day was happy & congratulations on becoming a Grandma!

  31. Terri Freeman says:

    If I signed up before am I still a subscriber?

  32. All I have to say is “yup”. Fortunately for me it has always been about my readers, keeping both them and me happy! For me to be happy I’ve gotta do it myyyyyy wayyyyy.

  33. Thank you for your wonderful, calming, enjoyable website. I for one will be here for you because you are there for me.

  34. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations grandmother to be! It is wonderful. My granddaughter is 14 months old now and it has been so much fun! My daughter is expecting her second child in mid November so we will add some more fun to the mix. I know you will enjoy making things for your grandchild and I will look forward to hearing about it in addition to all of your fun and pretty home ideas.

  35. Bonnie Misiak says:

    I was only now able to read this post. I will keep it short and just say I found your feelings refreshing and can totally relate to how you feel. I do so enjoy your blog and I appreciate all of your talent, especially your ability to share it with others. Happy Belated Mother’s Day. Keep the good stuff coming!

  36. Ann – thank you for opening your heart and your feelings. I believe social media is becoming the downfall of families and individuals in general. I have witnessed families in restaurants not even talking to each other because they all are on the phones. Some people have their phone in their hands ALL the time. I think they need to feel validation by commenting on everything or posting everything. The bottom line is that social media is not going to dictate how my day goes or how my life should be. I don’t want to measure up to anyone else. I am me….and I am who God wants ME to be. I also imagine that many folks exaggerate on social media so people will think they measure up….we all have messy houses on occasion, we all have disagreements with hubby and kids…we aren’t perfect. We strive to fix our houses up to the degree we can that makes us happy. Ann….you help me along the way do just that…Thank you for that. I look forward each week to your tips and easy solutions to decorating that don’t break the bank. Keep them coming…I’ll be waiting!!

  37. Another reason to just love you and your ideas! I feel they same way regarding FB and is exhausting. THANK YOU for sharing your talents with your readers….and again I love everything you do!

  38. Katherine says:

    Just a simple thank you from my heart. I love your blog and look forward to it. I appreciate your decision to cut back on the social media side and concentrate on blogging. You are great at it and obviously have many fans. Thanks for being there!

  39. Your blog is my absolute favorite of all the blogs I’ve read/tried over the past few years, and the only one I haven’t cancelled the subscription. I am glad and thankful you are continuing with it.

  40. Denise Harmon says:

    Thank you so much for your honesty about not being able to “do it all”!
    I finally had to stop following most of the bloggers I was following because I felt I just couldn’t measure up….
    You have lovely printables and your decorating ideas are “do-able” for me on my very limited budget…
    I’m looking forward to your posts on herb gardens!

    Thank you again

  41. Wow! I feel I need to comment today. First, so disappointed in Pinterest. Second, I never ever comment on any blog, it’s always been a time issue for me. Third, love reading your blog because it’s perfect, it makes sense to me and I love your look.

  42. I love your blog. I have since the day I found it. It helps fulfill one of the things I want out of life..peace and calm. That is something I do not get from most social media outlets. I want true purpose in my life. Though I have that through my faith, a beautiful, inspiring blog such as yours, benefits and motivates me in ways that is very profitable to me and in turn to my family and friends. Thank you, Ann, for enriching my life, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t believe. You are doing a fabulous job! And congratulations to the soon to be grandmother!

  43. Beth Brown says:

    I love to read your blog. I am not an email subscriber just for the reasons you listed above regarding social media, etc. taking up so much of my time. I limit my time in all of those areas and just read when I have time the sites that I enjoy (yours being one of them). I still work full-time so I try to concentrate on my husband and family during my evenings and weekends. A good rule of thumb that I try to live by is God first, family second and everything else comes after that. My mother has been gone 10 years now and I still miss her especially on Mother’s Day and her birthday. But, I try to remember all the good times and celebrations of Mother’s Day in the past and remember to hold on to the promise that I will see her again one day! I focus on celebrating being a Mother myself and now my daughter is a Mother as well. So, we celebrate together! God bless and keep up the encouragement and staying true to your heart! (That’s what I love about your blog!)

  44. Barbara Kemp says:


    I enjoy your blog very much. Simple, affordable and thoughtful. I have just your blog and two others I follow. All three of you quite different, talented and unique.

    Life seems so complicated now and I strive to have a life as my mother did. Cherished friends, the joys of homemaking and raising kind and civilized children, all centered around a church community and having God at the center.

    So onward I go.

  45. Thank you, Ann, for staying true to who you are – it’s why we follow you. I feel like I can slow down and take a deep breath and grab a cup of coffee while I read your posts, rather than the rush, rush drive-by social media sites (and no politics – what a relief!) So thank you so much for your wonderful ideas (and links to how to get these items), printables, recipes, and sharing life :0)

  46. Ann, thank you for your uplifting words and especially your honesty. I am not a fan of social media either even though my daughter fusses at me because I do not have face book. I’ve survived this long without it , I just love to talk to people on the telephone and hear their voices. I enjoy your blog so much, in fact, there were a few blogs that I thought about subscribing too and I chose yours simply because your blog makes me feel good. I am so happy that you are going to be a grandmother, you will certainly be blessed, congratulations.

  47. The quotes are great! I can totally relate to your feelings about social media. I m have been trying to not go on FB, pin trest , instagram , they are very time consuming and I would rather be away from computer getting other things done. I love reading reading your blog and the photos are so awesome, one of my favorite is the the one the three white pots. Hope you had a great Mothers Day, Congrats on soon to be Grandma!!

  48. Thank you for sharing your heart. I admire your decisions to simplify. I look forward to your emails.

  49. Linda Smith says:

    Ann, I so enjoy your blog. I totally agree on social media. I do check Pinterest every day for posts from my
    grandchildren and Facebook for former family once a week. I had a blog at one time, but it all just takes too
    much time and energy. I’m excited for you to slow down, take a deep breath, and just stay with your blog!
    You are a very special lady, so love all your ideas and try to see how I can incorporate them in my own
    apartment. I have used several of your printables for family gifts.
    Stay true to your heart.
    It’s hard to lose love ones, I lost my mother two years ago, but so many memories keep her alive in my life so often. And there’s nothing better than being a grandmother…unless your are blessed to be a great grandmother!! Congratulations

  50. Robbie Hall says:

    I read your blog through my email and I love it! Thank you!

  51. Carole Thomas says:

    Hi Ann,

    Your blog is always uplifting, even when you reveal hard facts and make difficult decisions. I am always pleased when I see your blog in my inbox. I know I am going to read something interesting. Sometimes we do have to focus on less to BE more. I look forward to reading future blogs.

  52. Maureen Beaucond says:

    I especially am moved by your Mothers Day blog. It is especially meaningful to me because of the changes in my life over the last years. You did make me smile and ferl good!

  53. I’m so happy to know you will continue to blog. You are my favorite and I always take time to read what you post. I can imagine how challenging it is to create and post 2 or 3 times a week. I can’t even keep up with reading all the things I might be interested in that show up on my screen. And for that reason I delete a lot of it, but not yours. I’m afraid I’ll miss something I can use. I admire your home decor, porch and garden and have used several recipes you’ve shared. (The baked spaghetti is a favorite, frequently requested by by grands.) Thanks for sharing your talent and inspiring me with your examples.

  54. All I have is a sincere thank you for the time, effort, and heartfelt content you put into your blog.
    Please continue.

  55. I have just recently joined your email contacts, but I have been reading your blog for a few years.I’m probably close to you in age and I appreciate your ideas and decorating sense. After reading your blog today, I am glad that you choose whom you work with carefully. I know there are some who will latch onto anything to give a boost to the bottom line, and that’s their business, but I appreciate your thoughts on it.

  56. Stephanie C says:

    Hi Ann, I’m fairly new to your blog and I love it! I have never been on any social media except pinterest. I am just too private and I don’t enjoy that. So I give you credit for what you do. I am sure it is not always easy. Congratulations on becoming a Grandma! It is wonderful. I am expecting a little Grandson in August and have a 21 month Granddaughter. Life is so good. Thanks for the content you deliver,

  57. Well said, I agree with you about getting off the treadmill and admire you for doing so. Do something you love, not something you feel you have to do. I also love your advice for Mother’s Day, I too have a hard time facing it every year but always try to be outside working in the yard because that is what I enjoy. I will definitely get on your email list! Thanks for writing a blog worth reading. Sometimes I get the impression a lot of people just write something and it has no content. Love the board and batten!

  58. Mitzi Bates says:

    I love your blog! And yes, social media can be a drain. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! Our first granddaughter was born in February and we are over the moon!

  59. Pat Eager says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts. I totally agree with your comments on social media. I’ve given up trying to keep up to date with it all. It just seems to me that it results in valuable time taken away from actively LIVING my own life. Maybe once a week I’ll try to skim over some things but I refuse to let my phone or computer be the center of my life! There simply is too much else to be concerned with and do.

  60. I love this! It takes courage to acknowledge our limits and stop trying to be all things to all. Thank for showing us how to do this so gracefully as you move forward with things that important to you.

  61. Go D for you Anne! I have a FB account but have given up on using it I was tired of the often meaningless posts or ones that try to make someone else’s life appear more ex using than yours. I like REAL people. Thank you for being true to yourself and being one !

  62. Mary from Virginia says:

    You are not a ratterler!! Your words and posts are always gentle and wise. Thank you for keeping it real, social media is awesome and a drag. I have a small flower business out of my home and I depend on social
    Media to get the word out about my business. I have yet to figure out how Instagram benefits a florist unless it’s a teaching florist. Now I’m rattling on! Haha!

    I love your blog and I am excited about your new dining room although I’ll admit I will miss your bright cheerful wallpaper. To me it was beautiful! I know you lived with and were probably over it, but I’m a wallpaper gal! However, I know I will love your new look, I always like your taste!

  63. You go, Girl! I am not a fan of social media. Love your blog; thanks for all you do.

  64. Gina@ginadiamondsflowerco says:

    Oh how we needed to hear this. We have a blog and work on social media too. You are so right….it is a lot of work and can be exhausting. My sister works on all the social media and I work on content and even with 2 people, it is still a lot of work. Our goal is to be authentic in everything we publish and that is exhausting too. We rarely get a comment but when we do it is like a big hug and a thank you for all of the information gathering and idea sharing we have put on the blog. We were talking the other day and wondering how so many bloggers seem to do so much…we are not slackers! Like you, we appreciate our readers and will keep publishing the best and most up to date information and ideas we can. Until then, thank you for sharing this very honest testimony. We love your site….it is truly original and filled with quality content. You inspire us!

  65. Patricia Robertson says:

    Dear Ann,
    I enjoy your blog very much. Always such practical ideas and do-able projects. Your printables are just amazing. Thank you for sharing them with us. I am totally onboard about Facebook, twitter etc. Not for me everyday. This social media frenzy will suck the life out of you if you let it.

  66. Dear Ann ~
    Your blog is one of my favorites. When I see a post from you it always makes me happy.
    Some of the blogs out there are unrealistic – meaning how could I ever afford everything they have.
    But, your blog is so helpful and so real. Thank you for everything you do to help all of us.

    Have a blessed day.
    Much love,

  67. Ann, thanks for all that you do. As a subscriber to your email blog, I really appreciate all the tips on the different ways to keep my home “beautiful” in my eyes. Yours is one of my very favorite blogs to read and I read quite a few. Thank you for being transparent. Being a grandmother for me in many ways is better than being a parent. I loved raising my 4 children but there was so much responsibility involved like cooking meals, doing laundry, helping with homework, etc. etc. I LOVE being a grandmother because it is so much fun and I know you will too.

  68. I love your thoughts in this post, Ann. It’s so easy for us to become overburdened with all the things that we really want to do. I find it difficult to say “NO”, and am often over scheduled with little time to relax and enjoy the everyday special moments in my life. I’m glad you are taking a step back and focusing on what’s been successful for you and makes you happy. Keep us posted on how that’s working for you. Hopefully it’ll rub off on me.

  69. I think using too many social formats gets to be redundant after a while. How many ways can one say Hello. I check my Facebook daily and Twitter occasionally. All the rest I just don’t have the time. I LOVE your blog and follow you on FB. You’ve given me so many great decorating tips and I appreciate your printables. Thank you for taking the time to teach us new things. Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day. I miss my mom too.

  70. I am so glad that I stumbled upon you and your blog . I love to read your post and see all you beautiful ideas . You are the only post I follow and I am always so pleased when I see your new ideas ! Keep it coming !????

  71. I love your site, and your beautiful printables, gardening ideas, etc. I really enjoyed your blog today, and also am trying to scale back, and focus on the most important things in my life. Thanks for sharing your talents, and thoughts.

  72. Pam Newberry says:

    Dear Ann,

    I love your blog and read it faithfully. Also copy and display your ideas around my home. Currently my son is getting married and I’ve been working on a special Irish Blessing/toast for the rehersal dinner. Since your wonderful printables are displayed in my living room and enjoyed by many; maybe you might give us a sampling of wedding toasts/blessings?
    Keep on Keeping on with your wonderful blog.

  73. Amy Kaminski says:

    It’s funny that you bring this up Ann as my daughter and I were just discussing this same this same thing yesterday. I don’t blog or any of that but I do work full time. I don’t know how people have the time for email, Facebook, Instagram, and all the others. Seems everyone walks around with their phone in their hand. I’m just not on that boat. I have all of the blogs I follow delivered to me via email as that’s what works for me. There just isn’t enough hours in the day to keep a handle on all of the social media outlets and still have a life. So I applaud you for your honesty and know that you will be true to your own heart. My wish and prayer for you is that as you look back with sadness at the loss of your Mother you will realize that she is still with you and watching over you. She would want you to be happy. I lost my Mother 20 years ago and while it still weighs on my heart from time to time, I now look at her and her life with joy and appreciation, hoping I can be half the woman she was. You will now be filling her shoes as Grandma. What a happy day! Big Hugs!

  74. Thank you so much for your thoughtful post. I love your blog and enjoy your postings. I’m not big on social media, so this is the only way I keep up. You have such great taste and I love looking at your pictures! Keep on, keeping on.

  75. Lee Durden says:

    I sooo look forward to your e-mails!! Glad you will be continuing them. I completely understand about Pinterest…I don’t have time to look at it everyday. Spent some time there a day last week. Last time was BEFORE Christmas! (Not that much of a “social media” gal either!) I am a retired designer now living my dream on a small Idaho farm. Busy remodeling the old farmhouse, gardening, hiking, “putting up” & making new friends…like you! ???? Look forward to your e-mails with ideas, great pics & Wonderful recipes!! Thanks for sharing.

  76. Diane Henkler says:

    Hi Ann – “Social media is stealing my joy and I can’t do it anymore”. These same words came out of my mouth around Christmas….. I, too stopped trying to do it all and I am happy to say my blog has not suffered one bit. In fact it is stronger than ever, so I do not regret my decision at all. I did hire my youngest to automate some social media once a month around my posts old and new, but I don’t even go to look anymore. If someone replies with a question, my daughter will tell me so I can respond. This happens once a month if at all. I have never been big on any social media as I tried to train any followers to hang out over at my blog and not on social media. :-) It is my happy place.

    Enjoy your new found time to do what really matters to you. Congrats on your upcoming new role as Grandmother. XO

  77. Julie Briones says:

    REALLY enjoyable post, Ann. Thank you for sharing your thoughts… and your HEART! That’s gotta be hard for you, but we readers really enjoy hearing that you are ‘real’. Thank you for posting as often as you do. I really enjoy getting the notifications in the mail, and I do enjoy the FB notifications/posts because I can get to posts I haven’t seen (since I’m still relatively new at your blog).

    Also, thank you for the help you have given me in the past! It really made an impression on me, and I still think about the things you shared. :-) Thanks for the printables, too! I really enjoy them!

    CONGRATS on soon becoming part of the grandma club! When is she due? Is this your first? My first is 21 months now, and my son is expecting his first in November/December! It’s SUCH a blessing, and so much fun!

  78. Ann,
    You are just precious in so many ways!
    I am an email subscriber on your blog as I don’t have any of the other social media resources.
    I love your blog and enjoy it with my coffee in the mornings!
    Glad to be a part of something you are so passionate about!
    Thank You!

  79. I feel EXACTLY the same way about social media except I am polarized. I can’t even think of a post idea or focus enough to write one. Trying to figure it out. My mom will be gone 2 years on the 18th. This year feels harder than the first. We both have so much to be grateful for and we need to follow our instincts! Mine are telling me to step away for a bit. Thank you for this post, and congratulations. There’s nothing like grandchildren!

  80. Thank you so much for this blog in particular! I believe I first “discovered” your blog on pinterest but I have not looked for you on social media so the part about you not being thrilled with it is just fine with me. :) I subscribe to your e-mails and I just love them! I agree that social media is a sure fire way to rob people of any joy they may have left. Thanks again for focusing on what is most important….people and sharing things in common. I hope you have a beautiful day!

  81. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I am one of the guilty ones who don’t always comment, unless i have something to say. I am interested in your new dining / living rooms project and i do read them, so i will do better even if it is just a couple of words.

  82. I love your posts, printables, and photos. I too am considering a Facebook severance. I feel the pressure. It is not worthy of my efforts; I want to spend time with people, not technology. Do What You LOVE.

  83. Your posts make me feel like I have a friend. I recently lost my husband through a heart-wrenching divorce, all my life savings and retirement, my house, my job, my in-laws, and my daughter who no longer speaks to me.

    Your posts are warm and cozy and simple. And they remind me of the life I used to have.

  84. Anne, I was cautiously reading and thinking you were going to say “no more emails.” So happy you did not! I love your blog. I relate to you as we are in about the same place in our lives. I agree about social media too. Looking forward to reading about the new grand baby.

  85. Oh my goodness, I am on my feet and giving you a standing ovation. Every single thing you said in this post resonates with me. I’ve only been blogging for a little over a year, and the pressure for all the social media and all the things is just crazy. I am starting to step back from some of those.
    And as for your second Mother’s day without your mom, it was my second Mother’s Day without my mom, too. I feel your pain and I wish I could give you a hug in person. Thank you for this amazing post – I’ll be back – and yes, I am a new subscriber. ????❤️

  86. You’re Awesome, Ann!! Happy you’re doing what makes you happy ~ we reap the rewards!
    I’m a long time subscriber ~ your posts bring sunshine to my day !! & Congrats !!

  87. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Squeal! You’re going to be a granny! I am so happy for you, and I agree with you about all the social media nonsense!

  88. Sue Drury says:

    Ann, I love your blog. You have such generosity of spirit in sharing all of your wonderful ideas and printables. I can certainly understand your feelings towards social media; just do what is best for you. As for Mother’s Day, yesterday was also my second year without my mother on Mother’s Day – sometimes, I just get so annoyed that virtually every holiday has just become a crass and mass commercialization of whichever day it is. Just keep on doing what you are doing; we love you!

  89. Ann, good for you! I made a similar decision two weeks ago to reduce my social media exposure. I much prefer the cozy, intimate style of your blog to the rush-rush-hurry-hurry of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Like you, I can’t take it anymore and I’m genuinely much happier without all that mental clutter!

    I’m a subscriber and look forward to each of your updates. Your site is an oasis in a vast wasteland of schlock! Please keep it up here on the blog.

  90. Susan McMillan says:

    Dear Ann, this is my favorite blog! I feel like we’d be good friends if we lived close to each other. Keep doing what you’re doing because we all love it!

  91. Ann,
    I always look forward to your blog posts. So glad you have gotten off the social media merry-go-round. I disconnected a number of years ago and don’t miss it at all. The important thing is that you are doing what will make you happiest.

  92. Irene Johnson says:

    Ann —
    I always feel like I sort of know you. So I thank God that you are among the few I know who have come to terms with I can’t keep up. When I got home from church yesterday, we had supper/lunch (most of pre-cooked) and I went to bed for my standard nap. I slept 12 hours, waking up at 3 a.m.! I had no idea I was so tired.
    I think there is too much stuff in my life. I don’t mind doing and I don’t mind going. But I sure would like to have the opportunity to “be” sometime.
    Thank you for all of the beautiful encouraging things you post. When I get the energy, I’m going to try some of them!
    Blessings to you and all your readers–

  93. Marie Claire says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for focusing on us, your blog readers! You already sound happier.

  94. Donna Marie says:

    Ann I love your blog. It is one of the first blogs I discovered and I think it is very classy and you won’t lose me.

  95. I am just launching my blog this week, and you are one of my favorites. I appreciate all of the honest insight and I am paying attention! You are one of the great ones and I applaud your decision to get off the treadmill. Who needs all of that pressure?!

  96. Hello Ann,
    Your posts are interesting and fresh and I have enjoyed being a subscriber for at least a year or longer (don’t actually remember when I started) . I’ve used your free printables, and also made the vanilla, and been inspired by many of your posts! So, thank you, thank you for continuing with your blog! I always read your posts…don’t want to miss out, haha.
    Congrats to you expecting your first grandchild, you are in for some fun!
    PS. Your dining room makeover looks fantastic!

  97. Barb Holt says:

    Ann, I have loved your site from Day one! Our family is so fortunate to still have our mother (age 90) with us..we are having a big family celebration this summer and my plan is to use the blue ball jars as vases for our outdoor picnic so loved seeing those today on your site. We did however lose our youngest brother suddenly this past August so this was a difficult Mothers Day for my Mom, but we did some fun things that helped to ease the sadness. I know you miss your mother…mothers are so special. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother soon…we have four little ones and they are such a joy. I continue to look forward to all of your ideas, the photos of your beautiful home and your wonderful stories. You are a breath of fresh air! thank you!!

  98. Oh Ann, I think you have put into words exactly how I have been feeling also. I sadly had to let go of my VA who was scheduling my FB posts because although she was doing a tremendous job for me, it wasn’t bringing in that much more traffic than before I hired her. I am so tired of it all, too. I just want cook and craft and plant in my garden and share it with my readers and forget the rest. Maybe I will also take a book out of your page and slow down some, because to be honest I am exhausted. Thank you for writing this and being so open. xxoo

  99. Cindy Pierce says:

    Dearest Ann, I look forward to reading your blog whenever you post. I have unfollowed some on social media just because they post many times a day, it was getting overwhelming.
    I love your style of décor, you projects, and your gardening tips. Thanks for a blog well done!

    Have a blessed day!

  100. Good for you Ann. Keeping it real and doing what makes you happy.

    Your posts are always beautiful, informative and well written.

    I know your subscribers will continue to enjoy reading whatever you do.

    Congratulations on becoming a Grandma. That will keep you busy too.

  101. I love your blog and everything you post – it is my favorite! It is so enjoyable and not overwhelming. Congratulations on becoming a grandparent. It is a wonderful thing! Thanks for the prints and the recipes. You are the best!

  102. Dear Ann,

    I look forward to every post you make. I admire your efforts to balance your
    life by controlling your social media input. The Blog is most important to
    connect with your e-mail family. I am happy to be a member of that family.
    Love to you every day.

  103. I love your blogs and your ideas and thoughts! Your decorating is beautiful Reading your emails brightens my day!

  104. It’s a good day when I wake up and can open one of your posts! I’m not sure how I found you but you are the only one that I stay current with. The crafts and printables are always relevant. Thank you!! I look forward to whatever comes next! Thank you again for sharing yourself with all of us.

  105. You had me at “Hello!”

  106. I love On Sutton Place. I enjoy getting your emails. Thank you.

  107. My inbox is filled with ads and some news sources. Most are immediately deleted. Until I get to your blog update! I feel like we are neighbors and friends. I love your projects and often try the recipes. More than one of your printable has been printed and framed. Thank you for a blog that is from the heart and full of ideas for us average folks. Please keep up the good work!

  108. Mary Nell Harding says:

    I love your posts, and am glad I’m a subscriber.

  109. Thanks for being real about life. You are someone I know genuinely cares about your readers.

  110. OK, so I pretty much loved the whole blog today!!! I agree we have become a society, maybe mostly the younger generation, of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. How they all keep up I have no idea! I dabble in a bit of Facebook and Pinterest, as it is fun to see what Family, Friends, past and present, and our Military friends living around the world are enjoying and doing, But to have to do it all everyday, for me anyway, takes the fun and interest out, and yes we need to enjoy real time with our families and friends. That’s what life really is all about, the giving of ourselves to those we love and care about.

    I so look forward to your blog posts, emailed to me, as I can read at my leisure, save if in a hurry, and get back to easily to do a craft, or make your delicious, and one of my favorite summer ice box cakes. What you do fits me to a tea! and I love tea!

    So keep them coming I’ve left other blogs but your honesty, content, style, keeps me staying on. I actually get tired of the blogs that feature all these beautiful things from companies that are expensive, when most of us just want some nice touches to make our homes more inviting, warm, and comfortable.

    Thanks so much for what you do. Hope to enjoy your blog for years to come. Best wishes on the new role in your life. Being a Grandmother is just Priceless! I know because I have two handsome little fellas that have totally stolen my heart!

    Best wishes always, and God Bless your little angel on the way!

  111. Ann,
    I love “onsuttonplace”! ❤️❤️❤️. It is refreshing and heart warming and I truly love your ideas, and those printables are “to die for”. ! I feel like we are neighbors, as I live due south of you off I 75 in Sidney. I so look forward to every post!

  112. Ann, Thanks for your beautiful blog and your beautiful honesty. When I read your posts, I feel as though I’m hearing from a friend that I have much in common with. I think your observations about social media are spot-on. I heartily agree with your decision. Some of the best advice I have received is, “Whenever you say ‘yes’ to something, you are saying ‘no’ to something else.” This has been helpful when I am tempted to overcommit and then am stretched too thin. Please continue to do what you do best and we will all be blessed! God bless you and your efforts.
    Jo Ann

  113. I subscribe to several blogs but yours is the ONLY ONE I faithfully read. I so enjoy your perspective and look forward to seeing OSP pop up in my email. Enjoy your summer & the new grand baby. Your life will be forever changed! Thanks for all you do!

  114. mattsgramma says:

    Ann, I think of you every time I am on my porch watering my flowers and see the olive basket I enjoy so much. That is thanks to you and your blog. Hang in there from a loyal reader.

  115. Mary Chris says:


    I enjoy your blog. You show us creative ideas and recipes and it has variety. You can only look at someone same kitchen and living/dining rooms for so long. Keep up the good work and sharing the new and interesting things you discover.

  116. Carolyn Means says:

    Ann, I feel as if you are a close friend. I love your blogs and your creations. I do so appreciate your thoughtfulness in that you actually do answer questions from us. I also respect the fact that you can’t catch all of them and that is very understandable. Thank you so much for everything that you share with us and allow us to duplicate. We are having a new house built and your ideas have inspired me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  117. Jo Ellen Mason says:

    Thank you Ann for your comments on social media! I am very tired of worrying about all that too! I love your blog. Your style is just like mine! I will be here to read your emails! I worry about our children and grandchildren with this social media. My nieces and nephews can’t seem to get their noses out of their phones long enough to have a fun conversation with their aunts and uncles at family get togethers! Makes me sad!
    One more thing I made your daisy wreath for my living room door! Brings me happiness! Thank you! Jo

  118. Ann… well said. Beautiful! I just love your blog,,, please keep up the good work. I so look forward to your posts every week, your tips, and recipes!!

  119. Lynne Dickens says:

    I love your blog- I bet if you lived in my neighborhood, we would be friends (in person friends- not virtual friends). You are a class act.

  120. Thank you for being honest and true to what you feel is best for you and your readers. I love your ideas, your practicality, and your frugality. You seem genuinely excited about and anticipate a small change in decor as much as a large-scale change — that’s very real to me and exactly how I react! I look forward to your email in my inbox with your latest blog! Thank you!!

  121. Thank you! I always enjoy your thoughts and creative ideas, and look forward to your next blog. I found you first on the blog and enjoy that the most.
    Mothers Day is so hard when your mom is gone. It’s been 7 years now for me. I know it is easier now but the first years were the hardest. You’re right, keeping my day filled with purpose helps.

  122. Wonderful News! Despite the fact that I am an early 40s I’ve never had a FB account and I loosely follow very few IG. I would much rather read a personal blog. Good for you for dropping out of the electronic rat race.

  123. Lynn Jackson says:

    Thanks Ann for the lovely blog I prefer to read a personal blog then go to social media. I find reading ones blog is a lot more personal. It’s just like getting a a letter from a good friend keep up the lovely writing and have a good week.
    A friend Lynn ????

  124. Thank you for your dedication!

  125. Dear Anne,I live in England, I enjoy your posts​, thank you for your time and I am pleased you are pleased to have come to the decisions you have on social media. Time is limited for us all, and one less piece in the jigsaw of life, not trying to fit another one in, is better for us all.

  126. Dear,dear Ann. We lost our wonderful mother’s about the same time. I agree that all this twitter, which I do not understand. I hate what they did to Pinterest and there is so much crap on FaceBook I really do not go on it much. I am quite disappointed. You and Wendi from H2OBungalow are my favorites. I would rather read you in an email than a little space on FB. One other I used to enjoy is only on FB and I have lost touch with her. I am delighted you choose to get off the media go round. Welcome home.

  127. Thank you so much for this lovely post . I read all the time but mostly don’t take the time to comment . This was lovely and thank you for all you do.

  128. Valerie Alexander says:

    I love Ann Drake.
    I appreciate your honesty and the fact you care about people and FOR yourself. What an excellent model of how to be graciously real. I respect and thank you. ????

  129. Shirley Graham says:

    Hope you have had a great Mother’s Day! This is the first Mother’s Day that my husband and I have not had someone to give to for the holiday. My Mother has been gone for some time & my Mother-in-Law passed away just this year. Our children have all come by or called & our oldest grandson took us out to dinner along with our daughter (his Mother). We are so grateful that we have had conversations and time spent with our loved ones. Seems I miss my Mother more with each passing year. So hard to lose them when they would have so enjoyed seeing their great-grandchildren. At least I can see some of my Mom’s personality in her greats!

  130. Anne Sharma says:

    Your Blog is a favorite of mine. The overall design and photographs, garden posts, and lovely printables come to mind as examples of what makes yours a standout. Thank you for your heartfelt thoughts.

  131. Judi Johnson says:

    I agree I can not keep up with all the bloggers that want me to follow them on Pinteres, Twitter, and Facebook. I read my email which is where I read about bloggers then click onto them when it interests me. You have always interested me. Thank you for keeping things simple. And I don’t worry about people answering my comments unless I am asking for something like I couldn’t down load. But the one time I wrote to you about it. You answered right away and sent it to me. Relax you are doing a good job.

  132. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful blog today, Ann. You are right about Mother’s day….for those of us who no longer have our moms around, the day is bittersweet.

    I love your style and especially your printables. Do what’s right for you. I can see how social media can be a time and energy zapper. I’ll continue to be a fan. Thank you!

  133. Barbara F says:

    Ann, as so many have already said – your blog is lovely and your posts are honest and heartfelt. I enjoy the many different topics you post about and will continue to be a big fan, social media or not.

  134. Marilynn FisherM says:

    I really appreciate your honesty & taking the time to share this message. I agree with every word you wrote. I am 100% behind your decision & 100% an email subscriber, only. From the first time I saw your blog, I fell in love with everything in the blog & all the posts. The blog is beautifully designed. I enjoy every category/section which I check regularly for new information & to review past tips and ideas. I am truly impressed with the amazing, creative printables. What is just or even more awesome is your willingness & generosity to share all of your gifts within the blog with all of us.
    There has been a shift within the blogging community; focus on social media, connecting the blogger’s message to attached links to make money, offering a tutorial on how to make money from a blog as well as offering information attached to a price. I do understand that SAHM’s have now found a way support individual goals. However, it seems to me, in order to connect to available information that I find useful, more often than not it comes with a price tag. Or just as discouraging for me I have to link to one/all of social media connections. It has become a hassle. More than that, I’m finding I no longer want to subscribe to blogs that I once enjoyed.
    Also, I thank you for today’s message. My mother too, is with me in spirit today. You help me return my focus to the words in your message. I wish for you an quiet experience, perhaps just a moment that brought a smile to your face and a hug to your heart, surrounding you with peace and grace
    Stay true to your heart’s message. I wish you joy & wonder as you continue forward with this life’s chapter.

  135. Keep doing what you’re doing, Ann! Love visiting your blog and I can tell you put time and thought into quality posts, rather than just churning out repetitive content to get more clicks. You are appreciated! Happy Mother’s Day!

  136. Doris Miner says:

    I look forward to reading your posts, I save them for when I have to read and enjoy your thoughts and comments. I too lost my Mom several years ago and my children live out of state. I just tell myself they are both happily married have great careers, and call me everyday. What more could a mother want.

  137. Thank you for saying what many of us are thinking – how do I keep up with all of this? I am on Facebook, then added Instagram and with just those 2 I always feel like I am missing something. Happy you’re going to concentrate on your blog, it’s one of the more pleasant things I receive and look forward to reading.

  138. Cornelia L says:

    As always, another inspirational post. You have beautiful taste and I love how uplifted I feel after reading them, you put a lot of heart in everyone. Thank you for all the free E-books and other downloads that you share. I appreciate your dedication to your blog and your readers like “me”. :))

  139. You are so right to do what feels right for you. We spend too much precious time trying to keep up with the world around us. We all need to ‘stop and smell the roses’. Good for you Ann.

  140. I think your right! Social media is stealing some joy.

  141. I love your blog. I read or skim quite a few that come to my inbox regularly. Yours is in my “Top 5” list that I nearly always open and read greedily. Thank you for choosing to focus on the blog rather than the other social media. To me that is the most personal connection in which I feel I know and love you best. Happy Mother’s Day, and I look forward to sharing time with you going forward–especially the excitement of your grandchild-to-be.

  142. Ann, I enjoyed reading your ramblings. You are sincere and strive to educate us and lead us into bettering ourselves and enjoy life along the way. I appreciate that your blog does not have those annoying popup ads,
    that sometimes make a blog unenjoyable and unreadable.
    Thank you….

    PS I excited you are going to be a grandmother. Your life will never be the same and I hope that you will find that grand parenting is one of the few things in life that lives up to it’s billing…as I have.

  143. Love your blog, photos and printables, Ann, and now even more! You are like a good friend that I look forward to hearing from. Thanks for being straight forward and down to earth.

  144. Charmaine says:

    I love your blog posts and I look forward to them even if I don’t always have time to respond. The past few weeks have been very busy for me because I am not only coming to the end of another school year, I’m coming to the end of my career in education. Now I will have plenty of time, not only to read your blog posts, but to try out those yummy sounding recipes and follow some of those helpful home decorating tips!

  145. I am always happy to see your name in my inbox! Your ideas are practical. Often they stimulate my thinking and creativity to make my home and my life more beautiful and pleasant.

  146. Virginia Oraw says:

    I loved that you are sticking to your blog as your prime communication. I so enjoyed the ramblings of this format over Facebook and others, more personal.
    It too,is my second year without Mom and today was hard. Last year she died the week of Mothers Day and it was just so raw and exhausting, today it was a lonely feeling that you just need to get through.

  147. That was a lovely post and says so much about your heart.
    Thank you

  148. Thank you for your awesome blog. It is like a visit from a dear friend. I have created many of your projects as gifts for friends. Love the printables too. Your ramblings were perfect. Wish I had read them earlier today. Mother’s Day is alway a sad time for me. I lost my mother almost 20 years ago, she was only 68. I miss her so, but keep a copy of her smile always in my heart. I should have had a project ready to work on today and will plan ahead next year. Thank you again for such wonderful writings and ideas. You are loved by many

  149. Hi Ann,

    I generally don’t comment, but felt I should. I read your posts faithfully, have for many years and recently became an email l subscriber. Don’t ever feel you don’t have content, you do, that’s why I read your posts faithfully. (Havent figured out the eBay posts and how they work,but I’ll get there eventually!!!)

    Congrats on becoming a grandma, just became one myself and it’s wonderful!!!

  150. 258 comments?!? You’re amazing!!!

  151. Hi Ann,

    I generally don’t comment, but felt I should. I read your posts faithfully, have for many years and recently became an Emil subscriber. Don’t ever feel you don’t have content, you do, that’s why I read your posts faithfully. (Havent figured out the eBay posts and how they work,but I’ll get there eventually!!!)

    Congrats on becoming a grandma, just became one myself and it’s wonderful!!!

  152. Dear Ann,
    Another thoughtful blog from a dear friend. It is great you are concentrating on your lovely blog. It is always a pleasure to read. I removed many blogs that were too perfect. Your blog is great and just right for me.

  153. Dear Ann, your blog was the very first one i ever read. I didn’t even know what blogging was all about. But I did know that I completely enjoyed reading what you had to say and still do. Thank you so much for putting so much of yourself in everything you give us. Anna Dee

  154. I truly love reading your rambling and find it inspiring and light. I have not tried too many of your beautiful decorating tips but do enjoy looking and dreaming. Thanks so much. Keep up the great work.

  155. I agree social media is just getting so ignoring and just consumes too much of your time. Cut the cord people. Love you blog Ann you have beautiful postings and wonderful ideas.

  156. Thank you for being true your heart and passion! I LOVE your style and your desire to share your true gift with others!!!

  157. Mimi Ogletree says:

    That was a lovely post from start to finish. I applaud you for deciding to get off the social media “treadmill” and do more of what you enjoy! I will continue to look forward to your weekly newsletters.

  158. LINDA JEWELL says:

    LOVE YOU and will follow you whatever road you may take!
    So there! LOL!

  159. I hardly ever leave comments but I just have to tell you how much I love your blog. I’m not a subscriber but I religiously follow you through the blog reader Feedly. I totally agree with your feelings on social media.

  160. Dear Ann,
    What you are experiencing is completely understandable. I feel like your decision is very wise and your blog is one of my very favourites.
    Thanks and I wish you peace and complete enjoyment in what you do. We appreciate you so much!

  161. I love your blog. I don’t do Facebook or Instagram but I do like twitter . Continue to do what’s right for you. Life is too short to try to please everyone . We all have busy days ,in fact I don’t even get to my email until 7pm . So the time I spend reading my emails ,is sort of like having a chat with a friend . I spent my Mother’s Day in my garden with my husband . My daughter visited yesterday as she spent today with her in-laws. My son lives in Saskatchewan and I waited for his call all day. It came tonight after dinner. We haven’t any grandchildren so I am very happy for you. Think how special your future Mother’s days will be. So now that I am done rambling I wish you Peace and Joy . Social media is overrated . I prefer a nice cup of tea and a good old fashioned catch up visit!

  162. Wow, I have never seen so many comments on any post! That is proof alone that comments aren’t dead. I know I don’t always comment on many blogs. Some seem more inviting than others. I really appreciate this direction you are going. So much of the blog world and social media in general is about perfection and comparison. No one can do either. It becomes overwhelming to see everything so perfect all the time when real life just isn’t like that. Keep doing what you love and I think that will shine through in your content. I really enjoy your blog. Can’t wait to see your yard and your new floors! Happy Mother’s Day!

  163. Ok, ok….I’m the “never leave a comment” person!! I’m going to turn over a new leaf. I love your blog. Great ideas, honest commentary, fun stuff. I never thought I would be a blog reader. As a matter of fact your the only one I follow. Keep up the fabulous blog. I really enjoy it. Thank you.

  164. Thank you for this blog post. I totally agree with you when it comes to social media. I do not participate in social media as it just seems exhausting and just not something that I want to do. Thank you for a great blog that is always beautifully done and for the great recipes. Do what you love and love what you do! Take care!

  165. Anna,
    I support your decision . All this social media eats away from quality time for you. I never started Facebook or Twitter. I do check on Pinterest because I love paper crafts and gardens . My husband is totally disabled with MS. Working and coming home to care for him each nite leaves me little time but I do enjoy your blogs . Thanks Anne .

  166. I love reading your blog. I don’t do Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so your changes suit me perfectly. I think your decision to simply is a good one. Happy Mother’s Day.

  167. I always look forward to your posts. I don’t think there needs to be something every day. I don’t have time to read one every day. I think that your blog is one of the best out there. Maybe it is because I just love your style but also your photography is beautiful and I have some of your printables framed and hanging in my home. I didn’t retire until I was 70, almost 71, and now I just want to enjoy my life. I garden, bake, do paper crafting, read and watch HGTV. I’ve worked hard my entire life and now this time is for me. I finally have time for the things that bring me pleasure. You should do what makes you happy. Mother’s Day can be bittersweet. I know it was for me and I thought of you today and realized it must be for you too.

  168. It is very refreshing and relaxing to read a blog that’s just about the content that I signed up to see, not be bombarded by 8 different ways to buy or subscribe to a bunch of stuff I don’t want. Thank you for being true to you and your original purpose, cheers to you and long live Sutton Place.

  169. I am personally very glad you are coming back to what drew me to you in the first place! I am an email subscriber and found you by accident over two years ago. I sooo loved you and kept on file almost all of your posts, but as you “spread out” I felt as if I had lost the friend I had thought I had found…which made me very sad. So sad that I had pondered cancelling….and now, I’m here to say thank you so much for choosing to come back to the real you, that drew not only me, but I’m sure so many others to you in the first place! I will be watching for the real Ann to reveal herself and her love for all things “home” in your blogs to come! Enjoy being free to be you again! Yay for you!!

  170. Susan Champion says:

    Hi, Ann. I’m a brand new blogger and a long-time blog reader. I just discovered your blog; interestingly, I think I found you on FaceBook. I am so glad to read your thoughts on social media. I have really been struggling to maintain a presence on FaceBook, Pinterest, and Instagram with only limited success in driving readers to my blog, although I have been gaining followers on the social media platforms. I have been following several young and successful bloggers who seem to be able to do it all, but I can’t do it all well. I started a blog because I wanted to write one, not chase changing algorithms. Thank you for validating my thoughts. I was afraid I was missing important connections. I have read through your blog and will be a regular reader. I wish I had found you earlier. I have missed so much good reading! Thank you and happy Mother’s Day!

  171. I love the fact that you are true to yourself and decided to get off the social media merry-go-round…You always provide us with quality posts and I appreciate it! I’ll continue to look forward to your emails!

  172. Ann,
    Thank you for keeping us informed. I only follow you on your blog and I appreciate you ideas. Today, Mother’s Day , is sad and happy. I miss my mom also, but our 2 sons and their wives called to wish me a happy mother’s day. Also, our granddaughter in CA texted.

    The pictures of daisies and basil, rosemary and lemon balm brighten my day.

  173. I have been a friend of yours for five years now. I greatly appreciate all that you do!! Love your printableso, pillow covers, and delicious recipes. Praying for you to have a blessed day!

  174. Not sure where to sign up for emails so I will comment on how beautiful your blog is and how much I enjoy it. Hopefully this will get me on your email list. I appreciate your honesty about social media. I never got the Facebook bug just Twitter but I know people who are addicted to Facebook. I’d rather spend time with in real life friends!! Looking forward to more great posts.

  175. You aren’t rattling Ann, you’re just speaking your truth. You are the first blog I followed when I resigned from a job I had for 25 years and loved but had to leave because of an extremely difficult employee. You helped fill my day between job hunting, cleaning and gardening. I have been a loyal reader ever since that time in the fall of 2013. I enjoy your recipes, garden tips (love of hydrangea) and decorating talent. I’m so glad you are sticking with the blog. Being a former educator I’ve never had a Facebook account or instagram. I do follow Pinterest. I try to comment often. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve, I know I’ll enjoy it. And lastly congrats on that grandchild!

  176. Love this and your blog. I feel as if we are friends.

  177. I love your blog and have been a long time email subscriber! and I will continue to be!!

  178. Ann, I do enjoy your blog. The stitching you have posted has inspired me to start stitching again! I used to stitch a lot and when I started a new job, my hours kept me from it. Thank you for posting the pattern covers so that I know what to look for quickly.
    This is my first Mother’s Day without my mom. It’s been bittersweet, but my family kept me busy today.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  179. Ann, thank you so much for your honesty and your heartfelt message. Kudos to you for sticking to what works for you other than what you feel others expect. You’re a woman who knows her heart and that is priceless! I’m pretty much off Facebook and Pinterest these days and love the extra free time I have, not to mention less drama!

    Love your blog and thank you for thinking of us!

  180. Debbie Reynolds says:

    Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! I promise that it will be the beginning of the most joyful time of your life! Thank you for your blog. I love the beautiful simplicity of your posts.

  181. Marianne Brown says:

    Hi Ann,
    Today is a sad day for me too. I lost my beautiful daughter two years ago on May 15th. I went to spend Mother’s day with a friend whose children live too far away to come home. We had a peaceful day. Thank you for your heartfelt sharing and wonderful ideas

  182. Ann, I have been reading your lovely, crafted blog for several years. It always feels like something a friend has written, even though it is likely we will never meet. I so appreciate that your blog is not one giant advertisement. I no longer read some that have become one sponsored post after another. Hooray for you for doing things the way you want to with YOUR blog. Congratulations on the soon-to-be grandma status! Grandchildren are such fun! Blessings to you.

  183. Hi and Happy Mother’s Day Ann: I am not someone who is into all this social media stuff. I wonder how these people have time to anything else such as just being outside and going for a walk. If they are walking, they are still talking on their phones. How did we all manage to survive all these years without a cell phone or PC? You go to a school function and everyone is sitting there on their phones. How are you enjoying your child’s activity if you are constantly on social media or texting? Why do people feel the need to expose their lives and very personal information with the world? Never have I been on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any other social media; only have email and that’s it. Guess I still live in the “Dark Ages” but that’s ok as I want to guard what’s out in cyber space about me. I’m sure there is more information on me than I want and try to constantly check it as in this cyber age with all the hackers you really need to be careful. You go to restaurants and see people sitting together at a table and immediately they all pull out their phones and play games or etc. Why go out to eat with friends if all you are going to do is play with your phone? Best wishes to all you social media people, but that’s not for me.

  184. Happy Mothers Day Ann. Nobody can tell you the joy of grandchildren until you have one of your own. Get ready for a love fest. I get a little turned off by sponsored blogs. If I was furnished the product, my house could look good too. I’m going to be honest, it’s a complete turn off. My mom been gone for several years and it’s still a hole in my heart.

  185. Phyllis Haynes says:

    Mother’s Day is hard for me too, my mom has been gone ten years. Thank you for wonderful blog. I love reading it.

  186. Annette A Kelly says:

    Thank you for getting off the crazy media merry- go-round. Being able to multi-task in regards to media is not progressive in my opinion. There is no reason to set yourself up to be stressed when the original intent was to enjoy the process of sharing. Stay true to your original idea.

  187. This is my first Mother’s Day without my Mom. I agree it is bittersweet. Our youngest came for the day yesterday and helped us with yard work and later we had a very relaxing dinner. . She did a ton getting things ready for planting. Our oldest has deployed again so the nest was 1/2 empty and will be for quite some time.

    I applaud your decisions not to be pressured by the social media frenzy. We are all just to available. It is exhausting trying to keep up with it all. I much prefer to do one thing well instead of several half a__ed.
    Power to you!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy life, smell the roses and coffee.

  188. Well I truly enjoy your blog, you always have some positive tips to say or show, so thank you for that, I also loved your printable for Mothers Day I framed one of them for my daughter. I hate what has happened on Social media lot of nonsense and waste of time. Manners have gone out the windo whenit comes to the younger generation. They seem to bully each other and think it’s cool. So I do not post on person Facebook and I even closed my blog. People just like to feel entitled to be rude etc. Enough said. I do enjoy your posts and your generous heart. Thank you.. Bunny

  189. Susan Frank Ballentine says:

    You were my first blog & I am with you til you stop doing it! I love your ideas, home, yard, printables, instructions, recipes, photos, and ramblings! You inspire me & often just keep me going. I am so grateful for that & you.

  190. Judy Bogié says:

    Congratulations, Ann! You will be elevated to a whole different world, hopefully awesome times and places with your grandchild. What Blessings you all can be to one another. I pray your daughter is willing to share her abundance with you. Blessed boundaries to you all.
    I love your emails/blogs, whatever they are. I’m not a twit nor an instagrammar. I continue to applaud you new dining room, Ann~~so tasteful and forever classic, and now the perfect floors for a scooting babe. I can’t wait to see photos of you in there for tea, even if it’s a “Little Lord Fauntleroy”~~~~manners are for everyone. God Bless you and yours and thank you for sharing your Gifts and Talents.

  191. Happy Mother,s Day to you. I love your blog for all the reasons you stated. Thank you for the wonderful posts and I have at least 4 of your printables framed and hanging in my home.

    Have a good week!

  192. Rita Brown says:

    Hi Ann,

    I generally do not follow blogs but I love your voice. It is gentle and kind and it gives me something… some comfort, not to mention a little inspiration… that I must need in my life because I’m drawn to your words and pictures. You do not deplete me. Thank you. I’m glad you’ve found a way to carry on that brings yourself comfort and joy, too.

    All the best.

  193. Susan Bush says:

    Ann thank you for you blog! I only recently “discovered” several blogs I really enjoy and follow, yours being one. Although I do enjoy Pinterest, I don’t use Instagram and only joined Facebook for a Bible study course. I can totally understand how social media can take over and get in the way of life. So glad you will continue to blog- that’s what we look to you for! Enjoy your Mother’s Day

  194. Happy Mother’s Day, Ann! Congrats on becoming a grandmother, too! We all love your blog! You give us such joy and inspiration! Keep doing what your doing, because all of us love you and your amazing posts!

  195. Dear Ann, Not sure you will see this. My last post vanished…I think. But I just love your spirit. Learning about Facebook, pinterest and twitter and mastering them seems like a never ending task. I admire your ability to recognize the grind and get off the hamster wheel. I think I found you through Susan Branch..and I think that she would approve too. Mother’s Day is hard for me too. I lost my mom over 3 years ago. It does get easier but I’ll never stop wanting her back. Your advice was spot on though. I’d like to add to it…find a friend who has lost their mother, too. Make Mother’s Day a standing date for a movie, etc. Just a thought. Love to you and all of your readers,

  196. You will love being a Grandma! Congrats! I like your thought process and love your E-mails and your blog! Thanks for keeping us in the loop! Happy Mother’S Day!

  197. Can I just say that I think you are pretty great. Thank you for just being you.

  198. Thanks for always being so honest.When I read your blogs I feel like I was sitting on your wonderful porch & visiting with a friend. So so happy I found your blog look forward to it.Lost my mom 15 years ago & still have some bad times,but she was such a blessing & always happy so that’s what I try to do. Your going to have some amazing time with the new grand baby,they are such a gift.

  199. So true about some happy and some sad Mother’s Day. Keepin busy!!!

  200. I think you hit the nail on the head! I love your blog and see no reason why you should worry about FB, Pinterest, instagram, etc. you know the old saying, ” Jack of all trades, master of none”. I’m glad you’re going to concentrate on your blog and let the others go. Thanks for venting and writing what I too have been feeling.


  201. Happy Mother’s Day! I enjoy reading your blog. You are a ray of sunshine!!! :-)

  202. Thank you, Ann, for the creative ideas that you share with us. They are beautiful and simple enough for us to recreate, and a couple of times a week is plenty. More than that can overwhelm. Congrats on becoming a grandmother. You will love it! The first time they call you grandma, or tell you that they love you and those little hugs and kisses–oh, my!

  203. Judy Pearson says:

    My daughter-in-law in a photographer and got caught up in social media because she thought it would help her business. She eventually came to the same conclusion you have. It’s exhausting and disheartening. So she stopped it all.

  204. I love the printable! And I am so excited about your news of joining the grandparent club! It is the best club ever. We had our 1st 4 years ago on Mother’s Day and our 2nd last fall and there will be a 3rd this fall. I love being a Mom but I have to say a Grandmom is even better. I thought of you today with your Mom gone. It is hard, but the memories are beautiful to share.
    And last but not least, I am so glad you are going to be here on the blog. That is what I come here for. I love your blog and all you share. The social media thing is just a little crazy. I love reading blogs and I find my way here from email. Thank you for the time, which I know is a lot of work, you spend on each and every post. Looking forward to your summer tour.
    Probably more than you care to know from one person, but I love coming here.

  205. Ann,
    I’ve been a long time blog reader ! Your blog just makes me feel good . I have similar taste and color palate , your posts show how to make a house a home.
    I love posts that are affordable , links to where we can purchase and simple instructions
    I’d like to see a post sometime on deconstructing “grocery store flowers”, adding your own touch, putting it all back together in a simple but beautiful arrangement
    Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your grandchild :)

  206. May I simply say “thank you” for your comments. I agree wholeheartedly, and am in the midst of simplifying my life right along with you. Enjoy!

  207. Diania Abernathy says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart. I’ve also been rethinking the place of social media in my life. I’m not a blogger…just your average wife, mother, aunt and sister. I serve my church and after that – there’s not much left time. Except maybe I could do one more life expanding thing with the time I save from not checking my phone :) There are real people in need of eye contact! xo

  208. I am happy for any posts I get from you. Stay strong and do what feels right for you.

  209. Ann, just wanted to let you know that you are the only blogger that I still subscribe to. I love your blog, simple, down to earth and fun! Nothing heavy and no add content constantly popping up! Keep up the great job and stay true to yourself. I am a younger retiree and I decided when I left my corporate job that I would learn to say NO! I only wanted to do things that I would enjoy and made me truly happy! I found this hard to do it first, but recently cut a few things out and am much happier for it! All my best to you!

  210. Thank you for your thoughts on Mother’s Day. I needed to hear them this year.

  211. Linda Roller says:

    This is my first year without my Mother. She died June 20, 2016. It has been a hard year. I don’t do any of the other media. I always love your blog, and I love you.

  212. Susan Barr says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Ann! I, too, am missing my mom today, even though she has been gone 15 years! Just a soreness there, but joy, too in the memories. Not long ago, i put her hand-written recipes in two photo albums to organize them and that brought a lot of wistful memories to the forefront which was very bittersweet. I got to see all the kids and grands over the weekend and I;m very thankful for that. It is wonderful to be a grandmother, to enjoy the sweetness of the little ones, but it is also very satisfying to watch our son parent his children. Lots of blessings there! Hope you enjoy it all to the max! I am usually a silent member of the readers, even though I love and have tried some of your ideas; I always enjoy reading your great blog. I have mixed feelings about Soc Med, because without Pinterest, I probably wouldn’t have found you! I always enjoy your style and calm, kind manner. Like many things, it’s all in the balance. Keep up the good work! I hope all these comments from your faithful readers encourage you and build you up.

  213. Ann, I don’t comment often but I do enjoy your blog. I like that it isn’t everyday, who has time for that. I like that your ideas are lovely and easy to execute. I am glad you were able to put your thoughts down in the blog. Social media can become overwhelming. I would just like to say thanks for this wonderful blog. Pat

  214. Joanne Skolsky says:

    I loved your post today! I am not a social media fan either. Email is as far as I go. It just seems like too much work for me. I have been following your blog for quite some time now, and have always enjoyed your posts, and look forward to them as well. So do what you do in the way is most comfortable to you. Life is busy…why make it more complicated.
    I lost my Mom 10 years ago, and Mother’s day is still hard for me. I always fill the day doing what I love most, some gardening if possible, but mostly spending time with my family. It makes me happy, and that would make her happy too.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you, and congratulations on your upcoming grandchild!
    As always looking forward to more posts.

  215. Thank you for an inspiring Mother’s Day message. My mom has been gone for 20 years but I still miss her, will always miss her. I tear up every time but then choose to focus on the joys of NOW, my kids and grandkids, and especially a loving husband who honors me every day. So much to be thankful for. And I made the decision a year ago to get off social media. Thanks for all you do to inspire us to create. Blessings!

  216. Kathy Fowler says:

    “Happy Mothers Day” my dear Ann! I pray this day Does bring you peace of heart as I know it can be hard for some! God bless you and yours! ????

  217. Thank you for that sage advice on keeping busy after losing your mom. My mom passed way in January….my morning was rough. Then I started to do things…and it worked. (Should have read your post earlier!) I thought at first, your post was about stopping to blog….so glad that isn’t the case. I so enjoy coming here…you are truly genuine, and I so appreciate that. Happy Mother’s Day! ;)

  218. As I reading this, I thought “Oh, no, she’s saying goodbye ” and I was sad. But then you said you are continuing emails and I was so happy. I love your blog even if I don’t often have enough time to comment! I have a little shop and everything you write about inspires something in me. Thank you. And I totally understand about Pinterest, Instagram, etc. If you don’t love what you do, why do it? Our jobs of design and decorating and hunting for things, should make us happy not wear us out. Thank you for your honestly.

    This is my first Mother’s Day without a Mom so I understand your feelings today. And becoming a Grandma! Wow! such fun. I have 9 and they are wonderful. Thanks again for this post!

  219. I agree with you Anne, several of my favourite blogs have disappeared because their authors are just posting on Instagram. I enjoy OSP, especially when you show us your house and garden and I am glad you will still be posting here.
    This is my 3rd Mother’s Day without my mom. The first one was brutal and your suggestion to keep busy was a good one. I am a mom myself, but Mother’s Day has been changed forever for me, even though it gets a bit easier each year.
    Thank you for the long post. It’s great to read you. And Happy Mother’s Day.

  220. Enid Keyes says:

    I seldom comment on blogs–but yours today touched me. Like you, I have been paring down on the things in my life that rob me of creative or useful time, and most especially joy. There recently came a time when I realized I had an unknown but limited amount of time left in my life and I decided that by golly, I was not going to waste it on negative people or energy-draining activities (like social media). I was going to be less tolerant of selfishness and stupidity and more grateful for all the lovely joys even a very quiet life can bring. I will turn 70 in July, and so far, my efforts have paid off. I have experienced a renewed sense of creativity and more abundant energy to do the things I want to do. I must pace myself, because of course I am getting older, but I am not stopping, nor wasting the precious time I do have. Thank you for reinforcing my own purposes in this direction–I wish you much happiness and great joy in your own endeavors. By the way, I greatly enjoy your blog! Your efforts are not wasted by any means. Thank you again.

  221. Oh Ann,

    First of all Happy Mother’s Day! I too miss my mom…this is my l0th year without her. Both of my children live out of state. Good news is that my oldest and his bride are driving home later today to MN for a delayed honeymoon up north. We will be babysitting our grand dog German Shephard and I cannot wait. It is so difficult when the empty nest is emptier with the kids all of out state. But they are both doing well in grad school and are happy and that is what we yearn for as moms.

    Congrats on becoming a grandma. I cannot wait for that day to happen for me. I love baby showers and cannot wait to see all your fun ideas.

    Lastly, thank you thank you thank you. For your openness and honesty about posting. I do not follow the other social medias…only by email. I love the simplicity of it. You are in my top three of bloggers I follow:) but somedays I as a follower feel overwhelmed with all the posts because I follow at least 15. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what everyone is doing…but I don’t want to be bogged down with reading blogs. Oh it’s not that I don’t appreciate all the hard work. I’m sometimes amazed at the great posts and it is obvious the amount of work that goes in to it. Sometimes I just droll over posts and other times I send a note. One day I asked myself if I was addicted to following blogs. I talk about some of you at dinner and with friends like you are my dearest friends that I just had tea with:) My hubbie just laughs at me.

    Thank you for all your hard work. I’m happy to read you are being realistic…because this process should be fun and when it becomes work well we both know what happens then.

  222. Thank you for being “real” with us! It’s nice to know I’m not alone with technology frustrations.
    Happy Mother’s Day Ann . . . and I can’t wait to see your Baby Shower ideas! Our Son and Daughter in law are expecting their first baby (girl) at the end of June. It’s year 3 without my mother, so like you, I feel blessed with a “heart-ache” at the same time. . . . The circle of life. Peace and Joy to you this Mother’s Day!

  223. lou clifton says:

    Thank you for walking away from social media. It is very time consuming and with many readers we follow other blogs as well and when its all in one place,I personally enjoy it better..I feel like I miss content when other bloggers post to many sites. So with said I have decided to quite following them. I look forward to each of your post.

  224. I, too am disengaging from most….I spend too much time trying to keep up! Even (gasp) Facebook! That is a big expenditure of my time…..

  225. Linda Mejaly says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!! Perfect day for giving you THANKS for sharing your wonderful blog. Enjoy your day!!!

  226. Ann – Thank you for being “real” – we can’t do it all, and I for one am tired of trying. Also, thanks for not filling your beautiful blog with all the ads. I have stopped reading some blogs because you couldn’t find the content for the ads. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  227. Mary Miller says:

    Thanks Ann for your comments. I can feel your frustrations. Happy Mother’s Day and congratulations on your approaching “grandparent-hood”…it’s so much JOY!

  228. Ann….
    Do as you need for you, not for the social media/blogging trends.
    This is your hobby, let it be enjoyable & not stressful to you!
    Enjoy the beautiful ☀️????day we have today here in the Midwest (I am in IN)

  229. Ann
    Love your blog because you care about your readers and write interesting blogs. KEEP UP the Great Work almost Grandma!!!!!!!!

  230. BETTE QUERIN says:

    Ann, your site is very peaceful and I do enjoy reading everything you write and the photos too. Happy Mother’s Day.

    Thanks, Bette

  231. Thank you, Ann. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Your blog is my favorite because of your writing style not just your creativeness and similar interests to mine. I have stopped reading other blogs because of the advertising and unnecessary content and the difficulty in even finding the purpose of the current post. Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma! You are about to fall in love all over again. Looking forward to your future posts.

  232. I love that you are staying true to yourself and what brings you happiness. Trying to keep up with too much social media zaps joy and doesn’t allow us to be present in our lives. I enjoy your blog immensely and your simple, easy approach to decorating with what you love. I am also planning a baby shower for my daughter and our first grandchild. Maybe I relate to you so well because we are at the same place in our lives, probably close in age and a fellow Ohioan! You feel like a friend! I hope your wonderful memories give you peace this Mother’s Day.

  233. Hooray for walking away from social media! I love your blog! I love your style. I originally thought you must live in the south your home has such grace. Glad to know it is still alive with some of us Yankees lol. You will love being a grandmother! And last, keep writing and sharing, it is a bright spot in my mailbox!

  234. Ann, so love your blog. I’ve grown tired of sponsored posts from some bloggers so I’m not bothered at all that you don’t do those types of posts. This just means you’ll be sure to post something worthwhile when you do a sponsored post! I love your content and understand the treadmill of social media. It’s exhausting. Hang in there. Look forward to upcoming posts.

  235. Agree completely about social media and although I am not yet willing to give up Pinterest, those days are numbered as well. It feels really satisfying when I make up my mind about something and just do it because my gut tells me it is the way to go regardless of what other people say or do, it is freeing. Congrats, being a grandma is like nothing else in the world, truly the start of a loving adventure you could never have imagined. Enjoy this new part of your life’s experience.

  236. You have such a beautiful heart and it comes across in all of your posts. I can honestly say I always finish reading your blog with a happy heart myself. Whatever you decide to do, whatever changes you make, I will always be a faithful follower. Just wish you lived in my town and we could coffee together!

  237. Brenda Armstrong says:

    Go Ann, great decision skipping the social medias. I refused from the get go. You’ll love being Grandma. I am to 3 and what enthusiasm and challenge they bring. THANKS for all you put into your blog. Not sure how I found it but anticipate each. Happy Mother’s Day.

  238. Linda Manuel says:

    Agree with your decisions about Facebook and Pinterest. I do search Pinterest occasionally, but it is reading a blog that really gives me what I’m looking for. Social media has gone too far for me, including “tweeting” about any and everything. Just so NOT into all that.

    I don’t always comment, but I will pin an idea for future use. I know how much effort goes into putting together things to publish so I will make a point to comment more.

    Congratulations on your impending grandmother status! Such a delightful time of life.

    Best wishes from me and all your readers.

  239. Christy H says:

    One of my favorite fashion bloggers has gone to posting on Facebook almost exclusively and I am not big on Facebook so I rarely see her content anymore. I much prefer reading individual blogs like yours so THANK YOU for continuing your blog posts.
    PS. Being a grandma is the best! You will be amazed how much love you have for that little one!

  240. Rosemary Shea says:

    How wonderful you’re going to be a grandmother! That’ll be a new reason to want to celebrate Mother’s Day in the future. Congrats!

  241. I agree and am happy to just read your blog.We are from a different generation and
    all this social media becomes a bit much.Congratulations on becoming a grandmother,
    my daughter is having a baby girl in August after much medical intervention. Being a
    grandmother is truly a blessing for both of us.Happy Mother’s Day to you and enjoy your day.

  242. Couldn’t agree more with what you’ve had said. There are even very few blogs that I read daily because they just aren’t relevant to my life. Few people I know or have known over the years buy new furniture or completely remodel rooms on a whim just to boast about all the new decor. I always enjoy your posts, but must admit I don’t always comment. However, I do believe that you are a truely down to earth person who offers great ideas etc on your blog. I wish you continued success, and oh what fun to become a grandma.

  243. Lynn Thelen says:

    Happy Mothers Day & congratulations on your “grandma-to-be” title. Being a grandmother will change your life for sure. Thank you for all your decorating ideas and everything you share regarding flowers – I enjoy them all. I know when I open your blog, there is always something good I can take from it. Keep up the good work….

  244. Pam Bradshaw says:

    Enjoy your day Ann. I don’t keep up with all the social media and I’m not a blogger! I can’t imagine posting everywhere everyday. Shew. That said, I’m happy you are still post on your blog. That’s where I read from.
    Congrats on becoming a Grandmother!!! I know you are excited and will spoil that little baby. Keep us posted. Love your blog and you.

  245. I’ve often wondered how bloggers keep up with all social media platforms. I’m sure it’s exhausting! I think it’s great you’re getting off the treadmill and sticking only with blogging. More and more of my friends are leaving Facebook and Twitter. I don’t have Twitter and I’m probably soon to follow my friends leaving Facebook. I think some people are simply becoming burned out.

    I do have a question…I use Bloglovin to read your blog. Aside from the special you offer email subscribers, is subscribing to your email duplicating Bloglovin? My feeling is I probably don’t need to do both but wanted to double check. Thanks for your blog!

    1. Hi Kim! Yes subscribing would be duplicating your bloglovin feed. If you like reading blogs that way definitely don’t change a thing! Thanks for your comment. ????

  246. happy mothers day to you Ann. I enjoy your blog each and every time!

  247. Alexis Birch says:

    Happy Mother’s Day and congratulations on your news about becoming a grandma. Nothing beats the joy of a grandchild. I couldn’t agree more about social media and the time it can take from a day. I rarely facebook anymore. I prefer my social encounters to be in person.

  248. Hi Ann,
    I rarely comment on anyone’s post, but couldn’t resist today. Yours is one of the blogs I always look forward to. I have subscribed for a pretty long time. Delighted to hear you will be a Grandma soon.

  249. Lovely heartfelt Ann, I hope you are having a wonderful Mothers Day. So glad you are following your instincts regarding social media.

  250. Betty Neely says:

    Congratulations, Ann. I, too, have taken a break from social media. It’s too much! Why spend your life in front of a computer or a phone? There’s so much to do around the home and in the garden that makes your life, and your family’s life, much more beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day, Ann. I’m off to work in the garden, letting my thoughts fill with my mom. xo

  251. I very much enjoy your blogs. Your heart is felt through them. We lived on Londonderry before moving out of
    state several years ago and I would have cherished having you as a neighbor. I have downloaded the plaid
    J O Y letters a couple Christmases ago and enjoy using them. I can understand the “heaviness” of social media. I generally ignore it until I get notes to check FB for grandchildren updates. I do receive phone calls from them as well. I encourage you do what gives your heart and soul a warm glow. Grandmothers need to
    have energy for the grand babies and own well being. Hugs to you and your positive outlook.

  252. You, Dear Ann, Are Simply Beautiful! May Your Days Treat You With Great Kindness!! Xoxxo

  253. I agree. It is exhausting to try and view Pinterest and my favorite blogs each day, plus work my full time job and keep my home presentable, and meals prepared. So I no longer do it. I view my favorite blogs 2-3 times a week, and focus on my own journey. Pinterest can wait, and I have not enrolled on Facebook. Any pictures of my beautiful granddaughter and grand dogs and grand cats that are important are sent to my by their parenta. I want to enjoy my journey.

  254. Kathleen G says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Ann!
    Wow, alot of comments, that Ann, is telling you how much readers enjoy your blog:).
    It’s never easy to lose your mom and Mother’s Day, always a struggle. I like what readers suggested, do something your mom enjoyed doing.
    Congratulations on becoming a Grandma, I know you’ll be a wonderful Grandma and Grandpa too! I’m very excited for you and of course your son and mom to be. I just became one in March and they’re coming over today:).
    I love this post Ann, from the heart!
    Have a beautiful day, Kathleen in Az

  255. Thank you for your thoughts about social media and your commitment to your blog. I am very happy to be a subscriber and will continue to be. I love knowing that when I click on the link in my email, I will come to On Sutton Place and read some interesting, useful, thought-provoking and generous information. Thank you for providing the great content that I always find from you.

  256. Beautiful post! Thanks for all you share, and congratulations on becoming a Grandmother! In my humble opinion, it’s one of God’s greatest blessings!

  257. Martha Phillis says:

    Thank you, Ann, for your honesty. It sounds as if you have peace about these various changes that you’re making. We live in such an incredibly fast-paced, frantic world where truly listening and being at peace are hard-won commodities. For me, that peace and the call to rest in the midst of the demanding distractions of our culture is Jesus. As a mother, wife and grandmother (congratulations–grandmotherhood is the best of the best!) I am learning to rest in His provision for whatever my needs are (some days pretty many!), and I pray that for you as you move through the changes you mention on your post. This response is long but well-intentioned☺️.

  258. Ann, thank you for your frankness concerning social media. I sometimes feel like a dinosaur not being a part of Facebook, Twitter, etc. I have heard of hurtful situations as a result of posts on Facebook, and being “de-friended’. It is for these reasons I choose not to take part. Life is too short.
    I lost my husband too early, and it taught me the importance of face to face communication.; picking up the phone or dropping a note when someone comes to mind.
    I, too, have lost my Mum a few years back and still miss her. I am a morher and grandmother and my wish would be for all mothers to just know they are loved and have done their best.
    You will love being a grandma! Best wishes.

  259. Do what makes you happy and all will come out right. I enjoy your blog; I don’t bother with the rest of the social media nonsense except for an occasional Pintrest afternoon.

  260. As always Ann your post is rings honest and true. Thank you for the reality check. As for Mothers Day it is hard some years easier some not.
    No one can prepare you for the love you bloom when your baby is born…duplicate for a grandchild.
    Enjoy. It’s a wonderful ride.

  261. I feel the same way about social media. It is exhausting to keep up with. Facebook has become yet another obligation. You need to do what’s best for you and your readers will in turn benefit!

  262. Your thoughts are not ramblings…they’re very special words that have reached many of us. I enjoy your blog tremendously and have been remiss in leaving comments on a regular basis. Please know that I’m on your email list and I love seeing your blog pop up in the morning as I enjoy my coffee and plan my day. Congratulations on soon becoming a grandmother! There’s nothing like it – I never thought I could love anyone as much as my own child, but the grandchild connection starts a cycle over again in my life. No longer feel like an empty-nester – my grandchildren adore me and accept me as I am. Well, now I’m starting to ramble! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and thank you for all your insights and inspirations!!!

  263. Virginia Hildebrandt says:

    I loved you long posts and I sometimes love social media and sometimes I hate it. , love that I keep up with friends far away and words of encouragement, but hate it when people are ranting at someone and show me what they are eating !!

  264. I think your posts are wonderful… are a class act.
    I too, do not care for social media. I have one account, for one reason….to see pictures of the grandkids.

    Love your beautiful ideas and will remain a faithful reader.

    Please stay your beautiful, thoughtful, and sincere self.

  265. Congrats on the grand baby. Can’t wait to read your posts this summer. I’ve been a fan for sometime now. Love your blog. I too feel the same about the social media and post when something strikes my fancy.

  266. Ann,
    What a truly heartfelt post and I am here to stay with you on your blog.

    Social Media, unfortunately, starts feeling less social and more of a rat race. There are millions out there that love it all and that’s wonderful. I am in the same lane as you and am glad that you’ll continue your blog. Life is too short for that kind of stress ????

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and congratulations on your becoming a Grandmother soon!!

  267. Lauren Taylor says:

    That was so well said!! I am off that treadmill too. I am tired of the constant boasting and feeling like I am inadequate for not constantly posting what i am doing, eating, thinking, buying or celebrating. I feel it has become a bragging tool for the most part. I think we need real life…not these manufactured perfect slices of a make believe existence. And I think it sends a crazy message to our kids. a self indulgence that seems to negate all the things we try to instill in them. that is humility, kindness, thoughtfulness, gratitude and true happiness. Boasting is ugly and destructive. I hope to find some peace. I love your simple blog. Thank you.

  268. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I’m so glad to hear that you’re not going to let the social media train steal your joy in what you do. By the way, my mom went to heaven in 2011, and Mother’s Day is still a little sad for me. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  269. Gail Martin says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Ann. I hope you find peace and blessings.

  270. Rhonda Mancini says:

    Congratulations, A grandbaby, how exciting. Love your blog. Not a fan of social media. Happy mothers day. Just know your mom is very proud of you. I don’t have my mom either,but spend the day remembering all she did for us kids.
    Always ????

  271. 1-you are not a loser! I only follow 1 or 2 blos on fb and am considering giving it up completely. 2-my Mom is 1000 miles away and my 3 kids and 4 grandchildren are 3-8 hours away, so I’m not jubilant about this holiday either. We will, however, get to Skype. So that is a huge blessing! 3-congratulations on becoming a Grandma! Oh, Ann, you will just love it! Keep us in the loop about the shower. Many blessings, kg

  272. Lois Christensen says:

    Beautiful post as always. Mother’s Day is hard for me too. Both my kids are grown and not home right now. Hubby is in Kentucky with the cadets. My sister-in-law is gone 2 years tomorrow and my dad nine years in a few days. It’s very hard.

    Today I choose to focus on my mom who is still with me. We will drive to NJ to visit with my sister and her family.

    Enjoy your day too Ann!

  273. Christine Kilmer says:

    I enjoy your blogs Ann, so keep them coming!

  274. Pat Stoughton says:

    I love you and your blog. I look forward to it and read every word. Getting ready to plant my herb garden. Because we had lovely-ish weather, I went and bought my plants. It got cold 3 days later. We just had 24 hours of rain (read deluge), and the bed is ready. However, so will be the deer and bunnies and squirrels. So I need to make my outdoor herb garden safe. I plan to visit Home Depot to look at their fencing.

    So I have a bedding all ready. Plants that are doing well inside but anxious to be in a bed. Creatures that probably can smell the herbs through the walls of the porch and are ready to spring into action.

    Looking forward to seeing your herb garden!

  275. Honestly…your honesty is very refreshing, Anne! Social media IS exhausting on so many levels and I find I just don’t want to spend very much time on it. I never get enough done as it is (I have my own business) . I thoroughly enjoy your emails and am even more inspired by your choice to refine your priorities!
    Here’s to what really matters!

  276. Keep up the wonderful work….I will always be here, eager for the beauty that you share with us. Thanks

  277. Ann Heistad says:

    I enjoy your posts and have found them full of good ideas. Thank you.

  278. Sheran Steading says:

    What a wonderful post! All I can say is “Amen!” To you thoughts regarding social media. I am probably one of the few who has never been on Instgram and I don’t tweet. I used to check Facebook daily, but over the last few months it just makes me weary. What used to be a fun place to keep up with far flung family and friends is now a place of angry political spews and advertisements. I rarely check it now and I am completely peaceful about that. I love your blog. It’s real, it’s lovely and I wish I could have you over for coffee. Keep up the good work, Ann.

  279. I like your posts. I like the things I can print and frame. While other blogs I subscribe to I might just delete, I always open yours.

  280. Charlotte Farley says:

    Thanks you for all that you have done on your blog. I enjoy it.
    Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

  281. Ann
    Your words, your pictures and your printable are beautiful and I will admit I use social media to keep in touch, follow and learn but really I spend most of my time in my emails. Cannot remember exactly how I found you but I’m happy I did. God bless and Happy Mother’s day.

  282. Kathy Hocevar says:

    Thank you Ann❤️ Happy Mother’s Day!!

  283. I love the “Wishing you laughter and grace.” May i use it? It just fits what all of us need.

    1. Yes feel free to use it!

  284. Your posts bring value, content and quality to my life. Your blog resonates with me because it is about real life; family, beauty, comfort, home as a solace and a place to celebrate. I am delighted you are going to be a Grandmother – that’s thrilling. And I am so looking forward to reading the summer’s posts! Happy Mother’sDay!

  285. Ann

    First of all, Congratulations! Agrandcjild brings joy that you couldn’t have imagined!
    Second, I love your blog and it is the only one I subscribe to.
    I only go on Facebook to see family photos–no one shares pictures anywhere else these days.
    Never had Instagram, Twitter, or anything else. escept Pinterest which I use to save card samples.
    I am not a fan of social media at all. I’m old school and I like e-mail.
    I love all your posts but I do love your “ramblings” and am uuually right in tune with you.
    I’m understand abot missing your Mom today…..these days can be bittersweet.
    I’m a fan–Peggy

  286. Ann, I agree with you. I’m not a big fan of social media. I don’t have a Facebook account. My husband does and occasionally I use his and check things out. I usually feel like I’m getting sucked in to all the drama of people’s social life or political views etc..And then I realize, I need to back out. I’m a private person and frankly I don’t see why people think that everyone wants to know the details of your life. I do have a Pinterest account. I use it to save ideas that i want to try at a later date. I don’t have many followers but that’s ok. I don’t care. Life is too short to fill with clutter. I’ll just pick and chose the things I like.. That’s why I like your blog. It’s meaningful to me. Thanks.

  287. Thank you Ann for speaking from the heart. It takes a lot of courage to do so and to follow what you feel is right and not to follow the trend. I am not on social media and appreciate receiving your posts by email. Guess that makes me an “oldie” but it is how I feel comfortable navigating this internet that can be so time and life consuming.
    Thanks for being you.

  288. Your website is lovely.

  289. I am sad that I can’t celebrate this day with Mom either…it is almost 3 years since my parents died in a traffic accident. Today I will sew…one of the many things she taught me. My sons both remembered me today so it’s a day of mixed blessings !

    1. Bless you Sue…I hope you enjoyed the day. ????

  290. Ann, I love that your posts are from the heart, and I’m betting all your readers/friends feels the same way. Your easy style is like a breath of fresh air in hectic times. We all want you to enjoy life and have it be fulfilling. So glad you assessed what was going on with social media and decided what works best for you. Whatever you decide, we are all here with you! Enjoy a beautiful day!

  291. Cathy Hughes says:

    Ann, I enjoyed your blog today. I don’t know how or when I first found you on my computer, but have certainly enjoyed all your blogs; tours of your home, cooking, and really your flowers and tips on growing
    clematis! I was here when your mother passed away and your heart felt message of her passing.
    I am not on twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, but I am on face book and I just bought my first smart phone a few
    months ago. I gave up trying to keep up with the information highway a long time ago. Social media has its
    place, I guess but for me I like the blogs where I can learn things that I am interested in and I like the small
    intimate gathering of blogs like yours. (I like debbiedoo’s also.) Guess I am asking you to stay the way you are. Thanks!

  292. Debbie S. says:

    Thank you Ann for always keeping it real and honest, I’m not part of much social media myself, and don’t want to be. I want you to know that your posts are my favorites, I love everything you do so please don’t change a thing! Have a very Happy Mother’s Day, I know you are missing your mom but will soon have a new grandchild to love – how wonderful!

  293. Francis C. Moore says:

    I really enjoy your blog. Your decorating style is right down my alley. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother in the future. I enjoy my twelve year old Olivia and my six year old Harper. Both girls are delightful most of the time. I miss my mother so much.

  294. I was so pleased to know how you felt about social media. I can never get it all read let alone answer it. I have some new faithful friends from Facebook and I adore them. There is so much life to be lived without being on line all day. I enjoy your post and I am a faithful e mail reader. I have no children and my Mother has been gone since 1986 so today is difficult for me. I posted tributes everyday this week on Facebook about my Mother and got many answers that were a true blessing. remember when you lost your Mom and the joy you shared with us about her life and your love for her. It is so true Motherhood begins and ends here. I am delighted you are going to be a Grandmother and I know we will get the joy of the new birth. Now I must tell you I have heard being a grandmother is a full time job so beware of your new responsibilities. Have a wonderful day and keep your e mail readers happy.

  295. Mary Kaiser says:

    Amen sister to your words about social media. I am behind you all the way. As far as missing our mom’s, I lost mine in 1986, she was only 54 years old a had raised 9 children, she is now a saint in heaven and I have missed her every single day of my life, and will continue to do so. I do keep busy to keep my mind off it, but especially today my heart aches to not have her here. I have four children of my own all grown and gone and I
    Know how hard she worked for us. God bless all the mothers today and every day they are here!

  296. Linda Moore says:

    I expected this to be longer or I enjoyed what you said and it didn’t seem long to me. I appreciate the beauty and gentle touches of your blog. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to see Phantom of the Opera today to fill my day. My children have all celebrated me with flowers, phone calls and a new grill so I can continue cooking for my blog. I’ve been without my mom for 13 years and I still celebrate her. She is my inspiration for almost everything I cook.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

    1. Linda, you will enjoy Phantom. Do tell where to find your cooking blog.

  297. Angela Welch says:

    I love your blog and your generous sharing of all you find with us! Yours is the only blog I read …. really read. I find your suggestions and ideas right on target with just what I need! Thank you for hosting your blog!
    Have a wonderful Mothers Day!!!! And congratulations on becoming a grandmother! I’m GG ( grand goddess) to 12!!! Angela

  298. First of all, wishing you the very best Mother’s Day! It’s a whole different ball of wax with a grandbaby, too. My mother passed in 1980 and I still miss her.

    I so appreciate the time that you put into your posts. As a person who does not “do” all the social media, welcome to a simpler life! I do enjoy Pinterest as that is where I get ideas and recipes, and “store” information I want to keep. Looking forward to new posts…

  299. I am an email subscriber and haven’t followed you on social media at all. I can’t keep up with all of it either. I have enjoyed many of your recipes, gardening and sewing tips. I am celebrating my 4th Mother’s Day without my mom. Today I read some suggestions for those of us who no longer have our mom’s this Mother’s Day. Make her favorite recipe, plant her favorite flowers, put together a scrapbook of memories are just a few suggestions. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day, and congratulations on your upcoming grandchild!

  300. Jacqueline says:

    Well said! I only subscribe to a blog that brightens and enlightens my day. Thank you for your efforts. I never have or will use other social media . Of an age that never got hooked. I do use Pinterest to archive ideas and visual reminders and that only for about a year. Mother’s Day blessings to you


    A lovely post Ann and congratulations on getting off the treadmill.
    My crime fiction blog is not monetized, so we are in different circumstances.
    However, when I realized I was chasing numbers (and was miserable) I stopped flat.

    Carry on Ann….and Happy Mother’s Day :-)

  302. Denise Cox says:

    Ann, all of your readers LOVE you!! Always remember that!! We appreciate all your hard work and kindness… AND wonderful prints!!

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  303. I love your blog and feel such a connection with all that you do and also with you. I feel like you are a friend whom I enjoy hearing from. I agree with you about the social media thing. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to keep up with all of it!

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! I’m off to church and then my sons are bringing lunch.

  304. Ellen Sorce says:

    I so look forward to your emails. Happy Mother’s Day!

  305. Your blog is the one I enjoy most seeing pop up in my email. I love your decorating style and have successfully used some of your amazing ideas. Thank you for being who you are. Happy Mother’s Day. It does get a little easier, but you’ll always miss your mom, especially on Mother’s Day.

  306. Living and speaking from the heart and marching to the beat of your own, takes courage. I appaud yours and your recent decisions. Social media is a time sucking vampire. Those of us with the maturity to remember life “before” need to keep reminding younger folk that less is often more. Good for you for chosing what makes you happy.
    I always enjoy your posts, for their elegant simplicity and gorgeous content. Thank you for ALL the effort that goes into them.
    I am caring for my Mom who is soon to be 97 and who still lives on her own. Thank you for reminding me that this may be my last Mother’s Day with her and to treasure every moment.
    Congratulations on soon becoming a grandma!! It is the BEST reward for growing older and will add a layer of richness to Mother’s Day that will bless the rest of your life.
    Thanks for your honesty Anne, and Happy Mom’s Day.

    1. I laughed out loud at the time sucking vampire part…thank you so much!

  307. Jane Moore says:

    WOOO HOOO, Ann, for making the decision to focus your attention on your blog, only! I’m not into social media much, either, and always wonder what I’m missing out on from you in those areas. I told you a long time ago that receiving your blog posts was like receiving the latest issue of my favorite magazine…and it still is; your blog is all I need!
    Understandably, this is another difficult Mother’s Day for you; rest assured that, though the love for your Mother will never subside, your Mother’s Days will become easier as the years move along. Celebrate not only that you HAD a wonderful Mother, but that you ARE one!
    HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY, 2017!!!

  308. Happy Mothers Day to you Ann; I really enjoyed your post this morning. I’m glad to read that you’re not trying to ‘keep up’ with all the social media. In my opinion it’s just a lot of wasted energy on things that do not really matter. I guess that sounds rather heartless to those in the s m circle; but I believe in family, friends, home and hobbies. I enjoy all of those, and they fill my life. Your blog is exactly what I like to see. Just enough! Never overloaded! Now look who’s rambling!!!!!! The weather here in northern Illinois is so perfect today, it’s such a pleasure to be outside. Saw my first hummer at the feeder ( soo excited). And yes, we feel a sadness on this day because our Mothers are not with us, but like you say, we fill the day with other loves and keep our heart and minds busy. Keep up your wonderful blog; it’s just perfect!

  309. You go, girl!! Get rid of things that don’t bring you joy. And speaking of joy……….becoming a grandmother is the BEST! I couldn’t be happier for you.
    I have not been very good about leaving comments but will try to do better. I have always felt that you are like a really good next-door neighbor ( who shared her Cranberry Citrus Bread recipe)!!!

  310. Vontreva Gammel says:

    I think your honesty is refreshing and I love your blog!

  311. Ann, I am one of your silent readers who follow you and look forward to your posts. I think it is very refreshing to realize that you don’t have to participate in all the social media to make an impact. Just simple, pure communication, real people projects from the heart–that’s what I enjoy about your posts. Thanks so much! Ksren

  312. Thank you for your refreshingly honest perspective! I greatly appreciate your blog now more than ever. Social media is such a trap. While there can be useful, inspiring ideas, it is so easy to get caught up in the show.

    As many of your readers have already commented, your blog is like time spent with a friend. While we’d all like to put our best selves out there, it is comforting to know that you are human with limits. Your honesty and willingness to share your struggles make your blog more appealing, especially to someone who can relate to realizing personal limits and making the choice to focus on what I do best.

    Enjoy your Mother’s Day doing whatever makes you happy and knowing that you honor your mother every day by being the graceful woman you are.

  313. Kathryn Ripley says:

    Ok Ann, here’s my comment; thank you, thank you, thank you. I HATE social media, and I’m happy to hear I’m not alone. I love your blog and I appreciate the time you invest. I used to follow several blogs but their post have been overrun by ads that I can barely read the post so I have stopped following them. I still find your content to be applicable to my life and I LOVE your recipes (so does my family). I too have lost my mom, about 10 years now, and I still miss her everyday. Wishing you a blessed Mothers Day, and being a grandmother is pure heaven.

  314. Judy Olson says:

    Hoping all these comments encourage and inspire you like you have me. Been with you (off :( and on) since your beginning. “You’ve come a long baby!!” and I’m so thankful you have. Do what makes you happy-do it the best you can and we’ll love you for it. From a 28 year widow, grandmother to 8 and great grandmother to 1!!
    (Congratulations Grandma)

  315. Karin Macabeo says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy your blog posts and look forward to seeing what you will inspire me to try. Thank you.

  316. Ann … I love your blog. Your ideas and suggestions are actually doable! I feel like you are a regular, normal person living the same kind of life that I do … and therefore what you say and offer to us resonates with me. Keep up the good work … and do what makes you happy. ????

    Happy Mother’s Day … and look forward to those grandchildren … they are the most fun!

  317. Good Morning Ann and Happy Mothers Day! I love everything about your blog and look forward to reading your post. Congrats on your soon to be grandmother role what an exciting time for your family! I’m anxious to see your ideas for the shower my niece will be having her first child in the fall so we will be having a shower sometime this summer. Keep up all the beautiful inspiration!

  318. Thank you, Ann. I love your blog and your lovely thoughts and ideas. I only use email. I lost my mom too many years ago….. Congratulations on becoming a Grandma, you will love all the new joy it brings into your life.

  319. God Bless you. People live their lives on social media instead of LIVING THEIR LIVES.

    Your posts are beautidl. Thank you for the free printables.

    1. Well said Maria…thank you!

  320. You are spot on! Thank you for your time you put into the blog! I always look forward to visiting you. Happy Mothers Day❤

  321. Good for you! Life is too precious to not take the time to enjoy living. And, it has to be a conscious decision. Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for sharing your time and talents with us.

  322. Wow….i just love what i read….thank you for just focusing on email….i really dont like the facebook thing …for sooo many reasons. I will look forward to your posts. Have a wonderful mother’s day!!!

  323. jeannette says:

    What a great post Ann! I’m very happy that your blog will be your main focus. I stay away from other social media by choice. I’ll check Pinterest from time to time but that is about it. I love your blog and always enjoy visiting.
    Congratulations on becoming a Grandma! I have 2 little ones (5 and 2). Our daughter and SIL didn’t want to know the gender either….a rare thing now.
    Have a nice Mother’s Day.
    Take care

  324. I love listening to yo talk as if we were daily friends. Sometimes relate to me somtimes not but always charming with lovely ideas. I am delighted you have found a way to be content and blessed in your work
    Always a reader , seldom a comment

  325. Stephannie says:

    Thank you for your wonderful musings.

  326. Ann- You are just the nicest person! You obviously work so hard and give your readers great content! I have “stolen” so many ideas from you- even this post! As I was reading it, I thought … I could arrange flowers like that! So pretty!

  327. Thanks tou so much for your beautiful blog. So many have become so commercialized and so fractured woth references to eberywhere else a reader can go (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), that the blog becomes one big commercial. That’s when I stop reading those blogs at all. I applaud your choices and the thoughtful approach you take to your writing!

  328. Oh Ann! I want you to know how much I enjoy and look forward to each and every one of your posts. Thank you so much for keeping it real and relevant to me and so many others.

  329. First of all, congratulations on becoming a grandmother. Having been one for 25 years, it is the best!
    This is my first Mother’s Day without my mom. She passed away in February. But my daughters and grandchildren will be here so it will be a happy day. My son-in-law cooks lunch! Bonus!
    When I started reading blogs it was by email. Then bloggers began to say follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, etc.! You would think that’s all we have to do. So thank you for keeping your blogs on email. I do enjoy your posts very much. I always look forward to them.
    From a financial standpoint (I’m not sure how all that works) some bloggers seem to have to post everyday. Sometimes I think they would do better if they didn’t. (Sorry. That wasn’t very nice)
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  330. I love your blog- ????

  331. Lynda E. Chandler says:

    Thank you Ann, for your honesty. I feel that simplicity is one key to a fuller life.
    Your plan sounds good and best of all I hope it helps you enjoy being creative. Your posts are beautiful and inspiring.

  332. Social media is way overrated! Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for keeping the spam out. It makes your posts so much easier to read and enjoy. Happy Mothers Day

  333. Karen Robertson says:

    Hi Ann, good for you! I’m not a big fan of social media myself. I love your blogs and look forward to receiving them. My taste is so similar to yours and I was excited when I found you last year. I made your pumpkin with the lace doilie last Fall and got so many compliments….I was hooked! I wanted to start an herb garden this year so can’t wait to see what you have to say. I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day and I’m sure you’ll be an incredible grandma! Thanks for your great blog!

  334. I know working with brands benefits the blogger, but jeez some blogs are nuts, that’s all you get with them. Please keep being yourself. Happy Mother’s day!

  335. Donna Lynn Smith says:

    First let me say I love your blog and look forward to seeing what you and others are doing with their homes. My husband and I literally built our home (except roof and concrete work) ourselves and I love making it my own special place and getting inspiration from others like you.

    Second I have never joined social media and would love to see its demise and maybe see people get back to actually picking up a pen and mailing a card or thank you note. I do however do 75% of my shopping online and do occasionally communicate by email and love when my sons send videos of dance and piano recitals and Little League games but it is a thrill when the phone actually rings and a live voice is on the other end.

    I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day as well. I lost my mother 40 years ago so most of her grandchildren never knew her but I take time on Mother’s Day especially to remember her and often tell my little grandchildren something about their great grandparents to help them connect with their family history.

    Please continue your blog as I would miss you otherwise.

  336. Kelly / bluegraygal says:

    Thank you, Ann. As a baby blogger, mother to three, this article resonates with me. I admit I don’t often read your emails (timing isn’t always right those weeks) but today I did and am thankful. Happy Mothera day to you and congratulations on finding your joy and on being a Grandma!

  337. I enjoy you posts. They are simple and to the point. I look forward to them. I have 3 young grandsons who light up my life. There is no better feeling than to have these little human beings run to greet me when I arrive. You will certainly enjoy being a grandparent. Keep up the good work!

    Sincerely, Anne B.

  338. great decisions on your part! i think social media has become an i have to do it because everyone else is kind of thing. sometimes i go to a blog and they have gone to social media only, maybe it’s easier, i don’t know. as someone else said, your blog makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. it’s very high quality in content and the way it looks and feels.
    as i’m sure you can tell from the comments you are loved and needed!!

  339. Delores Schwerin says:

    I look forward to your emails. I feel like I’m talking to an old friend. You are inspiring and give me courage to try new things. Happy Mothers Day!

  340. Hi Ann,

    I so enjoy reading your blog.. I have received lots of inspiration from it. Glad you are not giving your blog up. Thank you for the beautiful printables.
    Appreciate your honesty. Social media wears me out as well.
    Congratulations on becoming a future grandmother. Absolutely the best feeling in the world!

  341. Love reading your thoughts!! You always have such great words of wisdom!! Thank you!
    My mom has been gone 20 Mother’s Days now. Still miss her like it was the first! There’s no one ever like your mom! That first grand baby though sure helps to fill that void! I have 13 grandchildren and each one is pure joy. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  342. Gayle Kesinger says:

    Ann, I follow the blogs I love and learn from and yours is one at the top. I always have a printable of yours in a frame in my bathroom. I have ordered items from you and read the blog completely. However, I don’t follow Twitter or Pinterest because there is just too much to absorb and I don’t have time. Please keep on with great blog. I am looking forward to everything you mentioned coming up. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. You will love it.

  343. Happy Mother’s Day to you Ann!! You have many foster daughters in blogland!! Keep doing your blogs and get off the social media treadmill! Your blog is refreshing, insightful and best of all simple! But what I love most about you is how humble you are. I love how you can make something look so elegant, but at the same time repurposing items or not spending much on new ones!! You have a gift and please continue to share on this platform!!

  344. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Oh, this new role as a grand mother is a terrific role! Little one will be blessed to have you.

    I have 8 blogs in my que this am that I subscribe to, yours is always my FIRST read when you are here. I understand the rat race and congratulate you on giving up so many media contacts. ENOUGH!
    You do a terrific job of keeping us in your life, educating us, and giving us inspiration. For that I say, “thank you” and happy Mother’s Day.

  345. Sheri House says:

    I absolutely look so forward to reading your blog. You have such a calmness that I always hope will rub off on me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful decorating ideas and life thoughts.

  346. Beth Gilreath says:

    Congratulations on your soon to be new Grandmother status! Your blog is one of the very few I follow now. I had to decide my favorites and unsubscribe from the rest, as they were consuming my entire day. I have to agree that social media has gotten totally out of hand. What good do the ideas due, if you no longer have the time to use them. You spark my creativity and I’ll admit I’ve copied more than a few of your ideas. Thanks for staying on the blog. Have a good day, as it’s your Day, too!

  347. I couldn’t agree with you more! On your thoughts on social media! My honest opinion is that those folks who are so fond of Facebook, etc., don’t have enough in their personal life. So, Ann, just keep on the path you are on. I look forward to receiving your twice weekly emails and find them interesting, timely and informative.

  348. Ann, I look forward to reading your blogs, but I don’t normally leave a comment because it is so hard for me to put the words together. I guess I am a reader not a writer. I enjoy reading what you have to say and that you are not trying to sell me anything . I love all the flowers arrangements and how simple but elegant home decor. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts with me, and I look forward to each newsletter.

  349. Donna Maurer says:

    Happy Mothers Day. I too did not celebrate the day for some years after I lost my mom. Becoming a grandmother (of 3, soon to be 4) changes your outlook on everything! Those sweet little faces filled with love make me celebrate all the love now and that was passed down by my mother. I enjoy your blog for the very reasons you wrote. I do not like blogs that feel as an ad for “this or that”. Enjoy your day . Our mothers legacy live on in our families as they grow ! Being a grandmother is wonderful!,,

  350. Catharine says:

    As always, very poignant Ann. Love your blog….it truly is one of the best in blogland. Thank you for acknowledging, as many of us have, we can’t be everything to everyone…focus your energy and talents on what counts most. Happy Mother’s Day!

  351. Hello My Friend, I read your blog from Word 1 to the end. I actually never think about those problems you explained. To me you are my real friend and that is because of a real correspondence at this site. Thank you for it. I am relieved it will not end. May your Mother’s day turn out to be delightful…for both of us it is finally gorgeous weather, which makes a huge difference. I am headed to the yard this afternoon and hope you will b outside too.
    I look forward to correspondence ahead.

  352. I love to get your post, so please don’t give up.

  353. Well Ann, you are going to be a busy lady today reading all the lovely thoughts coming your way, and I’m sure there will be a big smile on your face as you read them! I too am not a constant commenter, but I would like you to know that your blog is one of the few I signed up for, and I’m enjoying it immensely! I’m eagerly awaiting to see the reveal of your finished living/dining area. The little snippets here and there are looking wonderful! Also, congratulations on the new addition to grace your family, nothing like a new baby to bring joy to our lives! Keep doing what makes you and all your readers happy!

  354. Suzie Lavender Sanders says:

    I’m a true-blue email subscriber – it’s my favorite platform. Hope this all works out to the best possible outcome. Happy Mother’s Day.

  355. Truly your blog posts are the ones I read every time from start to finish/top to bottom. Kudos to you for evaluating, shedding the ‘extras’ and getting back to what you love most. Happy Mother’s Day Ann…may you be blessed with beautiful memories.

  356. Linda Sandridge says:

    You have always been my kind of lady. I am so with you on the social media that was taking up too much of my life…just trying to “like” everyone’s posts. A friend of mine gave up Facebook for Lent and now I notice she is not as active as she was before.
    I always enjoy your email and look forward to each and every one. Thank you for stepping up to a new happier way of life.

  357. PS. Congrats on becoming a grandma. GMA for short, around here anyway. I’m a GMA Gigi ! And have a peaceful and restful Mother’s Day!

  358. Your blog is the only one I continually look forward to and read religiously. While I admit I enjoy the ease of reading on FB, I will definitely continue to keep up with you here. Thank you for all the great tips, recipes, and decor ideas. If you were to visit my house, you would definitely see your inspiration here.

  359. Ann,
    First of all I want to say “Thank you”. Yours is the only blog I subscribe to, a friend with incredibly good taste posted one of your photos on Facebook and I was hooked.
    Your decorating ideas are beautiful and simple. I love the free downloads and have a few framed in my home.
    I only subscribe to the emails and don’t use Twitter, Pinterest or whatever else is out there… As I get older, I enjoy peace. Your emails are peaceful. I look forward to your emails and your photos and decorating ideas. Thank you for a beautiful designed blog that many people enjoy. I think you should do what brings you joy. I think you were doing too much. Congratulations on the grandchild. As a grandmother, I can tell you that once he or she gets here, you wouldn’t have time for all the other sites anyway..your life is going to change..!
    Thank you for bring joy to my little space

  360. SueB of Blondin Blogs says:

    Hi Ann, and happy Mother’s Day to you!

    Another reason for the overall decline in blog commenters is that like me, many readers follow lots of blogs and have found it easier to use apps such as Feedly or Bloglovin’ to enable us to skim through content quickly. Only when I’m seriously moved by someones’ post do I actually go to their blogs now.

    Wishing you continued success and much less pressure so you can continue to create my Zen-like content!

  361. Anne,
    Don’t think I have ever commented on your Blog, but always look forward to your posts. Pinterest is the only other social media I use–call me old fashion. Though I’m sure I miss a “lot of stuff” on Facebook in connecting with friends, family, and others, much of the “stuff” one just doesn’t need to know. It can be so unproductive. Keep your focus on what you kove to do with others in mind. Your Blog is very thoughtful, inspirational, and welcoming. Love it!

  362. First, let me say I enjoy your blog, the style, the content and the sense of contentment it brings. I am still a blog reader. While I keep in touch with friends via Facebook, the others I ignore. There is a sense of “Frantic Following” on the other social media sites that does not interest me. You have kindly answered my questions several times and I truly appreciate that.

    Mother’s Day is one of those difficult days for me since my Dear Son passed away. I keep busy, I get through it. For those who have joy for this day may it be a beautiful one.

    Thanks Ann.

  363. Thank you for sharing about social media. I had to give it up myself. i couldnt take the negative (polite word) comments and post anymore. Some say scroll past the negative. Well, much of the negative was coming from family! Unbelieveble! I couldn’t believe family was harboring such ill will (polite word) towards others. I don’t agree with everyone and everything but I don’t wish them death and destruction. It just sicken me, literally and figuratively. So I got rid what was making me sick, sick to heart, sick to soul.

  364. Jan Canales says:

    You are a wise woman! Not to mention, talented, inspiring, a great writer, and one of my top favorite bloggers!

  365. Gloria Leap says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Ann !! You have an uplifting way of facing life, much like my own. Life goes on and we need to enjoy what we have !!

  366. Ruth Alvarado says:

    Well, I am with Cathy. I usually do not leave comments, not because I do not want to, but because I am usually in a hurry, have too many emails, and generally do not have the time. However, I love your site and you so much that I had to leave a comment today. You site is usually the one I leave for last because it is the one where I can say “aahhh” and take my time to peruse it. The reason you do have those that leave comments is because we all see your sincerity, down-to-earth way about you, and true authenticity. Please do not change a thing. You will continue to attract and keep those that want quality and not quantity and that “drive-by traffic”, as you put, it can go somewhere else! I do not think you will lack for readers. So thanks for your site and have a blessed Mother’s Day.

  367. Ann,
    I agree with Mickey Wood. Yours is one of the very few I subscribe to. Also because of your authenticity, and because you are so easy to read and understand. And I love your style! And you made me cry about Mother’s Day, and I still have my angel mother on earth. You just have such integrity that your sweet spririt can be felt through your writing! Thank you for who you are and all of your hard work and the beauty you provide!!

  368. Old Hattie says:

    Ann, this is the first time I have ever left a comment on any page. Firstly, I want to say congratulations on becoming a Grandma! And, congratulations on “disengaging” yourself with social media. I only own a mobile phone that works as a phone – it’s not a camera, typewriter, web browser, or game station. It’s a flip phone and I use it to actually speak with another human being. I don’t text, follow Pinterest, refuse to get on Facebook, and I’m not a “twit”. I personally find what is called “social media”, in general, highly overrated. I greatly appreciate your blog and receive your weekly emails with interest and greatly enjoy them. Thank you. I too no longer have my mother with me to celebrate the day, but hold it in your heart that with your grandchild you will find “bits of the past” that will carry your family forward and fill your heart with joy.

  369. Ann, you hit the nail on the head with this post! As a follower, I admit to not leaving comments sometimes. I think that most of us just don’t realize how much they mean to the bloggers. I APPRECIATE your hard work in keeping your blog REAL and not making it so “commercial”. This is my major turn off with some of the other blogs that I had faithfully followed. I wish that they would remember why they had so many followers in the first place and not feel the need to add all the extras that you have graciously declined. Kudos Ann! HAPPY Mother’s Day! And to those of you who suffer through this day….there are so many children and women who also need someone to spend time with….find each other…not just for today…but for whatever time you have to give. It will enrich both your lives!!

  370. Please know that we all love your blog, that’s why we subscribe. We love your ideas and inspiration, your honesty, and most of all you for being who you are. Good for you to say enough is enough.

  371. marianne whetstone says:

    Thank you for all your lovely blog.. and I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day with your family. So happy to hear that next year this time you will be a grandmother. ????

  372. Gail Bell says:

    p.s. Congratulations on becoming a Grandma. Your life is about to change;–)

  373. Linette arnold says:

    Oh Ann, I could tell right from the start of your message that you were not in a happy place. I knew part of it was from the loss of your mom and that this is not an easy day to get through. Turn your wish for us to our wish for you. Find that peace you so deserve.
    I think your decision to change how you manage your blog is a great start! As the saying goes “if what you are doing doesn’t make you happy, do something else”. You have to know that you make your readers happy and give us a sense of peace with the beautiful way you write and photograph lovely things for us to enjoy.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  374. Gail Bell says:

    Thank you Ann for a thoughtful, heartfelt email. I LOVE your blog because you have remained true to yourself and your reader.

    Frankly I don’t know how a blogger keeps up with all the social media outlets, and I’m glad you have decided to concentrate on your blog.

    Thank you for continuing to deliver quick-easy-and fun. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  375. Sandi Weiler says:

    I forgot to say how happy I am for the upcoming grandbaby. You will make a wonderful Gran. How precious. God has wonderful ways of filling voids in our lives and adding His blessings that only he can give.

  376. Susan Gorges says:

    You are one smart lady to have figured out the important stuff. I have never been on Facebook, as I have seen that it makes some of my friends so tied to their phones that they do not have time for much else. And, I am pretty private and only share a little.

    Keep up the great email work. I enjoy each one that you send out.

    Happy Mother’s Day and congrats on being a grand. It is grand!

  377. Thank you so much for what you do. I am not and never have been on Facebook. I appreciate the ones who still email. I enjoy your blog and look forward to all the pretty pictures….and the printables. Thanks again.

  378. Joyce Miller says:

    I highly recommend subscribing! It’s nice to know I will receive your posts to be read when I have a few minutes. I don’t have to depend on Facebook or check the blog to see if you have a new post. I highly recommend it!

  379. Barbara Moore says:

    Your blog is honest, informative and just lovely. I am always happy to see a post land in my email account. Thanks for all you do – it’s greatly appreciated. Wishing you a busy, quick day today.

  380. Yarlette Gebarowski says:

    I love your post Ann.I look forward to reading every new one but I am not very good at leaving a comment. I will try to leave one in the future. You give us so many great ideas for home decorating and gardening. Also love your recipes when you share them. Congratulations on your first grandchild. You will love it. We cannot imagine life without our granddaughters. Have a great Mother’s day.

  381. Dear Ann, your blog is one I so look forward to receiving. I read every word and keep them in a folder to refer back to..Keep up the Amazing work!

  382. I’m glad I read this. I got hooked on Instagram for a bit but now I’m ready to quit. I’m old. I liked blogs. Thank you for no ads covering the post…but I really don’t know how you’ll make a living!!! Reading blogs has changed so much since I first started reading them. Change is good. But I did subscribe to certain blogs for certain reasons and if the blog’s purpose changes, I sometimes go along. But other times not.
    I’m here for your long haul!! I’m looking forward to your shower tips. My daughter wants a tea party shower. Not demanding it though!
    I’m missing my mom lots. Maybe why I’m not sleeping this night? I liked the flowers potted in the enamel pot. That looks striking! Looking forward to what is coming! Happy Mothers Day!

  383. I’m not a “commenter” but I enjoy your blog and creative ideas! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  384. Sandi Weiler says:

    Ann. You are a very special person. Even though we are many miles apart, I feel like we are friends.
    So many of your ideas I share and use in my home.
    Quality not quantity still remains a very important attribute.
    If you came into my home you would see what a wonderful thing you have done in creating this blog. My home reflects many of your ideas.
    I’m like you my mother is in heaven and funny that you put a mason jar with daisies because I gave that every year to my mother since I was just a little girl. My flower garden has daisies so I will go pick a bouget shortly and put on my dinner table for today in her honor. You mean so much to so many if us so thank you for sharing and thank you for all the thoughtfulness you put in this blog. Happy Mother’s Day

  385. Thank you ANN….wishing you peace and joy!

  386. mickey wood says:

    Well put, Ann – on all subjects. Yours is one of only a few blogs that I have actually subscribed to, and moreover, sit down & read, and it’s because of the authenticity of the content. Instagram and Pintrest can be relentless as facebook & require constant culling to remain relevant. I gave up Facebook a long time ago (after 4 tries to see why I should even be on it, only to find each time that I had no interest in 90% of the random stuff that came through, & info about family was info I already knew.

    Now I don’t look at Pintrest & instagram for days on end. When I do, I have an overwhelming sense that I am wasting time in the worst way, because I am not even really enjoying much of what I am scrolling through. It either all looks the same or has nothing whatever to do w/my life. If it weren’t for a few family members on Instagram whose pictures I look forward to, I would probably cancel Instagram, too.

    Anyway, thank you for a lovely blog. and I hope today, Mother’s Day 2017, will give you some measure of comfort in your memories.

  387. Ann,
    I love your blog. I don’t do any other social media. I check my email everyday and look forward to what you and my other favorite bloggers post…that’s it for me! And of course, I love Pinterest. Call me old fashioned but that’s what I have been doing for years and it works for me!
    Though Mother’s Day may be tough for you, think of the blessings of becoming a grandma!!! Wonderful news….congratulations.!!!
    I look forward to the baby shower posts. Love your printables!!!
    Have a great day

  388. Marjorie Dineen says:

    Dear Ann,

    What a lovely, thoughtful, heartfelt post this is. I really enjoyed reading it. I hope that you have a lovely Mother’s Day and soon you will have another reason to celebrate it! I can’t wait to see your new living and dining room. Blessings to you.

  389. Thank you for your sensitive heart on Mother’s Day! I applaud you for choosing simplicity over popular trends!! Enjoy the benefits!!!

  390. I never post but was inspired to let you know I REALLY enjoy everything you do. Keep up the good work. Please.

  391. Beth Bullock says:

    Ann, I don’t read many blogs regularly but I enjoy yours. Checking for the Sunday morning post while I drink my coffee is a pleasant moment pin my day. Thank you ????.

  392. Polly Dows says:

    What a wonderful read! Thank you for all your time, talent and generosity. Your blog is the best , that I can assure you. Happy Mothers Day and congrats on the new lil bundle on the way ????????

  393. Good for you… your blog…..have a beautiful Mother’s Day.

  394. So glad you’re not ending your blog. I always enjoy your seasonal front porch ideas. And, of course, I look forward to your free printables – especially the yearly Christmas Selections. I’m not good at leaving comments on the blogs I follow – I often think I don’t have anything of value to add. I think yours is the only one I have previously commented on. Maybe because I think we’re about the same age and with similar tastes. Although I enjoy reading the perspectives of the 30 and 40 year old bloggers, my style is generally quite different from theirs. So keep on doing what you’ve always done, I will still be here – although maybe more silent than not. Thank you.

  395. Good for you! Getting off Facebook is almost impossible, but I would if I could. Pinterest is mind boggling….we all need to focus back on what we enjoy most. Love your posts! Its one of the few that I always read and enjoy.

  396. Gloria Macdonald says:

    Wish you were my neighbor.

  397. Love your blog, that is why I subscribe. Good for you for realizing you can not do it all. I have done this myself when I retired and I am much more happy for it. Looking forward to what is coming from you next. Happy Mother’s day to you!

  398. Dear Ann,
    Thank you for being so upfront with us, your readers. I love your blog because of the personal connection I feel to you as a result of the information you share. I have noticed that a lot of the blogs I used to enjoy no longer have that personal connection because the blog has become a “business”. They have hired others and now the original blogger no longer writes most of the post. These blogs have lost what I valued most.

    For what it is worth, I don’t follow you or my other favorite blogs on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook even though I use those platforms.

    I appreciate all the hard work you put into the blog and always look forward to the next post. I hope it is profitable for you if not monetarily than in satisfaction. You constantly inspire me and I hope you keep the blog the way it is forever.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  399. I don’t do fancy words so I will just say I LOVE YOUR site. Thank You

  400. suzanne ludwic says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! Yes, social media does tend to steal my joy as well. You’ve given me something to think about.

  401. Ann, I think I started reading your blogs from day one. I was so thrilled to know a blogger from Ohio, and sort of nearby too. I can’t wait to see your newly remodeled rooms. I so love your bookcases on the sides of your family room doorway to your porch. And what a beautiful enclosed porch. I have purchased several pillow covers over the years and love hanging my blue stars on our Christmas pencil tree. I am so happy for you to soon be a grandmother. Looking forward to meet that little one. As I once wrote, I wish we were neighbors.
    Wishing you a lovely Mothers Day.

  402. I love your blog for the very reasons you listed above. You keep things simple and don’t over try to be popular. I’m so glad I found your site!

  403. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Well I love reading yr blogs.They are casual and elegant…so comfy.I look forward to seeing what you have posted.