Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Set a beautiful table with these Thanksgiving tablescape ideas. Includes inspiration for place settings, flowers, linens, and more.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas white pumpkin on plate

As the only girl growing up in a home with three brothers, “setting the table” for supper, more often than not, was my job. My mom trained me well and to this day, I enjoy the simple task of making a table beautiful. Tablescapes don’t have to be grand or expensive to be charming. All that is needed are your favorite dishes, a few accessories, and a lovely centerpiece. This post features my lovely dining room at our house on Sutton Place. We loved this room, and so many memories were made here. This tablescape is one of my all time favorites…ever.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas linen table runner mahogany table mini pumpkin centerpiece

Neutral Colors & Texture

When it comes to Thanksgiving tablescape ideas, the place to start is to choose a “jumping-off” point. It should be one of the main elements of your table setting, and then the rest of the items flow from that. I usually begin with the linens, but this Thanksgiving tablescape began with the placemats…which is a rather odd place to start.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas straw placemats ivory flatware

The Placemats

I love these round hyacinth placemats, and they are the perfect combination of a charger and a placemat. Even though they are neutral in color, they add delicious texture…and that’s always a good thing. The neutral theme continues with the table runner, plates, and flatware.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas round placemat with white plate

The Napkins

Color was added with the napkins, that are a soft floral pattern in the lovely shades of autumn. I’ve actually used these napkins many times, and decided to use them again. No need to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to!

thanksgiving tablescape ideas mahogany table with place settings

The Centerpiece: White Pumpkins in a Dough Bowl

My favorite thing about this tablescape is the centerpiece. It’s so simple, but makes quite a statement. I’ve looked and looked for a dough bowl that would fit my table, and that didn’t cost the moon. Believe it or not, I found this one on Amazon. It’s not authentic, but it looks like it is, and that’s good enough for me.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas white pumpkins in long dough bowl

I placed sprigs of eucalyptus in the bowl, and then nestled in more white pumpkins. I prepared my pumpkins first, so they should easily last until Thanksgiving. The long, narrow shape of the dough bowl accommodates the shape of the pumpkins and again, even though it’s neutral in color, there is great texture.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas white pumpkins in dough bowl

Mini White Pumpkin Arrangements

One of the best Thanksgiving tablescape ideas ever is to include a favor for your guests. The last little touch I’m including for this table setting is this set of mini pumpkin flower arrangements. You can see a detailed tutorial by clicking {HERE.} I made these little arrangements for our guests only, so the end place settings got a simple white pumpkin. Along with the red pears on the little cake pedestal, the russet mums add a small pop of fall color.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas mahogany table harp back chairs

More Plate Arrangement Ideas

thanksgiving tablescape ideas mini pumpkin flower arrangment

Frequently Asked Questions

A tablescape describes the design of a decorated table. This includes elements like a centerpiece, linens, place settings, and even the food and lighting elements.

A great tablescape will have a variety of textures, a unified color scheme, and one main focal point. Your guests should be drawn to the main focal point (usually the centerpiece) and notice that all the other elements are supporting it.

Finding items to add to your fall tablescape is the fun part! Go shopping at your local flea market or antique shop and look for unique items that you can repurpose.

Bring in elements from the outdoors, and bring in things from other rooms in your house. With a bit of creativity, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on a stunning fall tablescape.

thanksgiving tablescape ideas round placemat ivory plate


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Table runner • Placemats • Napkins • Plates • Mini Pumpkin Arrangements • Long dough bowl • Flatware • Chandelier • Board and Batten • Fabric on chairs • 8 x 10 Rug (beige/ivory) • Botanical prints • Small Pedestal • Glasses are vintage • Window shades are custom.


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  1. So many uses for mini white pumpkins. You’ve gotten really creative with yours and it looks wonderful. Those napkins are a perfect added touch.

  2. Nancy Sharp says:

    My mom taught me to set a lovely table also and my dad insisted the silverware was set properly too. Today my daughters often question me about setting the silverware properly and I tell them about my dad.

  3. So pretty! Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Dianne Gingrich says:

    So festive and simple.

  5. Such a lovely table setting…simple yet elegant! I enjoy your blog so much and greatly appreciate that you list your sources. Have a very blessed holiday season. ❤️

  6. Ann , Your table settings are always so pretty . My problem is I always have to undress the table to serve the food , any suggestions? Thanks Susan

    1. It is very easy to overdress
      The table for actual eating.
      Keeping it simple like Ann has done here makes it relatively simple by just moving the pumpkin to the left.
      I agree it always looks gorgeous to tablescape and
      Usually a hassle to undress to eat!!

  7. I love your placemats and those pumpkin floral arrangements are so pretty, Ann!
    Hugs, Jamie

  8. Ann, I too, grew up with three brothers and no sisters so my mother and I have always been very close as I know you were with your Mom. My mom will be 92 in February and yes, I was always the kitchen helper which I enjoyed. My mother also taught me about setting a pretty table and incorporating a center piece of some sort, often just a few feesh flowers. . I so enjoy and use many of your lovely ideas for centerpieces as well as your other decor ideas and recipes! Thanks for sharing your stories and creativeness!

  9. Julie Blanner says:

    I adore the individual place settings. Those pumpkins are so sweet!

  10. I love those napkins – the colors are so pretty. And the dough bowl is perfect with the pumpkins and eucalyptus. Your table looks welcoming and effortless — thank you for these ideas!

  11. I love the more simple settings, doesn’t scream Thanksgiving so good for all fall. Going to Amazon I to have been looking for a dough bowl that was sooo expensive.Enjoy your holidays.

  12. Sandi Cowan says:

    Love your floral arrangement, especially since you have a bit of Australia in it. The eucalyptus is the Tasmanian Argyle Apple . It is great for in arrangements. Can you tell me if the white berry is one commonly called Snowberry as I don’t think I have seen it here. Did a Google search and that’s what came up.
    Always interested in your site. Keep up the good work.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Sandi! Yes they are snowberries but they are also sometimes called ghostberries. My grocery store doesn’t always have them but I’ve seen them in red, green, and white. Thank you!

  13. cindy n, hardin cty, tx says:

    Love Love Love !!!

  14. What a beautiful table! Just love the colors and the mini white pumpkins.
    I also grew up with three brothers and no sisters so I can totally relate Ann!!!

  15. Love the simplicity of your table,the dough bowl is just the right size.I am a fan of the white pumpkins and the floral arrangements are just darling.

    1. Christy Montgomery says:

      I tried to leave a comment but that field registered Error. I also liked the looks of your table setting but was wandering how you clean the placemats. Please let us know so we can place our order. Thanks also for listing the sites where we can locate similar items.

      1. Ann Drake says:

        Hi Christy!
        I’m hoping the placemats don’t get spilled on, but I’m sure they will. I plan to just wash them with a damp rag with a little dish soap. I have washed wicker many times. I’ve even completely dunked some of my baskets. I hope this helps! Thank you so much…Ann

  16. Ann,
    Your Fall table is beautiful. Although French country is my very favorite style, all the “French” girls are using pinks, blushes, and lavenders this year. This reads Spring to me. Your table says Fall and quite beautifully.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you so much Joan…what a nice thing to say!

  17. Very beautiful and yet simple enough! I was wondering how to clean the placemats if food is dropped on them.

  18. Mary Michelle says:

    Absolutely lovely, Ann! Nice to see a tablescape that doesn’t cost a fortune and has ideas that can be used by anyone.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Mary! I’m hoping the placemats don’t get spilled on, but I’m sure they will. I plan to just wash them with a damp rag with a little dish soap. I have washed wicker many times. I’ve even completely dunked some of my baskets. I hope this helps!

  19. Janet (Shabbyfufu) says:

    Love the idea of a mini pumpkin arrangement on each place setting Ann…beautiful! Thanks for mentioning me and enjoy your day!

  20. Very pretty and yet very home. Gentle colors.